Using Bona Cleaner with Water: A Step-by-Step Guide!

To keep the house dust free and safe, you need to keep your house clean. For cleaning purposes, people like to use different house cleaners as house cleaners are the easy and quick solution to keep the house clean. 

Bona floor cleaner has been a popular choice for a long time; many people prefer to use Bona floor cleaner instead of other cleaners as other cleaners sometimes need to dilute with the water. 

Bona hardwood fllor cleaner

You may ask others, ” Do you add water to the Bona floor cleaner?” Some people prefer adding a little water with Bona floor cleaner. But the proper amount of adding water to a bona floor cleaner for one liter of water is just one cup of bona floor cleaner. 

Now you may wonder why there is no need to add water to the bona floor cleaner. Then give some time and read the entire article to clarify Bona floor cleaner uses. 

Do You Add Water to Bona Floor Cleaner? 

To maintain a hygienic home, regular cleaning is needed. If you clean your house with water, it can’t remove all the dirt and germs from your floor. 

People prefer to use cleaner instead of rubbing the house with plain water. Bona floor cleaner is a quick choice for floor cleaning. You can add water to the bona floor cleaner, but excess water will make the concentration less effective. 

Quantity of Water and Bona Cleaner Mixture

Suppose you want to run your Bona floor cleaner for a long time and are contemplating diluting it with water. I would advise caution in those circumstances. 

You can add water to the Bona floor cleaner but follow the ratio of 1 cup of cleaner with 1 liter of water. Please don’t use more water for 1 cup of Bona cleaner as the cleaner already has water as a vital ingredient. 

Water is the main ingredient of Bona floor cleaner, and it’s used as a solvent to maintain the proper consistency of other chemicals. Though you can dilute the Bona cleaner with water, if there is any hard spot, you can directly apply some drops of bona floor cleaner without diluting it with water.

The Reaction of Using Excess Water With Bona Cleaner

Since the Bona floor cleaner already has water, adding more water than suggested will make it less effective as the chemical’s consistency becomes more watery by adding more water, affecting the cleaning power it provides. 

This indicates that cleaning the floor to eliminate dirt and dust will become less effective. You want to get rid of the dirty floor, but your act of adding excess water doesn’t give you the desired results of proper cleaning. 

How to Use a Bona Floor Cleaner?

Cleaning a house using a Bona floor cleaner is the easiest and safest option. You don’t have to worry about the process or way to clean your house with a Bona floor cleaner, as it’s not rocket science.

If it’s your first use, you must know how to use a Bona floor cleaner to clean your floor. Below I included the steps of using a Bona floor cleaner to clean your house.

Step 1: Vacuum the Floor 

It’s mandatory that before using Bona floor cleaner, you must have to remove all the dust from the floor. 

In order to clean the floor of all dust, you have to vacuum the floor. Suppose your vacuum has a different power cord. In that case, you can use an extension cord with a vacuum cleaner to help you clean your floor without worrying. 

Step 2: Dilute the Cleaner With Water

Now you have to make a perfect concentration of water with Bona cleaner. You need 1 liter of water and 1 cup of bona floor cleaner.

Mix the water and Bona cleaner properly. 

Step 3: Pour the Mixture Into a Spray Bottle

After making the concentration, you must take a spray bottle and pour the mixture of water and Bona floor cleaner into it. 

Then properly spray the cleaner all over the floor. Make sure that no corner is left. 

Step 4: Mop the Floor

Now it is time to mop the floor with a Bona microfiber mop, and you can use any other cloth. But make sure the cloth is clean. 

You need to slightly wet the cloth after mopping the floor with that cloth. If you are cleaning the whole house, you must rinse the cloth with clean water several times. 

If you mop the whole house with a cloth without washing it, you find your floor as dirty as before. It’s recommended that you do a quick rinse of the mopping cloth several times with clean water. 

Step 5: Dry Out the Floor

Now some time to dry out the floor. Leave the floor for 20 minutes to dry, and don’t walk that time; otherwise, your footprints will be visible on the floor. 

If possible, manage the ventilation system by opening the windows or speeding up your fan, so it dries out soon. 

Learn more from the video below about the Do’s & Don’t’s of Bona Floor Cleaner.

Cleaning Considerations With Bona Floor Cleaner 

You should know the proper way of cleaning because without acknowledging the proper cleaning way, there is a chance of floors turning black. That’s you you should consider some facts while cleaning:

  • Use a spray bottle to spread the cleaner instead of direct application. 
  • Bona floor cleaner dries out quickly, which is not preferable. That’s why quickly wipe the cleaner with a dampened cloth so your floor couldn’t soak the cleaner.
  • Wipe the floor gently in the direction of the floorboards so that all dirt will be removed. 
  • Please don’t mix up the Bona floor cleaner with other chemicals without being aware of its reaction. 

