Bed Bugs in Air Conditioner: How to Detect & Treat the Problem!

Bed bugs can be a major nuisance, and finding them in your air conditioner can be especially frustrating.

Not only do these pests bite and cause skin irritation, but they can also be difficult to eliminate once they’ve made themselves at home in your air conditioning unit.

If you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation in your air conditioner, you’ll need a plan of action to get rid of them once and for all.


This article will provide step-by-step instructions for detecting and eliminating bed bugs from your air conditioner. From identifying the signs of an infestation to choosing the right pest control methods, we’ve got you covered.

So read on to learn how to get rid of bed bugs in your air conditioner and enjoy a pest-free home.

Bed Bugs Infestation In The Air Conditioner

Bed bugs usually hide in microscopic places. They can be found under a carpet or behind old furniture. But during winter, bed bugs look for warm and dark places to hide and nest. Sometimes, they find their home inside your air conditioner. Notably the vent system of your air conditioner. 

The main reason bed bugs might get in your air conditioner is lack of hygiene. Not just bed bugs but many different pests can make their way into your AC if it’s not dry and clean. Make sure to clean your vents and AC to keep pests like bed bugs away from your AC. 

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs From Your Air Conditioner; 

You should take immediate action if you have noticed a bed bug infestation. And if they’ve made their way into your air conditioner, don’t worry. Because we got the solution for you! Here’s how to get rid of bed bugs from your air conditioner: 

1. Clean Out Your Air Conditioner 

The best way to deal with the bed bugs in the AC is to clean the whole AC. 

Now, it’s good to mention that you should not do that alone. It would be best if you got professionals to help you out since cleaning out a bed bugs-infested AC is difficult.

2. Call Pest Control 

The safest and the best way to get rid of all signs of bed bugs inside your air conditioner is to call the professionals. Bed bugs aren’t easy to deal with, and it’s better to call pest control rather than try to get rid of them yourselves. 

How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Your AC;

Maybe you want to make sure bed bugs are indeed inside your AC. In that case, there are a couple of things you can try out. These tips might not always work out, but it’s worth a shot! So, here is how to make bed bugs come out of your AC: 

1. Turn Your Lights Off And Go Hunting 

As we mentioned earlier, bed bugs come out in the dark. So, if you turn your lights off, they will come out hunting. If they are in your air conditioner, take a flashlight and look for them inside. You should be able to see them. 

2. The Heat Treatment 

Bed bugs like to stay in warm places during winter. But they are susceptible to heat. So, one thing you can do is, turn off your air conditioner and slowly put some heat around the AC using a hairdryer. If there are bed bugs inside, they should show themselves. 

How To Know If There Are Bed Bugs In Your Air Conditioner; 

Before we get to removing the bed bugs, it’s essential to know if it is bed bugs after all. While bed bugs are pretty small in size, they are not indistinctive. Here is how to know if there are bed bugs inside your air conditioner: 

1. Bed Bugs Shed Skin Around Your Air Conditioner 

Bed bugs shed skin, and if you notice their shed skin around your AC, it’s safe to assume they have infested your air conditioner. 

2. Blood Stains On Your Bed 

If you see blood stains on your bed, it may indicate bed bugs in the house. The stains are just leftovers of the bed bugs feeding off you. 

3. Red Marks And Bites On the Skin

If bed bugs are in your AC, you best believe they’re in your house. Bed bugs can not live without feeding off of blood. And if you notice red marks and bites on your skin, it means there are bed bugs in your house. 

4. You Can See Bed Bugs Around Your AC

Bed bugs aren’t hard to identify. When in doubt, just look them up on the internet. 

Another way you can find bed bugs is by turning off the lights and using a flashlight to find them. Bed bugs love dark places. And usually, they come out during the night when you’re sleeping. So, if you turn off your lights and use a flashlight, you’ll notice the pests coming out. 

You can also try to see where they’re coming out from. And if you notice many of them coming from around your AC, sides, or inside of your AC, you know where they’re living. 

What Causes Bed Bugs Infestation In Your Air Conditioner; 

Bed bugs, just like most other pests, love to hide in dirty and wet places in your house. Your air conditioner wouldn’t always be the preferred place to hide from bed bugs. But a few things can make your AC the perfect place for bed bugs to live there. 

Here are a few things that can cause bed bug infestation in your air conditioner: 

1. Clogged AC 

Bed bugs don’t care about dirt or moisture. But they do love dark and warm places. And if your AC is clogged, it makes your AC a perfect place for bed bugs to hide. 

2. Unclean Vents 

Again, bed bugs don’t care about your AC being dirty. All they want is a place to hide and lay eggs. Unclean vents are ideal for bed bugs to nest. And from the vents, they can easily make their way into your house through the air conditioner. 

3. Un-screened AC 

If your AC is not screened from the outside, many bugs can make their way through the vents. Bed bugs are one of those uninvited guests that just look for entrances everywhere. 

How To Prevent Bed Bugs From Infesting Your Air Conditioner; 

Why even are risk bed bugs infesting your AC when you can prevent them from ever infesting your air conditioner? Here is how to prevent bed bugs from infesting your air conditioner: 

1. Keep Your Air conditioner Clean 

Hygiene is the most important thing to remember if you want to prevent pests from infesting your house. However, bed bugs might not care about dirt. They like dark places. 

Not cleaning your air conditioner can result in clogging, which can lead to bed bug infestation. 

2. Use Screens On Your Air Conditioner’s Vents

Often, bed bugs can make their way through your AC vents into your house. You can use screens to block off the back of your AC vents to ensure this doesn’t happen. 

3. Get Your AC Checked At Least Once Every Year 

A lot of the wrong things related to your AC happen because of a lack of attention. You never know, bed bugs can infest your AC, and you wouldn’t even know it. So, get your AC checked at least once yearly to prevent pest problems. 

What Happens If You Don’t Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Inside The Air Conditioner? 

If bed bugs are inside your air conditioner, they are probably just taking shelter there. Because bed bugs don’t feed off other pests or mold, they feed off warm-blooded animals’ blood.

 So, if bed bugs are inside your AC and you don’t do anything about it, you’ll quickly notice them crawling around your house. 

Bed bugs like to stay in warm and dark places. But their food is your blood. Just one single bed bug can lay almost 300 eggs. Not just that, these eggs will take only 12 days to hatch. And they immediately look for blood to suck on. 

Also, if they’re inside your air conditioner, they’re not far from you. So, they can easily make their way to your bed and slowly your whole house. So, getting rid of them as soon as possible is essential. 

So, what happens if you don’t get rid of bed bugs inside the air conditioner? Well, they slowly take over your whole house and make it unbearable for you to stay in it. Hence, get rid of them as soon as you can!


Have bed bugs infested your air conditioner? Don’t worry! The quicker you can identify where they’re hiding, the faster you can get rid of them. 

If they already have infested your AC, it’s better to call the professionals. Until then, be safe! And thank you for reading. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Can Bed Bugs Live In Your Air Conditioner? 

Ans: Yes, bed bugs can live inside your air conditioner. 

Q. How To Get Bed Bugs Out Of Your Air Conditioner? 

Ans: To get bed bugs out of your air conditioner, try and examine the AC after shutting it down. 

Q. How Do You Make Sure Bed Bugs Are Completely Gone? 

Ans: You’ll notice fewer and fewer marks on your body and fecal matter and shed skin of bed bugs when they’re gone. 

Q. What Scent Drives Bed Bugs Away? 

Ans: Bed bugs hate the scent of peppermint. 

Q. How Do Bed Bugs Get Inside Air Conditioners? 

Ans: Bed bugs usually make their way into your air conditioner using vents.