Apartment Call Box 101: How to Use It Effectively!

apartment call box

Call boxes are now trendy among people; for the sake of security, now the call boxes are also in apartments. If you are new to this device and wonder, “How to use a call box at an apartment?”

The process of using an apartment call box is quite easy. If you’re a visitor, you have to find out the correct call box of the apartment, then search the tenant’s name or dial the apartment number or code and press the call button.

When the tenant receives the call button, they press the number “9,” and you hear a buzzing sound, which means they permit you to enter the apartment. 

You should read the entire article to learn about an apartment called a box. Just scroll down and give yourself some time to learn more. 

How to Use a Call Box at an Apartment?

If you live in an apartment, you must see a call box in your apartment as in the present world; most apartments keep it for safety issues.

If you are new to the call box system or don’t know its uses, then I suggest you know the use of an apartment call box. 

Let me help you clear out the use process of an apartment call box. Take a look at the below steps. 

Step 1: Find Out the Call Box

A call box is now a standard device used by most apartments. Accordingly, that’s best if you find your apartment’s exact call box. 

The call box will have flush buttons to determine which apartment’s call box it is. Or, you may find a cluster on one of the call boxes. 

Advanced call boxes have LED light facilities, which help you to find your apartment call box by giving alerts. 

Step 2: Search the Name by Pressing “A”

Suppose you forget your keys at home or are a visitor who wants to enter the apartment. Therefore, here is what you must to find out the press button.

You may see three buttons in the bottom right corner: A, Z, and a call sign button; then, press the A button and search your name ( if it’s your house) or the tenant’s name. 

Step 3: Press the Call Button

When you get the name of the tenant of the house, then press the call button, which is just below the “A” button. 

There will be a ringing tone if the call box works correctly. 

Another thing is if your call can’t connect and it shows you the line is busy, press the “#” button and try again.

Step 4: Dial the Number / Code ( Alternative Way)

If the call box doesn’t have any button to search by name or the buttons don’t work for some issues. Then you can call them by dialing the number of the apartment.

Dial the tenant’s apartment number or the apartment’s code, and then press the call button.

Step 5: Give Your Identity

If you are successful in calling the apartment, you might now hear the ringing. 

The tenant will receive the call, and you can directly talk to them. When you are done giving your identity, the tenant will let you in if they recognize you. 

Here I attached a video for you so you are not confused about using an apartment call box. 

How Does an Apartment Call Box Work?

You may quickly enter through an apartment call box. Even if you forget your apartment keys, that doesn’t give you tension. Because you have a call box access system to your apartment.

Though it is easy for you, the way the call box works is kind of critical. 

  • The phone booth places a call to a specified Asterisk PBX system. Asterisk picks up and connects the caller to the [pin-unlock] IVR system.
  • The device at the building’s entrance sends electrical signals to a substation in each unit, where residents may make calls. 
  • The signal from your intercom call box to the resident’s substation will be transmitted in several ways. The transmission will depend on the technology that powers your call box.
  • The signal will reach your cell phone if your call box is connected to your cell phone.
  • When you answer the call, and according to your command, by pressing a specific code, the call box will access the enter permission or deny the permission.

How Do You Let Someone In With a Call Box?

You know how to use a call box as a visitor. But what if you are a tenant and someone comes to your apartment to see you or the delivery man? What do you do to let them in?

The process of permitting you to enter is super easy. You don’t need to give it a complex thought to learn it.

Step 1: Answer the Call

Your call box is connected to your cell phone, and if someone wants to visit you, they will ask for your permission by calling through the call box. 

When you see a call from a visitor, you should answer it because when you answer it, you will know who wants to meet you and why. 

Step 2: Press the Button “9”

Suppose you recognize the visitor and want to permit them to enter your apartment. In that case, you must command your call box to open the door.

You must press the number “9” button to let in someone. By pressing this button, you permit them to enter the visitor to your apartment.

