Toaster Waterproofing: Myth or Reality?

The toaster is an electrical kitchen appliance used to toast your food according to your need. When you want to submerse any electrical device, such as a toaster, or egg bitter, in the water, it may give you an electrical shock.

You may be confused that toasters are waterproof. Using water on the toaster is not allowed as it is an electrical device. It can be electrocuted and cause your death.

Let’s jump to the topic of learning whether the toasters are waterproof or not.

Are Toasters Waterproof?

The answer is NO. Toasters are not waterproof as they are connected to an electrical outlet and are hazardous to health.

So, don’t expose the toaster to water as it can give an electrical shock when you touch it. Also, make sure not to clean the toaster with water. Clean only bread crumbs on the tray with water.

toaster with some toast on a plate

How Can You Test Whether Your Toaster Is Waterproof or Not?

You can test your toaster to see whether it is waterproof or not. But it is not recommended to do it at your home. As it is dangerous for you, please follow precautions if you want to try it.

You can test your toaster to see what happens if you get water inside it. So, let’s start it:

What you will need:

  • A tank
  • Toaster
  • Some pieces of bread
  • Water
  • Lumber 

Testing procedure:

Step 1: Have a tank

Select 5 gallons of the tank and fill it with water to submerge the toast into it.

Step 2: Take a toaster

Grab a toaster, load it with some pieces of bread, and plug the toaster into the outlet inside the water tank to see what happens. Plugging the toaster inside the water is a strange step.

Step 3: Turn it on

After submerging the toaster inside the water tank, turn the toaster on by pushing the plunger down. Push the plunger with plastic lumber. Please don’t use your hand as it can give you an electrical shock.

The toaster has 1200 hundred watts of power. If you see tiny bubbles coming, that means heating elements start to work inside the tank.

Step 4: The result

The regular outlet can’t protect you from an electrical shock, and if you put your hand accidentally inside the water, the water will give you an electric shock.

Besides, you can use GFCI outlets as these outlets work fantastically and will protect you from electrical shock around the water.

Check out the video to see how to test a toaster by putting it in the water:

What Happens if You Submerge Your Toaster in the Water?

The toaster is not waterproof. So, if you expose it to water, it can electrocute you. The following things can happen if you submerge a plugged toaster-

  • It is hazardous to health and can lead to death.
  • It can cause fire, and electric appliances like toasters are flammable. 
  • It can cause an electrical shock.

Also, if you don’t plug your toaster and if your toaster gets wet, it can damage the parts of the toaster and make it waste.

Are Toaster Covers Worthy?

If you suspect your toast is getting water inside the toaster, you can use a toaster cover to protect your toaster from excessive moisture and water.

These covers are cheap and will help you to save your toaster from dust, debris, and water.

Can You Clean the Toaster With Water?

toaster cleaning

To make your toaster long-lasting, you need to clean your toaster regularly. So, it would help if you cleaned the bread crumbs off the tray to ensure the safety of your health. If you don’t clean the tray, it can reduce the lifespan of the toaster.

But don’t use water for cleaning the toaster as this appliance is not waterproof. You are only allowed to use water to clean the crumb tray.

Clean the other parts of the toaster with a dry cloth or brush to protect your toaster from being damaged. 

Make sure to unplug your toaster before cleaning it. 


If you still don’t understand if the toaster is waterproof or not, then in this article, you can unfold the fact why it is not waterproof:

  • Toasters are not waterproof as they are connected to an electrical outlet and are hazardous to health. 
  • So, don’t expose the toaster to water as it can give an electrical shock when you touch it. 
  • Make sure not to clean the toaster with water. Clean only bread crumbs on the tray with water. 

Finally, now you know if it is waterproof or not and how to use and clean it by avoiding water.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the outside of a toaster made off?

The outside of a toaster is made of metal, aluminum, and mica, which is fireproof. 

2. What are the hazards of a toaster?

The hazards of a toaster are-

  • Don’t stick any food for a long time in a toaster.
  •  To prevent fire, frequently clean the crumb tray and ensure the excellent function of the toaster.
  • If you find any sparks and bad smells coming from the toasters, unplug the toaster from the electric outlet immediately. 

3. How long should you keep a toaster?

 You can keep your toaster for six to eight years. But ensure to maintain your toaster. You should clean it frequently to extend its life.

4. Is it Ok to put your buttered bread in a toaster?

Putting your buttered bread in a toaster is not a good idea. If you put the buttered bread in the toaster, it may start to melt, scorch the butter, and can catch fire. This fire is hazardous for you and your home. 

5. What happens if you toast frozen bread?

The toaster will work great if you put frozen pieces of bread inside the toaster to toast it. It will make your bread fresh and crispy. 

6. What appliances should be unplugged when not in use?

It will help if you unplug your computer, laptop, egg bitter, toaster, and other electrical devices after using them to save energy and avoid harmful consequences.

7. How often should you clean a toaster?

The cleaning routine of the toaster depends on the usage of the toaster. For example, if you use the toaster every day, clean it once every week, or if you use it weekly, then ensure to clean it monthly.