Bed Bug Prevention: A Checklist for Examining Your Bed Frame

To check the bed frame for bed bugs, you can conduct several steps, such as checking for any blood or waste stain first, pulling the bed away from the wall, checking the mattress, bed cover, and pillows, checking the bed frame’s cracks, and checking the bed base. 

Bed bugs are so tiny that you can’t easily find them. These bugs hide in the depth of the bed and near it, spreading rapidly.

Bed bugs are blood sucker insects and can cause trouble to your house if not taken care of immediately. Bed bugs can bite you and leave minor blood-clotted itchy marks.   

How to Check Bed Frames for Bed Bugs

If you feel the presence of bed bugs in your house, you should get rid of them immediately and take preventive measures to stop them from spreading in your house. Bed bugs live mainly in the bed frame.  

They could be living in the tiny cracks of the bed frame. Please get rid of the bed bugs before it takes a severe turn in your house. Spot and trap the bed bugs. Use effective home remedies or chemical substances to kill bed bugs and their eggs. 

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Take necessary preventive measures to stop bed bugs from spreading. Contact pest control services if needed. Read further to learn details about spotting and killing bed bugs. 

Signs of Bed Bugs in Your House.

The most common signs of bed bugs living in your house are-

  • If live bed bugs are crawling on your bed.
  • Pale red blood spots on bed covers or mattresses.
  • Dark brown color bed bugs wastes.
  • Tiny eggs or eggshells. 
  • A moldy smell in your room.

Check the Bed Frame for Bed Bugs with These Steps.

Check for blood or waste stain.

One of the common signs of bed bugs is rust or red color blood stains and dark brownish color wastes from bed bugs. Seeing these stains near your bed frame indicates that bed bugs are living in the bed frame.

Also, inspect the mattress, blankets, and pillows for stains.  

Pull the bed away from the wall.

The bed bugs may live in the bed frame if your bed is too close to the wall. Pull the bed away from the wall to check if the bed frame has bed bugs. It will expose the living bed bugs and make your inspection easier. 

Check under the mattress and the bed sheets.

Even if you don’t find any stains near the bed frame, the bed bugs could still be in the bed. Carefully remove and check under the mattress. Don’t shake the mattress to prevent the bugs from falling around the house. 

If you find bed bugs under the mattress, put the mattress directly under the sun. The heat of sunlight will kill the bed bugs.

Put bed bugs containing bed sheets directly in the washing machine, wash them and dry them at a high temperature.

Check the cracks in the bed frame.

Check along the cracks of the bed frame. Bed bugs are so minor that they can live in minor cracks and holes. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands while checking the bed bugs in the bed frame.

If the cracks are too small, you can swipe a stiff paper through the crack.

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Remove the mattress and inspect the bed base.

Remove the mattress to check the bed base for bed bugs. Scrutinize the base; if you see a bed bug, it means more is inside the bed frame. Don’t put the mattress back until you kill the bed bugs. 

Get Rid of Bed Bugs from Your Home.

Find the hiding spots.

First, spot the hiding area of the bed bugs. The most common areas for bed bugs to spread are bed frames, headboard cracks, and holes in the leg joints of the bed. 

The bugs could also be under the mattress, bedsheet, and cushions. You can use a magnifying glass and a torch light if you don’t see the bed bugs with bare eyes. 

Apply bed bug dog inspection.

Some dogs are specially trained to find out bed bugs. They can find deeply hidden bed bugs, bed bug eggs, eggshells, and spots that the human eye might fail to spot.

Throughout this inspection, the dog is monitored by a specialist to visit every room and inspects it thoroughly. 

If the dog finds bed bugs, it sends an indication to the specialist, who checks the area thoroughly to confirm. 

Trap the bed bugs.

The easiest way to trap the bed bugs is to vacuum the possible areas where the bed bugs might hide, such as bed frame cracks, headboard cracks, mattresses, couch gaps, etc.

Put the bed bug-affected bedsheets into the washing machine, wash them, and dry them on high heat for half an hour.   

Prepare your home to eliminate bed bugs.

First, clean the mattresses, bedsheets, cushions, and cushion covers. Declutter the room and clean the floor. Throw away unnecessary items. Don’t move items from one room to another to prevent bed bugs from spreading. 

Cover any open holes and cracks. Paste loose wallpapers with glue over the open areas, apply scotch tape on the electric outlets, and putty the furniture cracks.  

Apply home remedies.

First, try to kill the bed bugs naturally. Bed bugs can’t stay alive in too hot or too cold areas. You wash the bedsheets, blankets, etc., in hot water. Steam clean the tiny hidden spots of bed bugs. 

Use bed bug-resistant covers on your mattress. You can also kill bed bugs using kerosene. Another efficient method to kill bed bugs is by applying ozone.  

Use chemicals to kill bed bugs. 

If the home remedies don’t work, you can use toxin-free chemical substances to kill the bed bugs. Ensure the chemicals are environment-friendly and do not hamper your, your children’s, and your pet’s health. 

Some of the effective chemicals to kill bed bugs are desiccants to destroy bed bugs’ protective layer, nicotine or neonicotinoids to damage their sense or organs, chlorfenapyr kills bed bugs by convulsing their cells, essential oils such as clove oil, thyme oil, rose plant oil, etc. kill bed bugs. 

Take preventive measures.

Once you have killed all the living bed bugs in your house, it’s time to take preventive measures so they don’t return. Monitor the most common hiding places every week. Use bed bug traps to catch them quickly before they climb on the bed. 

Declutter your home once in a while and keep the rooms clean. Avoid throwing papers, boxes, etc., on the floor. Use a humidifier with essential oils.

Keep a minimum of 8 inches distance from the bed to the wall. These are the initial steps to prevent bed bugs.   

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Contact pest control services.

Suppose you can’t get rid of bed bugs even after applying all the technic. In that case, you should take professional help and contact pest control services.

Pest control experts can effectively use the chemicals all over your house to eliminate bed bugs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS).

How do you know if your bed has bed bugs?

Blood and waste stains are the first signs of bed bugs in your bed. Check for small pale red or dark brown stains on your pillow covers, bed sheets, blankets, mattress, etc., to see if your bed has bed bugs. 

How to check a headboard for bed bugs?

Start by gently spotting the bed bugs on the side and top edges of the headboard. Slowly breathe on the headboard since bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide. Throughout this inspection, use a torch light to locate the bed bugs.

How to kill bed bugs instantly?

High heat immediately kills bed bugs. You would need a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius to kill the bed bugs. Using steam to clean the mattress, couches, and bed frames quickly kills bed bugs.

How long can bed bugs survive?

Adult bed bugs can survive up to a year, and baby bed bugs can survive for about three months without feeding on blood. When the temperature is too hot or too cold, bed bugs cannot survive. 

Does vinegar kill bed bugs?

White vinegar is very effective not only for cleaning the house but also for killing bed bugs. You can mix one part of vinegar with two parts of water and spray this mixture on the affected area. 


Bed bugs are tiny insects and hard to spot. These bugs hide in the depth of the bed and near it, spreading rapidly. A possible place for bed bugs to infest is the bed frame. 

If you feel the presence of bed bugs in your house, you should get rid of them immediately and take preventive measures to stop them from spreading in your house. Here’s how you can find bed bugs in the bed frame- 

  • Look for blood or waste stains.
  • Pull the bed away from the wall.
  • Check underneath the mattress.
  • Check the bed frame cracks and holes.
  • Inspect the bed sheets and pillowcases.
  • Remove the mattress and check the bed base.