Can Bed Bugs Go in Your Private Parts? (Find Out)

Bed bugs are small but terrifying. They can get into tight spaces and bite you. So, it must make you question, can bed bugs get in your private areas? Scary stuff! Well, we got you! In this article, we’ll answer all your questions about it! So, stick around! 

Can Bed Bugs Go In Your Private Parts? 

Bed bugs can’t get in your private parts. Bed bugs are much more likely to bite on your hands or feet since they are the most exposed while sleeping. But even if you sleep naked, it’s less likely that a bed bug will try to get in your private parts. 

Bed bugs are hit and run insects. They like to suck the blood and run away. They have no intention of getting inside your body as it can suffocate them and kill them. But, they can bite around and on your private areas. Well, it’s better than them getting inside down there.

Why Bed Bugs Cant Go Into Your Private Areas; 

Bed bugs are very less likely to go into your private areas. Firstly, bed bugs love easy meals. They won’t work too hard to get to your blood if they see an exposed arm or foot; that’s enough for them. But let’s say they got desperate and made their way around your privates. 

They might bite you down there, but they would never go inside your private areas. Here’s why: 

1. It Would Suffocate The Bed Bugs 

If a bed bug made its way inside your private area, it would suffocate because there’s no air circulation inside. Bed bugs also need Oxygen to survive, just like us. But there’s no oxygen inside your privates. Not only that, bed bugs suffocate very fast in air-tight areas. 

They would die in under 30 mins inside your private areas. 

2. The Acidic Fluids 

The natural fluids your private parts produce contain are toxic for bed bugs depending on the amount. The fluids contain lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide, and bed bugs themselves don’t want to be anywhere near these acids! 

3. Fatal pH Levels 

The pH levels in our private parts are pretty high. And most bugs, infections, etc., can not survive at that pH level. Vaginal pH can go up to 4.5, and it’s enough to keep away most bugs, including bed bugs. 

4. The Temperature Is Too High Around Your Privates

While bed bugs like to hide in warm and dark places, the warmth in your private area is way higher. Bed bugs are susceptible to heat and avoid any area they know is warmer than they like. 

Why Bed Bugs Are Biting On Your Private Parts; 

Bed bugs usually don’t look for blood in your private parts. But if you have been noticing constant bitings, there may be some reasons for that. So, here are a few reasons why bed bugs might be biting on your private areas: 

Sleeping On A Bed Bug-Infested Bed 

If you’re sleeping on a bed bug-infested bed, it should come to you as no surprise that they’re biting you everywhere. That includes your private parts. Bed bugs may not get inside your private areas, but they will bite everywhere in your body in search of blood. 

Sleeping Naked 

If your house or room is infested with bed bugs, it’s not a good idea to sleep naked. Bed bugs would target exposed regions of your body in search of blood. And if you’re sleeping naked, you will risk having a few bites on your privates! 

Wearing Bed Bugs Infested Clothes 

When a part of your house gets infested with bed bugs, it slowly spreads across your belongings. This includes your clothes.

Always be very careful; if you have clothes in the contaminated area, wash them before wearing them. Or the bed bugs will just get a free ticket to your privates. 

What To Do If A Bed Bug Bites On Your Private Part? 

If bed bug bites in your private part, you should first wash it with soap and water. You can also do a few more things to prevent itching and swelling. So, here’s what you should do if a bed bug bites on your private part: 

  • Wash it with soap and water. 
  • Apply an anti-itch cream that contains hydrocortisone. 
  • Use Calamine Lotion for the rash. 
  • Use Antihistamine for swelling. 
  • Use Paroxime or doxepin for pus. 

Try these medicines for each of the things you may experience. 

How To Prevent Bed Bugs From Biting Your Private Areas? 

You can’t really live with bed bugs. They will keep biting and keep looking for blood. But it’s hard just to sit around and do nothing if they’re constantly biting on your private areas. So, here is how to prevent bed bugs from biting your private areas: 

1. Call Pest Control To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Permanently 

Why even bother trying out different tactics when you can just permanently get rid of bed bugs? Living with a bed bug infestation is very unhealthy, as they are so hard to get rid of. So, if you want the bitings to stop, just get rid of them. 

2. Wash Your Clothes Before Wearing 

If you have noticed a bed bug infestation or bite marks, wash all your clothes as they might be infested too. Wearing clothes with bed bugs on them can cause bites in your private areas. 

3. Use Repellents 

Lastly, there are bed bug repellents that you can buy and apply on yourself while sleeping. Since these repellents smell like lavender, they work most of the time. 

Does Period Blood Attract Bed Bugs To Feed On Your Private Areas? 

No, period blood does not attract bed bugs to feed on you. This is a common misconception, but the science behind it explains everything. Firstly it’s important to understand what period blood is. 

Women release period blood during their menstruation period. This blood does not contain the amounts of proteins our blood usually does. 

Period blood is released mainly as a cleansing waste. So, the blood contains bacteria and tissue that was in the uterus. It also smells very bad, and bed bugs cant smell it. 

The good thing is that bed bugs do not like period blood. A big reason for this is period blood is not like normal blood. Your blood contains hemoglobin, a type of protein, and bed bugs love that. Your blood is also warm, smells fresher, and has fresher contents, unlike period blood.

So, period blood will not attract bed bugs to feed on your private areas. They simply don’t even consider your period blood as food. The fresh blood on your body filled with hemoglobin is what they want. If they can’t get that, they won’t care! 

Can Bed Bugs Live Inside Your Body? 

It’s almost impossible for a bed bug to live inside you. Bed bugs need Oxygen to survive, and inside your body, they won’t find that. Not only that, but the fluids inside your body would also kill them. Bed bugs like to feed on your blood, but going inside your body would bring their end. 

Can Bed Bugs Hide In Your Private Parts? 

No, bed bugs can not hide in your private parts. In fact, they can’t live or hide in any part of your body. Bed bugs prefer hiding and nesting near their hosts, such as under the carpet or near the bed.

With the movement you have in your body, especially involving the private areas, it’s impossible for a bed bug to hide there! 

Can Bed Bugs Get Inside Your Butt? 

No, bed bugs can not go inside your butt! While they can still bite and suck blood from your butt, it’s not possible for a bed bug to go inside it. 

The biggest reason is that they would suffocate. Bed bugs are susceptible to air-tight spaces. And if they attempted to go up your butt, they would find no Oxygen. 

This would eventually bring their death. Also, even if they made their way up your butt, they would immediately die due to the natural fluids and suffocation. 


So, can bed bugs go in your private parts? Not really! They can still bite you down there, but there’s no chance for them to go inside! 

But just because they can’t go inside doesn’t mean you should let them feed off of you. So, take the necessary steps to prevent their bites! Until then, thank you for reading! Goodbye. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Can Bed Bugs Hide In Your Private Parts? 

Ans: No, bed bugs can not hide in your private areas. 

Q. Can Bed Bugs Bite Your Private? 

Ans: Yes, bed bugs can hide almost every part of your body that has skin. 

Q. Can Bed Bugs Go Up Your Bum? 

Ans: No, bed bugs can not go up your bum!

Q. Can Bed Bugs Lay Eggs In Your Body? 

Ans: No, bed bugs can not lay eggs inside your body. 

Q. What Part Of The Body Do Bed Bugs Bite? 

Ans: Bed bugs will bite almost every part of your body.