Apartment Living with a Piano: Tips for Making it Work!

To enhance the entertainment of your life, you may want to buy a musical instrument for your home. However, it is a stressful decision as you must follow the rules to keep a musical instrument at home. 

If you are worrying, can you have a piano in an apartment? You can have a piano in your apartment according to the instructions of your landlords. Choose the piano according to the size of your room.

Let’s jump to the topic and discuss how you can have the piano at your apartment.

Can You Have a Piano in an Apartment?

Can You Have a Piano in an Apartment?

Yes, it is possible to have a piano in an apartment. However, there are a few factors to consider when deciding whether a piano is a good fit for your apartment living situation.

One of the primary considerations is space. A piano is a large instrument that requires a certain amount of room to accommodate it, both for the piano itself and for the player to sit and play comfortably. If you have a small apartment, you may need to be creative in finding a suitable location for the piano.

In addition to space, you will also need to consider the weight and size of the piano when deciding whether it is a good fit for your apartment. Some pianos are more lightweight and compact than others, which may make them a better option for apartment living.

Finally, you will need to consider the acoustic properties of your apartment when choosing a piano. Pianos are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, and an apartment may not have the same stable environment as a standalone house.

With careful planning and consideration, it is possible to have a piano in an apartment and enjoy the joy and benefits of playing this beautiful instrument.

Things to Follow Before Setting Up a Piano in Your Apartment?

Suppose you buy a piano for your apartment. In that case, you may need to follow some specific points to keep the piano without any problem. 

Landlord permission

Before buying the piano, you need to ask your landlord to have permission to buy a piano. The piano is a musical instrument and it creates loud sounds. So, the landlord may not allow this instrument.

Look at your rental agreement to find out the information on whether you are allowed to fit a piano in your apartment. For example, landlords may have restrictions on heavy furniture, noise, and instruments. 

Heavy furniture

Suppose your rental agreement has a point that is restrictions for heavy furniture since the piano is large and has different styles and weights.

Suppose there is no exact information about the weight limitations. Then, ask your landlord about it and buy a beautiful piano under these weight limitations. 

Moving this heavy piano to take in your apartment may damage your wall and scratch the floors. Likewise, keeping the piano at your home may harm your floor. 

So, ensure your landlord that you will not do any damage to his apartment. You will take measurements to avoid potential damage to his apartment. Give him the agreement and try to convince him.

Loud instruments

Don’t forget to ensure your landlord that you will not disturb your neighbors with the sound of the piano. Give your best efforts to convince him that you will take several steps to control the loudness of your piano.

For example, You can make your room soundproof. During playing the piano, you will cover it to reduce the sound quality so that the sound will not disturb the neighbors.

Close the windows before playing the piano to reduce the sound spreading. Also, don’t use soft pedals on the piano as they may disturb your neighbors. Instead, use the middle pedals of your piano and avoid upright pianos for your apartment.


As a music student, you may need to keep practicing the piano to be a professional. So, you need to consider your neighbor’s consent as it creates a loud sound. 

Fix a routine to play your piano, considering your neighbor’s convenience. Talk to your neighbors about when they will remain out of home and when they do relaxation. According to this set your routine and keep practicing your piano.

Where to Place Your Piano in Your Apartment?

Acoustically, the larger the piano, the more volume it will create. So, you have to consider some things-

  • For a 7-foot grand piano, you may need 70 feet room which is ten times larger than the instrument.
  • Baby pianos can tuck in the corner.
  • Use a rug under the piano to control the loudness of the piano.
  • Keep some space between the piano and the wall as the wall will absorb the sound. 

What if Your Apartment Is on The Top Floor?

If you live in an apartment on the top floor, it is a matter of worry for them to move a piano to their apartment. 

  • Contact with heavy furniture moving companies
  • Contact the local piano mover
  • Ask the music store

Make sure to hire licensed and insured piano movers to avoid potential damage to your instrument. 

How Do You Get a Piano Into an Apartment?

Nowadays, piano moving into an apartment is safer and less stressful. 

  • Give the exact measurements to the piano movers, including the size and weight, to give you the best supply with an adequate number of helpers.
  • Hire an experienced dolly guy and five other strong people to move the piano depending on the size and weight of the piano.
  • Secure the piano safely with straps and remove some parts of the piano before moving it.

What to Do if You Cannot Keep a Piano in Your Apartment?

When your landlord doesn’t give permission, neighbors are not considering your decision, and your apartment is unfit for the piano. Then it is preferred not to buy any piano for your apartment.

Instead of buying a piano, collect a keyboard to learn and practice piano playing, and don’t give up. You will be surprised to see the keyboard’s quality and sound. 


If you are still confused, can you have a piano in an apartment, follow the rules! Then in this article, you can learn how you can have a piano in an apartment.

  • You can keep a piano in your apartment if the landlord permits you to keep a piano in the apartment. 
  • In addition, you have enough space in your apartment to keep the piano. 
  • Make sure you are not disturbing the neighbors with the piano sound. 

Finally, now you know how to safely keep a piano in your apartment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you hear the piano through the walls?

After playing the piano, the vibration of the piano sound will go into the air, then the air vibrates the walls. The wall will soak up some sounds and release the rest of the vibration, which can hear the neighbors. Thus, you can listen to the piano sounds through the wall.

How do you get your grand piano in your apartment?

Take the help of piano movers to get your piano in your apartment quickly. The dolly and other helpers will give the best service to move your grand piano into your apartment.

 Where should you not put a piano?

You should not keep your piano in three places. They are-

  1. Beside the window
  2. Fireplaces
  3. Beside high temperature

The humidity and hot temperature are not suitable for the indoor and outdoor parts of the piano. 

What is the smallest piano you can buy?

The Petite Grand is the smallest piano that you can buy. It is 4 feet and 5 inches in size. This piano can produce impressive and powerful sounds. The musicians prefer the Petite Grand piano to play. 

Do pianists lose hearing?

The answer is yes. The pianist can lose hearing.

Should you wear earplugs while playing the piano?

It is a wise decision to use earplugs while playing the piano. It can prevent hearing damage. It would help if you cared for your hearing system to protect it.

Will a piano damage a wood floor?

Yes, a piano will damage a wood floor. The weight of the smaller piano is 400 lbs to 600 lbs, whereas the weight of the grand piano is 1,000 lbs. So, putting a piano on a wood floor is a bad idea.