Furniture and the Law: Can You Leave It in Your Apartment?

Moving out of an apartment can be a busy and stressful process, and it can be tempting to leave behind certain items, such as furniture, that you no longer need or want.

But is it legal to leave furniture in an apartment after you move out? This is a question that many people have, especially if they are trying to save time and money by not having to transport all of their belongings to their new home.

In this article, we’ll explore the legalities of leaving furniture in an apartment and offer some tips on what to do with your furniture when you move out.

Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, read on to find out more about the laws and regulations surrounding furniture in an apartment.

Is It Illegal to Leave Furniture in an Apartment?

It is generally not illegal to leave furniture in an apartment after you move out, as long as the furniture is not causing a safety hazard or violating any laws or regulations.

However, the specific rules and regulations regarding furniture in an apartment can vary depending on the location and the terms of the lease agreement.

For example, some lease agreements may prohibit tenants from leaving behind any personal property, including furniture, after they move out.

In these cases, it is the tenant’s responsibility to remove all of their belongings from the apartment before the end of the lease period.

On the other hand, some lease agreements may allow tenants to leave behind certain items, such as furniture, as long as they are in good condition and do not interfere with the landlord’s ability to rent the apartment to a new tenant.

In these cases, it is important for the tenant to consult with the landlord and obtain their permission before leaving any furniture behind.

If you are unsure about the rules and regulations regarding furniture in your apartment, it is a good idea to consult with your landlord or a legal professional for guidance.

Why Do People Leave Their Furniture in an Apartment?

If leaving furniture in an apartment can cause you trouble, why do people do that? Why do they leave their furniture in the apartment? 

I know your mind might be stuck with all those questions. The best thing is you come to the right place to end your worry. All the reasons for leaving furniture in an apartment are mentioned below:

1. Broken Furniture

Most of the time, people leave their furniture in their old apartments because the furniture is broken. You don’t want to take the garage to your new apartment like broken furniture. 

Bringing broken furniture into your new place also occupies a lot of space, and your eyes will not be happy seeing them. So it’s better to leave the broken furniture. 

2. Large Furniture

Large furniture is also why people leave it because modern furniture is much simpler and works efficiently. 

Large furniture is a backdated trend, as previously people loved to have large furniture. But nowadays people don’t seem to like having large furniture so when they move to another apartment they leave it. 

3. Want New Furnitures

We live in the modern era, where you come to see new furniture with lots of features every day. 

Today’s furniture is much updated, which can grab your attention, so when people move to another apartment, this is a chance to get rid of old furniture and buy a new one. 

As a new place and new life, people want to redecorate their new home with contemporary furniture, leaving unwanted furniture behind. 

4. Lack of Space 

People tend to leave their furniture in the apartment when they don’t have enough space in their new home. If they don’t have enough space, how can they set up everything, so they leave unwanted furniture behind? 

5. Moving to Another State 

Another circumstance happens when people move to another state.

When people move to another state, they can’t take all the furniture to their new place as it’s pretty costly and challenging. That’s why they leave the furniture in the apartment, as it’s impossible for them to take all the furniture along with them in a new state. 

What Happens if I Leave Furniture in an Apartment?

When you are about to move into another apartment with so much unnecessary furniture, you don’t want to bring it. Or, you need time to arrange your new apartment, and you can’t do that with the furniture; you need to leave it behind for a while.

Whatever the reason is, the central fact is you are about to leave furniture in an apartment. So, what happens if you do that?

1. Landlord May Sue You 

If the lease agreement doesn’t agree with leaving furniture in an apartment, then your landlord has the right to sue you in court. 

You should check your lease agreement before you think about leaving your furniture in an apartment because that can be big trouble for you. 

2. You Have to Pay for It

If your landlord agreed and permitted you to leave the furniture in the apartment, then you might think everything is solved, but No. 

Even if your landlord agreed to leave furniture in the apartment, you have to pay him for it. Whether you don’t need them or will take them later, you must pay the landlord the disposal or storage fees. 

