My Apartment Ceiling Caved In: What Are My Rights?

An apartment ceiling collapsing is one of the scariest things someone can experience. One minute you’re lying down on your bed with your loved one, the next, you’re buried under the rubble from your ceiling collapsing. 

The amount of damage you may experience from a ceiling collapsing is unfathomable. But you deserve to be paid the cost! And for that, you need to know your rights. And for that, we’re here to help! 

My Apartment Ceiling Caved In- What Are My Rights? 

If your apartment ceiling caved in, you should immediately call your lawyer. And if you don’t have a lawyer, get yourself one! Your lawyer will then inform you of your rights. But to make it easier for you, here are your rights if your apartment ceiling caved in: 

1. You Have The Right To Sue Your Landlord 

Your landlord has the responsibility to look after your apartment. And if their negligence causes your apartment ceiling to cave in, you have the right to sue them under negligence. This, of course, needs to be done with proper evidence. 

2. You Have The Right To Activate Renters Insurance 

Renter’s insurance is very important for unfortunate situations such as this. And if you have renters insurance, you can activate it to help you with your damaged belongings and temporary residence. 

3. You Have The Right To Shift Your Residence 

If your landlord is found to be guilty of negligence. In that case, you have the right to terminate your existing contract and permanently shift your residence. Also, you most likely won’t have to pay the rent for the month’s continuation. 

What To Do If Your Apartment Ceiling Caves In? 

damaged cielling caved in image

If your apartment ceiling caves in, you first need to check for injuries on you or anybody in that room. Once you’ve gotten medical attention, you need to do a few more things to help with your recovery from the horrid situation. 

So, here is what to do if your apartment ceiling caves in: 

1. Document Everything Digitally 

The first thing you need to do is take photos and videos of the situation’s aftermath. Take pictures of the damage, the rubble, the damaged furniture, and other belongings. Also, if you or anyone in your house was injured, take photos and videos of the injuries as well. 

If you can, try to record anything you can recall happening in the situation as a voice recording. Or, you can talk over the video documentation too. 

2. Inform The Landlord 

If your landlord doesn’t know it already, inform them immediately! Once they arrive, explain the situation in detail if you can. 

3. Contact With Your Attorney 

Contact your attorney or get yourself an attorney based in your area. When they arrive at the scene, share everything with them. Provide all the evidence, and follow their instructions. The lawyers will take it over for you from there. 

They’ll investigate the situation thoroughly and try to get you the justice you deserve. But, you must cooperate and help them in every way you can. 

Can You Sue Your Landlord If Your Apartment Ceiling Caved In? 

Yes, you can sue your landlord if your apartment ceiling caved in and if you have enough evidence to back the claim. Unless you caused the damage to take place, your apartment ceiling would usually only collapse due to negligence of maintenance. 

If your landlord doesn’t properly look after the property, it will surely take wear. If you already notified the landlord about the early signs of your ceiling collapsing and they failed to take proper steps to fix it. It gives you an even bigger reason to sue them. 

The amount of damage a person may suffer from a ceiling collapsing is horrifying. And if you suffered such pain, you deserve to get proper justice. And if your landlord fails to keep his responsibilities, you have the right to sue him for the damage you suffered. 

Can Your Landlord Sue You If Your Apartment Ceiling Caved In? 

Your landlord can sue you for your apartment ceiling collapsing if you caused the damage. It’s not always the landlord’s fault when structural damages take place. Often, tenants cause disasters such as a ceiling collapsing to happen through their dumb actions. 

And if you somehow caused your ceiling to cave in, your landlord has the right to sue you for damaging their property. Remember, you’re renting the apartment. If you bought an apartment, the building owners could still sue you for damaged property. 

Of course, this can only be done with proper evidence. But then again, if you don’t have enough evidence backing yourself as innocent, your landlord or the homeowners can still sue you. So, don’t be dumb and cause a disaster such as this! 