Step 3: Reject Option

If you don’t know the visitor and don’t want them to enter your house, press the “#” button on your cell phone.

By pressing “#,” you reject the visitor’s entry from your apartment. 

What Is the Need for an Apartment Call Box?

Apartment call boxes are the most fantastic device for modern life. You don’t have to worry about security when you are not home. 

There are multiple benefits of an apartment call box. If you have any confusion, I hope that knowing it helps you. Instead, agree to have an apartment call box for you. 

  • Outside you don’t have to worry about your apartment security, as the call box will not give anyone to let in without your permission.
  • The technology makes the security system of a call box very difficult, so a thief can’t break the lock and enter your apartment.
  • You can give yourself a good nap as you don’t need to walk to the door to open the door. 

You can open the door when you are in bed; you need to press a number on your phone to open the door. 

  • No one can bother you by continuously pressing the bell; you can deny permission for entry just by talking to them.
  • If you are outside and your delivery man comes to give you your parcel, you can open the door for them by the call box.
  • You don’t need to worry about leaving your child in the home because no outsider can enter your house without your permission.
  • If you are busy watching tv or taking a shower, you don’t need to come out to open your door. Because you can talk to the visitor by phone, and if you give access, the call box will let them into your apartment.

Are There Any Limitations of an Apartment Call Box?

Apartment Call boxes are beneficial devices for an updated world, and many house owners prefer to use them for ease of life.

People now want to lead more simply and smartly; an apartment call box completes their desire. But the world updated every second. So the apartment call box became backdated.

That’s why besides all the benefits, apartment call boxes have some drawbacks, which are:

  • An apartment call box requires you to make a call for entry permission. Many people don’t like this feature. 
  • You can’t install it as an app on your cell phone. As an app is preferable more than giving access through calls.
  • You can’t see who’s coming for you or if they have any weapons or not because it doesn’t have any cloud-based functions.
  • You can only do it for one purpose, and you can’t set any voice records as voice records cover for you when you cannot receive any phone calls.
  • For the changes of tenants, you have to hire an expert to reset the call box system for each new tenant entry or to remove old tenant names from the call box. 
  • You can’t set an auto mood or online access option to cover other parts of the apartment. 

Closing Remarks

To end your query about “How to use a call box at an apartment?” Here is the use process of it.

  • Find out the correct call box for the apartment.
  • Search for the tenant’s name or dial the apartment number or code.
  • Press the call button.
  • Give your identity.
  • Tenants will give you entry permission if they recognize you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is a call box in a building?

Building call boxes are installed at the building’s entrance, and building call boxes are a form of access control gear that allows visitors to communicate with and seek admittance from residents.

2. What is a security code or call box?

When a guest comes, they can utilize the call box to get in touch with the resident by looking up their name in the directory and entering their three-digit code. Then, the resident can choose to use the electronic door lock/unlock system.

3. How do you open a gate call box?

Sometimes, you can unlock a gate using your smartphone and an access control system. To implement this system, a gadget must be placed at each entrance that has to be controlled. 

After that, you may begin adding tenant information to the database. Sometimes, tenants must install a gate remote app on their smartphones.

4. What is the purpose of a call box?

A call box is an access control device set at a building’s entrance so visitors can get in touch with an employee or security guard inside and request entry. Despite their drawbacks, call boxes remain among the most popular entrance methods.

5. Where to Install a Call Box?

Call boxes are mainly installed in gates to monitor the visitors. Not only is it installed in apartments but also commercial buildings. 

If someone wants extra protection or to secure their residence or office, they install a call box in the gate. 

6. Who can you call on a call box?

The call boxes located along rural roadways make up a network of cellular telephones intended to connect travelers who need to staff members of contact centers around the clock. 

Many people can call you on a call box, and help can be obtained from the police, fire department, ambulance, towing agency, and other service people, as well as from a family member or a close friend.