Renting An Apartment with EIN: Is it Possible?

If you want to rent an apartment, you must give proper legal papers to verify you and your financial stability.

You must have heard about the Employer Identification Number or EIN, which you may use for business purposes. But you may wonder, “Can I use my EIN to rent an apartment?” You can use your EIN to rent an apartment as long as you run a business.

This EIN will verify your financial status. That’s why your landlord prefers to take EIN before leasing the apartment to you. 

There are several uses and advantages of having an EIN, which I’ll discuss in this article. Also, you will get to know about the online application steps for EIN to rent an apartment. 

Can I Use My EIN to Rent an Apartment?

Using an Employer Identification Number (EIN) to rent an apartment is possible, but it may not be as common as using a Social Security Number (SSN).

Some landlords may be more familiar with using SSNs to verify identity and run background checks, so they may prefer to use that as the primary form of identification.

However, it’s worth checking with the landlord or property management company to see if they are willing to accept an EIN as a form of identification.

Suppose the landlord is willing to accept an EIN. In that case, you may still need to provide additional documentation, such as proof of income or a credit check, to verify your financial stability and ability to pay rent.

In some cases, it may be necessary to provide an SSN and an EIN to rent an apartment. It’s always a good idea to clarify the requirements with the landlord or property management company before starting the rental process.

Before renting an apartment using your EIN, you should know some matters.

1. Business and Personal Apartment 

EIN is mainly for business purposes. To rent an apartment, your landlord especially can ask you for your Social Security Number ( SSI), bank account status, and ID card to verify you.

If you don’t have it at the time, you can share your EIN with them, as the EIN will also work for you as verification. For business use, you can lease an apartment with your EIN.

a couple renting their apartment

You can also use it as your personal apartment if you are a remote worker. 

That’s how you don’t need to go through so many procedures to rent an apartment, as you rent the apartment for business purposes. 

2. Pay Attention to Business Credit Card

The landlord will check your financial status if you apply to rent an apartment. You should pay attention to your business credit, as the score of this credit card is essential.

To get a good score on your credit card, you can use your EIN and also try to pay your bills timely because these things will make a good impression on you, your landlord.

Your EIN will show your time to pay, whether you are paying on time, and whether your financial status is stable. That’s why paying attention to the credit card score when renting an apartment by EIN is essential. 

Is the Primary Purpose of an EIN to Rent an Apartment?

EIN or Employer Identification Number is mainly for business purposes. The number has a total of 9 digits with unique coordination. 

EIN works like SSN, but the difference is SSN is for social uses, and EIN is for business and tax-related purposes. EIN is mainly for business purposes.

When people plan to start a business, they use EIN; as with EIN, you can get your business license soon because EIN ensures that you will provide the taxes timely. 

This is a verification of your financial ability. The primary purpose of an EIN is not just to rent an apartment, there are other uses for it. They are: 

  • You can use EIN for renting a business apartment or personal property.
  • To verify your financial status, you can use EIN.
  • To increase your business credit score, you can use EIN, which helps you greatly in this matter. 
  • To give your part-time job a professional profile, you can use your EIN.
  • To state tax or file any federal EIN will help you.
  • To make your small business a licensed one, you need EIN.
  • To hire workers for your business, you can use your EIN.
  • In addition to opening bank accounts or for a credit application, you can use EIN.
  • If your business faces loss, you can use EIN to protect your personal belongings from business losses. 

How to Get an EIN Number to Rent an Apartment? 

If you want to get your EIN to rent an apartment or for other purposes, you must follow some steps carefully.

Step 1: Visit Internal Revenue Service

Your EIN application can be filed online. First, you have to visit the website of the Internal Revenue Service page.

You can search the page by its name and get the website. There you may get more details and learn how to apply. 

Step 2: Click “Apply Online Now”

When you enter the website, you will find some instructions about the application. Read out the instructions and then click to “Apply Online Now.”

Step 3: Identify Your Business

After clicking the apply button, you have to go through five steps to complete the application. 

The first step is to identify the type of business you have or the reasons for applying. You have to put every piece of information according to the form. 

Step 4: Authenticate Yourself 

If you are done with step 3, click continue, where you have to put information about yourself. It’s a self-explanatory step. 

Here you have to put your Social Security Number ( SSN) or TIN, whatever you prefer. 

Step 5: Address of Your

After completing step 4, you must put your address and phone number in this section. 

Step 6: Details About LLC 

Here you have to provide all your details about LLC. Like its legal name, location, starting date, purpose, etc. 

Fill out the information carefully after filing this part, click to continue, and choose your desired platform from where you want to receive your EIN.

That’s how you can complete your EIN application form for renting an apartment. Within one week, you will get a response from them. 

If you want visual instructions, then you can watch this video also. 

Closing Remarks 

Let’s close your confusion: “Can I use my EIN to rent an apartment?” 

  • An apartment can be rented through EIN.
  • EIN will help your landlord to know about your bank report or credit score.
  • EIN will verify your identity with financial stability, which will help you to get an apartment. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Do I have to file taxes if I have an EIN?

Yes, you have to. Another name of the federal tax ID is the Employer Identification Number (EIN), which is required of any business that wants to do business with the government. 

It is required when submitting federal tax returns, opening a business bank account, hiring personnel, and registering for required permits and licenses. 

Applying for an EIN is a simple and quick process that should be done after formally registering your business at no cost to you.

2. Can I use my EIN to get a loan?

In some cases, yes, an EIN alone will be all a lender cares about instead of your personal credit history when deciding whether or not to extend credit. 

Numerous aspects outside your EIN will be evaluated as a potential candidate for a business loan.

3. Is my EIN linked to my SSN?

There is no connection between an EIN and a social security number. A reporting number that isn’t your Social Security number is a handy extra layer of secrecy. 

The IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN) application procedure is easy to follow and can be finished online. Getting an EIN has many benefits, including protecting your privacy.

4. Do I need an EIN if I don’t have employees?

An EIN is not required for a sole owner who has never hired anyone, has never filed an excise tax return and has never filed a pension plan tax return. 

Rather than obtaining a separate EIN, the lone proprietor, in this case, utilizes their social security number.

5. Which Comes First, LLC or EIN?

Before applying for an EIN, you should establish your LLC. 

The primary reason is that the IRS application for an EIN requires you to provide the business’s recognized legal name and the date it was created. 

So, getting your EIN after you’ve founded and registered your LLC is a good idea.

6. Can I buy a house with an EIN?

Yes, you can use your EIN to qualify if you need a business loan. You can use your EIN number if you need the house for business purposes.

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is intended for business transactions, so it cannot be used to get a personal loan.

7. Do I need an EIN for business credit cards?

An EIN is not required for all company credit card applications. You may be accepted if you don’t have an EIN but a Social Security number.

In such a scenario, you would apply for a business credit card under the sole proprietorship category, which takes your Social Security number.

8. How long does it take to get EIN?

An EIN can be obtained instantly with an online application. Call (267) 941-1099 if you’re an international applicant.

You can also send your completed Form SS-4 via fax to your state’s service center, and you should receive a return fax within one week.