3. The Furniture May Damage

Your landlord agreed that you are leaving your furniture in the apartment, but your furniture is your concern.

Your landlord will not take the whole responsibility for taking care of the furniture. So, your landlord will not look after it because of any circumstances like rain, bugs, or pets scratching the furniture. 

You pay him just for storage permission, not for taking care of the furniture, so you also can’t blame him if your furniture is damaged somehow.

4. Landlord Can Sell Them

Suppose your lease agreement between the landlord and tenant permits leaving furniture in the apartment while moving out. In that case, you will find out it is for a specific time.

According to the lease agreement, you can leave your furniture in the apartment for 18 days; the authority over that furniture will be in the landlord’s hands. 

So, if you didn’t move your furniture within 18 days, your landlord May take the authority and can sell them or throw them away if they are not usable. 

It’s better not to leave the furniture in the apartment when you move out. 

What Do I Do With My Unwanted Furniture if I Can’t Leave Them in My Old Apartment?

When you move to a new apartment, you might not take all the large furniture with you. You might want to redecorate your new apartment. 

Or, you want to buy some new furniture with the latest design for your new apartment, which may give you a thought of what you will do with your unwanted furniture.

Because leaving your old furniture behind will cause you trouble. Some ways can help you find out what to do with your unwanted furniture.

  • You can sell your unwanted furniture by posting it online. Online, you can find buyers who might need your furniture, and you can sell it to them.
  • If your furniture is made of wood and the wood is still in good condition, you can reshape or redesign it according to your wish. 
  • If you don’t want to keep them, you can give them to your relatives or friends who might need them.
  • Another Nobel work you can do is give it to any charity or orphanage. As they always need a lot of facilities, having your furniture will make them happy. 
  • There are a lot of accessible cycling networks you will find where you can exchange your furniture. This is a neat way to get rid of unwanted furniture and a new one. 
  • You can contact the nearest waste management services as they will take your furniture and give you money. 
  • You can also give it to your landlord if you don’t need the furniture. I hope your landlord will accept it.

That is how you don’t need to leave unwanted furniture in your old apartment and also have some extra money from them. 


Before leaving an apartment, people thought, “Is it illegal to leave furniture in an apartment?” Fact is:

  • It depends on the lease agreement.
  • According to the lease agreement, if leaving furniture is not allowed, then leaving furniture in an apartment is illegal.
  • If leaving furniture is allowed, you must pay the landlord the disposal and storage fees.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can I get in trouble for leaving stuff behind when moving?

You get in trouble by leaving stuff behind when moving. You might have to pay a considerable amount to your landlord for removal and storage fees.

Also, your stuff could be missing or damaged without your convenience. Or, you may be sued by your landlord if it’s against your lease agreement. 

2. Can the landlord move my stuff?

Yes, the landlord can move your stuff. If you leave your things in the apartment for too long and fail to take them in the estimated time, then your landlord has the authority to move them.

But without any notice or solid reason, they can’t move your stuff as it’s illegal. 

3. How long do I have to keep an ex-tenant’s belongings?

Suppose the value of your items (other than documents) exceeds the cost of transporting, storing, and selling them. In that case, you must keep them in a secure location for at least 35 days. If the former tenant hasn’t claimed the items after 35 days, you can either put them in storage or sell them.

4. How long does a tenant have to collect belongings?

A tenant should collect their belongings by considering the facts about the products and their storage location, including a detailed inventory and a location map, including a reasonable time frame. The time frame is not more than 21 days. 

5. What happens if you leave furniture in a rental property?

The Torts (Interference with Goods) will safeguard any personal property left at the premises by the tenant. Landlords are legally required to store tenants’ personal property safely and securely until the parcel is returned to the owner or disposed of lawfully.

6. Can I leave furniture in the apartment for the next tenant to use?

No, you can’t. According to the Lease Agreement, tenants must completely clear out their apartments of any garbage, trash, and personal things at the end of the lease, but no later than noon on the last day of the lease. 

If you sell your furniture to the next tenants, you can leave it in the apartment for their use.