Apartment Complex Towing: Your Rights and Options!

Finding out that your car has been towed can be a major inconvenience, especially if you had no warning that it would happen. If you live in an apartment complex, you may wonder whether the complex has the right to remove your car without notice.

In this article, we’ll explore the legalities of apartment complex towing and provide tips on what to do if your car is removed without warning.

Whether you’re dealing with a surprise towing situation or just want to know your rights, we’ve got you covered. So read on to learn more about apartment complex towing and how to protect yourself.

towing your car without permission

Can an Apartment Complex Tow Your Car Without Notice?

The answer is No. It is the law to give you notice within 24 hours of towing your car when you park your car for a long time without maintaining the rules.

In most cases, an apartment complex can tow a car without notice if the car is parked in a designated tow-away zone or violates the complex’s parking rules.

Most apartment complex lease agreements include a clause specifying that the complex has the right to tow parked cars in violation of the rules, and tenants agree to these terms when they sign the lease.

If a tenant’s car is parked in a designated tow-away zone or violates the complex’s parking rules, the complex may have the right to tow the car without notice.

Why Will an Apartment Complex Tow Your Car Without Notice?

The apartment complex set some rules and regulations for car parking. They distribute a few spots only for tenant’s car parking, and others are fixed for guest parking which will be available only for a few hours.

Most apartment landlords maintain parking laws stated in their rental agreement. The contract says that they take the necessary steps when you violate these rules. 

Unofficial Parking

Parking without keeping any space is unofficial and offensive. It is not legal to park your car anywhere, and if you are doing it without taking the permission of the apartment landlord. 

You are not allowed to park on the spot where you can see the sign of the fire lane. Don’t park at the entrance and exit of the apartment complex, as it may disturb the people. 

Not Reading Through the Rules

When you attempt to park your car in an apartment, don’t forget to look for signs showing the parking rules clearly. Read the rules attentively, and don’t ignore the laws. Don’t park your car there if you see that tow-away is in the rules. 

Overstaying your Welcome

When you keep your car in one place for one or two days, it will indeed be towed. Make sure to ask the apartment landlords before doing it. Otherwise, they will tow your car.


If you park in a place reserved for other cars, that is illegal, and you will tow your car.

Look at the picture to see car towing-

picture of a car towing

What Can You Do If The Apartment Complex Towed Your Car Without Notice?

Sometimes the towing company may tow your car without any reason and without giving you notice. You have no idea what to do! So, that time you can take the necessary steps to get back your car-

Confirm that you don’t break the rules

If the towing company towed your car illegally, then take action. Try to find out the cause in the parking signs and lease agreement, whether you park your car illegally or not. If you can confirm that you didn’t violent any rules, make a report against the apartment managers.

Check the steps of the towing company

Check the towing companies’ steps, why they tow your car, and whether it is legal. It would be better if they took a snap of your car that you parked unofficially, which is illegal. The towing company should inform the local police before removing the car.

By taking these precautions, you can prevent car theft. Go to the towing company repeatedly, give them the necessary charges, and try to get a picture of your car.

Contact the local police

Contact the local police to see whether the tow company complained about a file against you before towing your car. If you discuss the matter with the police, he will witness all the acts of this problem.

Follow the steps properly to prove that your parking was not illegal and they towed your car without any notice illegally. Please discuss this issue with the tow company and ask them for any other requirements to get your car back.

Pay the towing fees

If you cannot convince the towing company, pay them the towing fees. The towing company may fix a charge beyond the car’s value if you don’t pay the costs. 

Paying towing fees to get back your car before raising any severe issues is wise.

Check out the video to learn what to do if your car is towed illegally.

What Tips Should You Follow to Avoid Car Towing?

If you don’t want to be the victim of car towing scammers, follow the tips below.

  • Read the local laws and try to understand them properly. Make sure to follow the laws to avoid illegal parking and don’t violate any laws.
  • If the towing charge is beyond your ability and unreasonable. Then, contact the other towing companies to know the exact towing cost.
  • Discuss with an attorney to ensure your rights in parking the car and towing fees. 

Is It the Law to Tow Your Car Without Notice?

The answer is No. The previous law of towing companies had to notify the private car’s owner after 30 minutes of towing. But some new rules make it easy to deal with the towing company-

  1. Informing the car vehicle owner through a notice 24 hours before towing the car.
  2. Fixing the towing fees adequately.
  3. Take a photograph before towing the vehicle.
  4. To inform law enforcement about where they will store your car after towing.


If you are still confused, can an apartment complex tow your car without notice, reasons & what to do? Then in this article, you can learn why an apartment complex towed your car without warning and what to do.

  • It is the law to give you notice 24 hours before towing your car.  
  • But, when you are parking your car for a long time without maintaining the parking rules and causing disturbance to others, that time an apartment complex can tow your car. 
  • Contact the towing company and give fines to them immediate to get your car back

Finally, now you know how to deal if an apartment complex tows your car without notice and why they do so. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an Apartment Complex Tow Your Car for Expired Tags?

The answer is Yes. An apartment can tow your car for expired tags. The towing company will tow your vehicle by giving notice if you don’t renew the tags. 

Can a Landlord Tow Your Vehicle?

This law is different for different countries. In some countries, landlords are involved with the authority to tow your car, and landlords are not allowed to do so in other countries. 

Can You Get Towed if There Are No Signs?

If you don’t sign the documents before parking, the car towing company can get your vehicle towed.

What is an Apartment Complex?

An apartment complex consists of different apartments that are rented to different people. The tenants rent the parking areas to park their vehicles.

Why do apartment buildings have contracted towing companies?

The apartment buildings prefer it more efficiently to contract with the towing companies than the local police, which is helpful for landlords.