Understanding the Size of a 600 Square Foot Apartment!

You’ve just seen an advertisement for a 600 square feet apartment, and it’s within your budget! And the first question that comes to your mind is how big is a 600 square feet apartment.

Is it big enough for you? Well, in this article, you’ll find out! 

How Many Rooms Can You Fit In A 600 Square Feet Apartment_

How Big Is A 600 Square Feet Apartment? 

A 600 square foot apartment is relatively small, but it can still be comfortable and functional with the right layout and design. Here are some rough estimates of the dimensions of a 600 square foot apartment:

  • A rectangular-shaped apartment with dimensions of 20 feet by 30 feet
  • A square-shaped apartment with dimensions of 24 feet by 24 feet

These dimensions are rough estimates and may vary depending on the specific layout of the apartment.

To get a better understanding of the size of a 600-square-foot apartment, you can compare it to other spaces:

  • A standard one-car garage is approximately 200-250 square feet.
  • A standard bedroom is typically around 120-200 square feet.
  • The average size of a single-family home in the United States is around 2,600 square feet.

Overall, a 600-square-foot apartment is a small space, but with careful planning and organization, it can be a comfortable and functional living environment.

How Many Rooms Can You Fit In A 600 Square Feet Apartment? 

600 square feet isn’t the most space you can have in an apartment. But, with the space you’re getting, how many rooms can you fit in a 600 square feet apartment? 

Usually, a 600-square feet apartment would fit one living room, one bedroom, one bathroom, and one small laundry room.

But, with good floor planning, you could even fit two bedrooms in a 600 square feet apartment! 

We suggest not having more than one bedroom unless you need it. That way, you can save up enough space for your apartment while having a pretty spacious bedroom. And the more space you have, the more comfortable you feel. 

How Many People Can Live In A 600 Square Feet Apartment? 

600 square feet apartments are best for couples or groups of 3. While you can fit a small family of four in a 600 square feet apartment, the space will reduce quite a bit. For a family of four, 600 square feet 2 bedroom apartments are suitable. 

But if you’re living alone or with your girlfriend/boyfriend, a 600 square feet apartment is perfect! Even if you’re sharing the house with another roommate. 600 square feet are generally ideal for couples and people who like to live alone! 

If you live alone, 600 square feet would be considered too big for you. Cause you really wouldn’t need all that extra space. But then again, who doesn’t like some unnecessary extra space to play around with? 

Are 600 Square Feet Apartments Good For Couples? 

600 square feet apartments are great for couples. The best thing about 600 square feet apartments is how cozy they feel. If you’re living alone or with your girlfriend or boyfriend, a 600 square feet apartment would feel like it’s stripped out of a Pinterest board. 

Couples can get themselves a bedroom 600 square feet apartment. You’ll get one bedroom, one bathroom, one living room with an attached kitchen, a possible laundry room, and tons of space for two people. 

You’ll have enough wall space, enough space for at least two couches, a reading table, and much more. It all comes down to how you manage your space.

The apartment would feel much bigger than 600 square feet if you manage it well. But it wouldn’t feel the same if you don’t use your space wisely. 

Are 600 Square Feet of Apartments Good For Families? 

600 square feet apartments aren’t ideal for families. The biggest issue is the space. Most families consist of at least 3-4 people. And while it’s pretty okay for a three people family to live in a 600 square feet apartment, it can be a little less comfortable for a four people family. 

For a family, we suggest looking for two-bedroom apartments of 600 square feet. While they might not be the most spacious apartments, they would help accommodate a four-person family.

If a family is of 5 people, a 600 square feet apartment can feel congested. 

So, for a small family, a 600 square feet apartment is pretty good. But it’s not suitable for families bigger than four people.

How To Decorate Your 600 Square Feet Apartment; 

It doesn’t matter how big or cozy your apartment is; the looks can give it life or make it look like the last place you want to be.

So, want to make your 600 Square feet apartment look straight out of a Pinterest board? Just follow our tips! 

1. Using Color To Separate The Rooms 

Something most 600 square feet apartments have in common is how the kitchen is always attached to the living room. That can often make you feel that it’s just a kitchen with couches. But, hey, why the grey face? Just put some color to it! 

You can use color to separate the kitchen from the apartments! Simply paint your kitchen a color different from the living room.

For example, if your living room is off-white, you can use a muted shade of blue for your kitchen area! This way, you’re adding character to your rooms. 

