Can a Weighted Blanket Help With Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is one of the most terrifying things humans can experience while sleeping. And the arrival of weighted blankets, which promise to help with many sleep disorders, must have gotten you thinking if weighted blankets can help with sleep paralysis as well. 

So, can a weighted blanket help you with your sleep paralysis disorder? In this article, you’ll find out!  

Can A Weighted Blanket Help With Sleep Paralysis? 

The answer to this question is a little complicated. While weighted blankets don’t directly help with sleep paralysis, they can help with the causes of the disorder. 

The leading cause of sleep paralysis is anxiety, insomnia, and other sleep-related disorders, which weighted blankets are known to help with. 

At the same time, for many people, their sleep paralysis got worse with the use of weighted blankets. So, it’s really a hit-or-miss thing. You just have to try it out to see if it works or not. 

How A Weighted Blanket Can Help You Deal With Sleep Paralysis; 

Weighted blankets are great at helping people deal with many different sleep disorders. So, what about sleep paralysis? It might not fully cure it, but it can help cure the causes.

As we know, sleep paralysis is mainly caused by anxiety, insomnia, sleep deprivation, narcolepsy, disrupted sleeping patterns, etc. 

So, the main causes are all sleep-related. The great thing about weighted blankets is that they help with most of these problems. Weighted blankets are known to help with insomnia, anxiety, narcolepsy, and many other sleep disorders. 

Many doctors have suggested to their patients with sleep paralysis to try and embrace a healthy sleep pattern. And weighted blankets are famous for helping with that. Weighted blankets help release serotonin from the brain and give a warm and safe feeling, which helps get better sleep. 

And so, many people experience a significant decrease in sleep paralysis with the use of weighted blankets. It all just starts from a better sleep pattern, and eventually, the episodes lessen.

Why A Weighted Blanket Might Worsen Your Sleep Paralysis;

While for some, a weighted blanket can be one step closer to curing sleep paralysis, to others, it can make the disorder worse. Not everything will work for everyone.

And unfortunately, you might be one of those people who may experience increased episodes of sleep paralysis with the use of weighted blankets. 

But why is that? Since weighted blankets help with many causes of sleep paralysis, how can they worsen the disorder? Well, the weight of a weighted blanket is the mole here. 

One of the biggest symptoms of sleep paralysis is a feeling of a weight on top of you or something holding you down. Some even describe it as ‘someone sitting on top of your chest’. This is the most common and a terrifying symptom of sleep paralysis. 

Now, imagine having a weighted blanket on top of your chest. For many people, it triggers their sleep paralysis to occur more often. With the use of weighted blankets, the episodes of sleep paralysis seemed to have increased for many patients.

And hence, many doctors have suggested their patients not to use weighted blankets while sleeping, as it can trigger their sleep paralysis to worsen. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Who Should Not Use A Weighted Blanket? 

Ans: People who have problems with asthma, claustrophobia, diabetes, or circulatory issues. 

Q. Does Weighted Blankets Help With Sleep Paralysis? 

Ans: For some people, weighted blankets seem to have been quite helpful with their sleep paralysis. 

Q. Do Weighted Blankets Make Sleep Paralysis Worse? 

Ans: In some cases, sleep paralysis can worsen due to the use of weighted blankets. 

Q. Do Weighted Blankets Help People Sleep Deeper? 

Ans: Weighted blankets are known to help people with sleeping deeper. 

Q. Can Weighted Blankets Help With Anxiety? 

Ans: Yes, weighted blankets are known to help with anxiety. 


In short, sleep paralysis is a tricky thing that doesn’t have an actual cure. But weighted blankets can help make it a little better. 

But at the same time, sleep paralysis can sometimes worsen for some people. We suggest trying it out and seeing if it works for you. Until then, thank you for reading!