Are Daybeds Comfortable for Adults: Things to Know

If you are someone who loves their furniture, you must be familiar with daybeds. Daybeds are a combination of a couch and a bed. Usually, they are used for the common room, the guest room, or the living room even.

Need a nap? Your daybed can fill that need as well. However, for you as an adult, it must be a question of whether daybeds are comfortable for you in every way, and in this article, we’ll talk about all of that. 

Generally, daybeds are pretty comfortable for adults. Daybeds come in different sizes which means there’s one for everyone. Finding the right one for yourself is the key to comfort here. There are a few more things to consider which can make your daybed more comfortable if it isn’t already. 

Since the main purpose of a daybed is not to be put in the bedroom or the dining room, it might not be just as comfortable as a bed or a couch. But that’s not the point, the point is to get the best of both worlds. So let’s dive right into it. A world of daybeds awaits us!

Are Daybeds Comfortable for Sleeping:

Depending on the size of your daybed, you can sleep on it. The surface of your daybed is flat just like any other bed. So, this leaves us with the important factor here, the mattress. To ensure the most comfort while sleeping you need to get a mattress that compliments your comfort needs.

Apart from the mattress, there are a few more things you should do to get the best out of your daybed. Here are a few more things you should know to get the best sleep on your daybed:

1. Know the right size:

The size is extremely important as daybeds come in so many different sizes and types. If the bed is too short or too narrow you might find it quite uncomfortable to sleep on. The perfect size would be a twin size (39″ x 75″) frame. This complements an average person’s size perfectly. 

2. Make sure the daybed has a balance:

If your daybed tends to wobble when you lay down on it, it can be a problem if you try to sleep on it. A wobbly bed can cause creaky noises too which can be quite annoying. To ensure the most comfort while sleeping your daybed has to be evenly balanced. 

3. Try upholstered daybeds:

These daybeds are like a luxury nap machine. They come with an armrest, a soft headboard, and even a footboard. Depending on what you’re into, an upholstered daybed might help you sleep on your daybed more comfortably. It’s never a bad thing to try and see what fits you. 

Are daybeds comfortable to sit on:

So can you use your daybed like your regular sitting couch and get the same amount of comfort? Unfortunately no, daybeds are very convenient and they are a mix of a bed and a couch. However, a typical daybed isn’t usually as comfortable as a couch for a few reasons. Here are a few of them: 

1. A non-slanted seating surface:

Unlike a normal couch, a daybed doesn’t have a slanted seating surface. To be able to just sit back and relax a slanted seating surface is built in our favorite couches. A daybed can not be slanted. And this remains to be one of the core reasons using it as a couch isn’t always an option. 

However, one way to fix this problem is by adding some kind of foot support, Like a stool. 

2. The length of the seat:

Now for the obvious, a regular twin-size mattress is around 39 inches on a daybed. This is a little too long for you to just sit on it. Getting a full or queen-size daybed is a better option for sitting. 

3. Comfortable armrests:

Personally, for me, the best part about my favorite couch is the armrest. It just feels so comfortable to rest your arms while you watch your favorite tv show. Without armrests, you’ll still live but living with ultimate comfort is definitely way better. 

In this case, the usual daybed does not come with an armrest. As it is also a bed, not just a couch there are some things that are missing. However, there are upholsters which can help bring that comfort to you quite like a couch. 

Ways to make your daybed more comfortable:

Now that we know, with some compromises, we can both sit and sleep on our daybeds. It’s time to know what we can do to ensure the most comfort possible. Here are a few things to consider to make your daybed more comfortable: 

1. Get a high-quality mattress:

Not only are the daybeds made to be the best of two worlds. There are many types of mattresses in the market that look to do the same. For this reason, getting a high-quality dual-purpose mattress can go a long way for you. You will notice a world of difference straight away in terms of comfort. 

2. Getting Cushions:

Cushions are quite important. Especially to create a comfortable backrest if you don’t have an upholstered daybed. You can also use them to shorten the seat length, which helps fit your legs on the daybed. Also, cushions are great as armrests and extra pillows. Add the cute cozy vibe of a cushion and it’s a win in every way. 

3. Backrest:

To get the best out of your daybed you need to get the best out of its purpose. Expecting your daybed to just act like a couch is not gonna work out since that’s not what it really is. It’s a bed and a couch. So, you need to get innovative here, use pillows or cushions as a backrest and you’ll see the difference. 

4. Get armrests:

Armrests are definitely more of a couch design. Armrests can improve your sitting quality by a mile. 

5. Coffee tables:

This one I find very important. You can’t have a two-in-one bed and couch where you can spend all your day and not have a side table to place down your coffee or your phone or something important! Trust me it makes a big difference! 

6. Footstools:

We have talked about this a little earlier. Your feet just like your arm like to relax and stay upheld. Getting something to rest your feet can help make your comforts increase by a ton!

So, try these things out and see what they do for you. At the end of the day, you just have to get innovative with it. Don’t overcomplicate it, it’s just your couch and your bed mixed into one. Make it your own and see what you find comfortable, that’s what matters the most. 

What sizes do daybeds come in:

Daybeds usually come in many different sizes. There are beds that are wider than usual, on the other hand, there are beds that are narrower than usual.

Even though daybeds are made to be both a couch and a bed, some people might emphasize one more than the other. For these cases, daybeds also have different sizes complimenting everyone. 

A narrow daybed’s length is around 75 inches and the width is 30 inches approx. On the other hand, a twin-size daybed’s length and width are 75 inches and 39 inches. The narrower daybed can be a good option if you want the couch side of your daybed to shine through. 

There are some twin-size daybeds that go up to 80 inches in length. Though these beds are rare they still can be found quite easily as they are used widely. Full-size daybeds have a length of 75 inches and a width of 54 inches and are best to sleep on. A queen-size bed has a length and width of (80X60). 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can you sleep on a daybed at all times?

Ans: Yes you can! However, it’s best to get the right type of mattress to avoid any health risks. 

2. Are daybeds and sofa beds the same?

Ans: Not exactly! Daybeds work more as both a bed and a couch or sofa. Whereas a sofa bed works more as a sofa. 

3. Are daybeds smaller than a twin? 

Ans: The measurements of a twin and a daybed are the same. 

So there you go. Daybeds are very comfortable and quite helpful if you are an adult. I know how tiring days can get and how much better it can get with a place you can comfortably spend your time at. 

Daybeds can do that for you. They are comfy, they are cute, and they bring all the good things to the table.