Why Your Apartment Ceiling Caved In;

Your apartment ceiling would never just collapse on its own. If it did collapse, there are some very good reasons for it. Water leaks, infestations, or incorrect house planning can cause your roof to collapse, but poor maintenance is the biggest reason your apartment ceiling caves in.

Your landlord has the responsibility of properly looking after the property you’re renting. And unless you caused the ceiling of your apartment to collapse somehow, it’s poor maintenance from the landlord that caused it. 

Usually, an apartment ceiling may show early signs of damage, such as cracks or leaks. With notice, your landlord is obligated to get the issue fixed. Unless you fix it yourself, you’re just waiting for a disaster to happen.

How Much Will It Cost To Fix A Collapsed Ceiling? 

A ceiling collapsing can be quite expensive. Usually, the landlord’s insurance should be able to cover it easily. But, the ceiling repair cost can be tens of thousands of dollars. And to make it a bit easier for you, here are the exact costs of fixing a collapsed ceiling: 

  • Cost of the repair for the main cause of collapse: 400-3500$ 
  • Cost of ceiling replacement: 400-2000$ 
  • Cost of structural damage repair: 2000$-4000% 
  • Cost of labor: 300-800$ 

Early Signs That Your Ceiling May Cave In;

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Some of the early signs that your ceiling may cave in are cracks on the wall, water leakage, infestation of pests and termites, saggy ceiling, etc. Noticing these early signs can help you avoid a horrifying disaster like a ceiling collapsing. 

You must notify your landlord immediately if you notice any of these signs on your ceiling. Getting these issues resolved as early as possible is the only way to prevent the ceiling from collapsing. If your landlord refuses to take action, push them with the law. 

Because if the ceiling collapses due to the landlord’s negligence, you may even lose a life! And even though you can sue the landlord with valid evidence, the damage you suffer will not resolve. So, always be on the lookout for these signs.

Will Insurance Cover The Damage Cost If Your Apartment Ceiling Caved In? 

Renters insurance will cover the damage costs for your belongings and also cover the cost of your temporary residence if your apartment ceiling caved in. However, if you caused the damage, renters insurance will not cover the damage cost of the ceiling. 

For that, the landlord’s insurance will come into play. If you’re a landlord, you can take the help of landlord insurance to repair the damaged ceiling. However, you can’t use your landlord insurance for the damage cost of a property you do not own. 


Apartment ceiling caved in? Don’t panic! You deserve justice for the damage you suffered, and you have every right to chase that. So, just follow every step we mentioned above, and make sure to get yourself a good lawyer. 

A disaster such as a collapsing ceiling can take a huge toll on a person. So, be strong, and have faith. Until then, thank you for reading. Goodbye! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Do You Do If Your Ceiling Falls Down?

Ans: The very first thing you need to do is seek medical attention. Once you regain some stability, document the aftermath. Make sure you take videos and photos of all the damage and the injuries you suffered. 

Then, make a recording describing everything you remember and mention any prior concerns about the ceiling collapsing. 

Q. Can Ceiling Collapse From Water? 

Ans: Yes, ceilings can collapse from water. Water damage is one of the main reasons ceilings may collapse. Usually, you may notice some early signs of water damage on your ceiling, such as brown marks, leakage, a saggy ceiling, etc.

Q. Can Apartment Ceilings Collapse? 

Ans: Yes, apartment ceilings can collapse. Lack of maintenance and negligence can cause an apartment ceiling to cave in. 

Q. How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Water Damaged Ceiling? 

Ans: It may cost you about 50$ per square foot to fix a water-damaged ceiling. Usually, structural damages cost a lot of money to repair, so don’t be surprised by the price you may have to pay to get something like your ceiling fixed.  

Q. How Do I Know If My Ceiling Will Fall? 

Ans: Your ceiling will show a few early signs that it may fall. Some of those signs are; cracks on the ceiling, saggy ceiling, water leaks, brown marks, cracking sounds, etc. If you notice any of these signs, inform your landlord immediately.