2. Use The Empty Walls 

You have no idea how much a simple painting or a hanging shelf can do for your apartment! I’m sure you have a few empty walls just sitting lonely.

Instead of leaving them unused, put up a bookshelf or a nice painting. It would change the whole look of your apartment in seconds. 

3. Plants! Loads of Plants! 

I love to have plants in my apartment. Houseplants are just beautiful and really bring out our apartments’ life. And you can put a few plants here and there to invite a Pinterest-ty vibe into your house. 

4. Lighting Is Important 

Make sure your apartment isn’t a dark cave. The apartment should get enough sunlight during the day; if it doesn’t, use your lamps! 

Instead of the same standing lamps everyone’s grandmother uses, try using floating lamps. Try to bring a carabian bar-type feel to your apartment. The warmer the lighting, the warmer the feeling will be in the apartment. 

5. Turn Your Kitchen Counter Into A Bar 

How do you turn a kitchen counter into a bar? Just bring a couple of bar stools! They’re great not only because of how cool they look but also for date nights.

Also, if you like to watch something while eating, a bar stool can turn your kitchen counter into your dining table! 

6. Choose The Right Furniture 

It doesn’t matter what colors, plants, or paintings you choose. If your couch or that tea table you bought doesn’t fit the vibe of your apartment, it will ruin everything!

So, if you’re going for a cozy feel with your 600 square feet apartment, go for cozy-fitting furniture. Mainly earthy colors!

How To Live Comfortably In A 600-Square Feet Apartment? 

Living comfortably isn’t all about having a jacuzzi or a king-sized bed. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that affect our comfort. If you’re living in a 600 square feet apartment, it’s the space that’ll be your best friend. 

600 square feet isn’t small, but it can feel a little congested if you don’t use the space right. So, with a 600 square feet apartment, you would have to try and save up as much space as possible. 

This way, your apartment doesn’t feel small and is not too big either! Your goal should be to get a cozy vibe in the house. 

600 square feet apartments work best when the apartment is sitting on that balance of being cozy. So, for ultimate comfort, try to manage the space your apartment offers as well as you can. 

Are 600 Square Feet of Studio Apartments Good? 

Studio apartments are basically an all-in-one unit area. In a 600 square feet studio apartment, you’d be able to have a kitchen area, a bedroom area, and a living room altogether. Even after all that, there will be tons of space left! 

But is it worth it to get a 600 square feet studio apartment? Well, if you’re living alone or maybe even for couples, 600 square feet studio apartments are amazing! They feel artsy, aesthetic, and very cozy. 

With all the walls gone, a studio apartment has tons more space. And all together, it just feels fantastic. The comfort, in my opinion, is memorable.

And the most important part is the space! A 600 square feet studio apartment can fool you with how big it looks! 

How Much Does It Cost To Live In A 600 Square Feet Apartment?

When it comes to living, the cost is a crucial thing. And with all the benefits a 600 square feet apartment offers, it would be very frustrating if the price doesn’t match your budget!

So, here are the price ranges for 600 square feet of apartments in dollars: 

  • Rent In Bigger Cities: 1000$ and over + Living Cost (Per Month) 
  • Rent In Smaller Cities: 700$ and over + Living Cost (Per Month) 
  • Rent For 600 Square Feet Studio Apartments: Starting From 1200$ + Living Costs (Per Month) 


A 600 square feet apartment is quite big. Not the biggest but not the smallest either! It’s a cozy size, and if you manage to use the space well, it can be very comfortable to live in! 

Just be sure to remember 600 square feet of apartments are made for four people at max! And if you’re a couple of living, it’s perfect. Until then, Goodbye, and thank you for reading! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Is A 600 Square-Foot Apartment Small? 

Ans: No, 600 square-foot apartment is not small.  

Q. How Big Is A Room That Is 600 Square Feet? 

Ans: A room that is 600 square feet can be compared to 3 car garages of 200 square feet. 

Q. Is 600 Square Feet Enough For 2 People?

Ans: Yes, 600 square feet is ideal for two people. 

Q. Is 600 Square Feet Enough For One Person? 

Ans: Yes, 600 square feet is enough for one person.  

Q. Are 600 Square Feet of Apartments Good For Families?

Ans: 600 Square Feet of apartments can fit a small family. But not a family of more than four people.