How Often Should I Use a Bona Floor Cleaner?

Suppose you want a clean and polished floor like a new one, then it requires regular cleaning to maintain its quality. You can clean your house with a dust mop or damp mop. 

Before giving a damp mop, you should give a regular dust mop to your house. You should vacuum your house daily so the dirt can’t be permanent. 

To keep your floors as clean as new, you should clean your floor at least once a week with a Bona floor cleaner ( damp mop) because a damp mop will give you better service than a dust mop.

Using damp mopping, you can remove stickiness and hard dirt from your floor. But remember, don’t keep your unfinished wood floors damp because that can leave stains on the floor. 

If your house is quite crowded or one damp mop is not enough for you, you should give a damp mop twice a week with a Bona floor cleaner. 

A crowded house needs more cleanness than a regular house because a crowded house has lots of dirty footprints. That’s why it needs to be cleaned often. 

Are There Any Benefits of Using a Bona Floor Cleaner?

There are several benefits of using a Bona floor cleaner. Below I listed them for your ease of understanding.

  • The Bona cleaner is easier to use than other cleaners. You have to make a perfect concentration of it and then apply it to the floor.
  • It helps you to remove hard spots easily. It will remove all the sticky residue, stains, and dust from your floor.
  • You can also use the Bona floor cleaner on laminate tile, hardwood, and stone floors. 
  • It makes your floor clean and shiny.
  • You can use it for a long time as you need one cup of cleaner for one liter of water. So you don’t have to buy cleaner often. 
  • For hardwood floors, bona floor cleaners are the best option. 
  • Bona floor cleaner’s pH level is neutral, making it a safe cleaning solution for your family. 
  • Trisodium salt is used in Bona cleaner, which helps to remove metal ions from the floor.
  • To remove the greasiness of the floor without smearing it, Bona cleaner contains co-solvents like Ethoxylated alcohol, Methyl Ether( PPG-2), and Butoxypropanol. 
  • Bona cleaner contains Isothiazolinones to destroy the damaging bacterial properties. 

Closing Remarks 

If you want to know, “Do you add water to the Bona floor cleaner?” Then my statement is, Yes. Because:

  • Adding water with Bona cleaner provides the perfect concentration of cleaning.
  • Direct application of Bona cleaner will make the floor slippery.
  • The perfect concentration of the mixture is one liter of water for 1 cup of Bona floor cleaner.
bona floor cleaner

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Bona floor cleaner leave a shine?

Bona Polish evens up the shine and acts as a protective coating. Very few specialized implements are required for this do-it-yourself endeavor. 

To clean your floor with Bona Wood Floor Cleaner, move all the furniture and area rugs to another room, then sweep, vacuum, or dust mop the floor.

2. How do you remove Bona film from hardwood floors?

To remove Bona film from hardwood, wet a towel with a mixture of vinegar and water (one part vinegar to each part water), and then gently wipe away the cloudy residue. 

Again, mop the floor with a towel wet with clean water, then dry it off quickly with a third rag. Hardwood floors can lose their luster and seem worn out after repeated washings and years of foot traffic.

3. Does Bona floor cleaner build up on floors?

Bona floor cleaner doesn’t build up on floors. All you need is a cleaner that wipes away entirely and doesn’t leave any sticky residue, which Bona cleaner does. 

Products that claim to “polish” or “refresh” your floor leave a thin layer of acrylic finish, which can look terrible within a short amount of time. 

4. Does the Bona floor cleaner need to be rinsed?

Clean your hard floors quickly and easily with Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner. 

The dust, dirt, and grime on your hard surfaces are gone, and your floors are sparkling clean without the need to rinse or mop.

5. Is Bona cleaner good for laminate floors?

Bona provides a comprehensive assortment of products for cleaning and maintaining laminate floors that are also suitable for use on stone and tile. These products are all ready to use.

6. Do you dilute Bona cleaner?

Bona recommends diluting their hardwood floor cleaner concentrate with water. The ratio of water and Bona cleaner should be 2:1. 

Bona Professional Series Concentrate, available in grey bottles, requires a 7:1 dilution ratio for preparing a beverage. Add 1 part of the concentrate to 7 parts of water to make the concentrate.

7. Does Bona floor cleaner leave residue?

Bona floor care products are eco-friendly and safe for the floors like laminate, hardwood, etc. 

To maintain your flooring in the best possible condition, like shiny and residue-free, is by using Bona cleaners. The top floor care products on the market are available here, including those for cleaning, polishing, and preserving your flooring.