Prevent Bed Sores with an Air Mattress (Effectiveness EXPLAINED!)

An air mattress prevents bed sores by ensuring reduced pressure build-up, relief from excess pressure, low-pressure therapy, and improved blood flow. Air mattresses also have other health benefits, such as preventing pressure soreness, skin wear, back pain, etc.  

Air mattresses are medically approved for pain relief. They also provide improved body posture, easy maintenance, affordability, and portability. Air mattresses are sustainable and comfortable, especially for older adults. Doctors often recommend air mattresses. 

The constant and balanced airflow in the air mattress keeps it even and firm; thus, it provides a smooth surface to sleep on. For that reason, air mattresses are also great for ensuring sound sleep.   

How does Air Mattress Prevent Bed Sores? 

Air mattresses prevent bed soreness by allowing continuous airflow and keeping the mattress firm. Air mattresses are not only used in hospitals and for patients, but they are also great for regular use, camping, and outdoor uses. 

Despite the health benefits, they are affordable, durable, easy to carry, and clean. Air mattresses can provide long-term health benefits and save you energy and money. Continue reading to know more facts about air mattresses.

What is an Air Mattress?

An air mattress is an inflatable mattress that has versatile uses. It is generally constructed with rubber, plastic, vinyl, etc. Since it is inflatable, it holds firmness and evenness that allow you to sleep on a flat surface. 

Air mattresses are great for hospital uses and patients. Doctors highly suggest these air mattresses for patients’ highest comfort and rapid recovery. 

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Effectiveness of Air Mattress to Prevent Bed Sores.

Prevents pressure build-up.

Air mattress stops pressure injuries from eventuating. Air mattresses use various functions and motions, and the air prevents pressure build-up. As a result, it reduces pressure injury possibilities. 

Air mattress also improves better blood flow all over the body. It is helpful, especially for people who cannot move from their places, have paralysis, have severe injuries, or are too old to move around.  

Relieves pressure.

The foam inside an air mattress provides maximum resilience and comfort. Air mattress relieves pressure by focusing mainly on high-pressure parts of the human body and decreasing additional pressure from the parts. 

For instance, if a patient feels too much pressure on his neck and shoulder, you can customize the air mattress to have less air and less pressure on the shoulder and neck.  

Provides low-pressure therapy.

Low-pressure therapy is among the best ways to distribute equal pressure to the human body. A human body fits perfectly into the shape of an air mattress. 

It diminishes extra pressure to prevent the possibility of pressure injury. Low air pressure continuously flows through the air mattress, allowing it to lay out people’s body weight. 

Health Benefits of Air Mattress.

Prevents skin-wearing.

Patients unable to move their bodies are prone to terrible soreness and skin-wearing problems. A regular mattress cannot prevent this problem. It would be best if you used an air mattress to get relief from the skin-wearing issue. Air mattress provides enough air circulation to keep the skin sore-free. 

Prevents pressure soreness.

Air mattresses have significant health benefits since they are made with the features of customizing firmness or softness according to the user’s needs. For these features, air mattresses are used in most hospitals. 

Improves blood flow.

Air mattresses improve blood flow in the human body. An air mattress alternates air from one cell to another, ensuring equal blood circulation throughout the body. Thus, proper blood circulation keeps the human body healthy and helps acid reflux

Reduces back pain and joint pain.

The customization feature of making an air mattress soft or firm reduces back pain. These features allow a person to comfortably lay on the mattress and move around. Thus the air mattress can help reduce back pain and joint pain.  

Helps with sleep. 

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The regular mattresses get uneven over time, and the uneven surface hampers your sleep. Air mattresses retain a solid structure for a long time and provide a flat surface to sleep on. Thus the air mattresses help to get sound sleep. 

Other Advantages of Air Mattress.


Air mattresses are portable since they are made with soft vinyl materials and are very lightweight. You can deflate and roll the mattress, put it in a bag, and carry it easily from one place to another. 


Unlike regular mattresses, air mattresses are customizable. You can customize their firmness or softness according to the users’ requirements. 

If you prefer a soft mattress, deflate it a little or inflate it with more air if you want a stiff mattress. This customizable feature ensures maximum support to your backbone. 


Regular mattresses can get damaged after a few months to a year. But air mattresses are more durable compared to regular ones. The robust vinyl or rubber materials make the inflation easier and the air mattresses durable. 


Air mattresses are budget-friendly compared to other mattresses. For instance, an air mattress’s price is from $35 to $100, whereas a memory foam mattress can cost around $350.  

Convenient for outdoor use.

Since air mattresses are easy to carry and clean, you can also use them outdoors for picnics or campaigns. Setting up the air mattress is quite simple; all you have to do is unroll it, press the self-inflate switch and wait until it is inflated.

Available in markets.

Air mattresses are available in the markets. You can either buy them from a physical store or online market platforms. Amazon, for example, has a great collection of air mattresses. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS).

What is the primary function of an air mattress? 

The primary function of air mattresses is to prevent pressure injuries from rising. Pressure is a huge concern for healthy well-being, particularly for older adults. 

What is the best way to prevent bed sores?

You can prevent bed sores by simply switching positions every two hours, providing soft layers on the bed to decrease pressure, keeping the skin clean and dry, etc. 

Is air bed good for patients?

Air beds are great for patients. Air beds improve blood circulation in the body and relieve pain and stress in the patients by altering the patients’ pressure points.

How to prevent bedsores in bedridden patients?

Prevent bedsores in bedridden patients by keeping their bodies clean and dry, making them exercise regularly, repositioning them every two hours, providing extra pillows, etc.

Can you sleep on an air mattress daily?

Air mattresses are great for patients and suitable for daily use as well. You can sleep on an air mattress daily. It will maintain proper blood circulation and prevent any body pain from occurring.     


Doctors highly recommend air mattresses for patients since they can help in preventing body sores by improving blood circulation. Moreover, air mattresses help with neck pain, joint pain, and sound sleep. Here’s how an air mattress effectively prevents bed sores-

  • Provides low-pressure therapy.
  • Prevents pressure build-up.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Relieves pressure injuries.