Can You Use Fabuloso on Wood Floors?

It is absolutely fine to use Fabuloso on wood floors. Fabuloso cleaner works great with wooden floors, better if the floor is sealed. You can use Fabuloso to pristine your wood floors without damaging them. Using Fabuloso is easy, simple and satisfying.

Are you wondering if Fabuloso can be used to wipe your wood floors? Well, the answer is, “YES”. Though Fabuloso is not the only choice for cleaning a wooden floor, however they are a great companion as it is an all-purpose cleaner. There are many cleaners around the market, but Fabuloso is one of a kind that can be used by any adult or minor without damaging the appliances or risking health.

Perks of Fabuloso 

  • Cleans grease like butter
  • Lime scale removing
  • Helps in removing stains 
  • Amazing fragrance

What is Fabuloso?

You can use Fabuloso on floors, walls, bathrooms, living rooms, and almost any hard surface in your house to get rid of dirt, grease, oil, and stains. 

The most attention-grabbing feature of Fabuloso is that it is found in the various sensational aromas. The scent left by the cleaner will refresh your mind as well.

Fabuloso is a cleaner composition comprising of ingredients such as:

Sodium, Fragrance, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Guttural, Citric Acid, and colorants. These reagents help cut through grease, oil and stain, which are harmless to natural appliances. Because of its PH factor which is neutral, it does not risk damaging your wood floor or furniture. 

How to Use Fabuloso

The general ‘Rule of Thumb’ is using 1/4th of a cup of the composition in 1 gallon of water. Pour the liquid into the water, let it get diluted and use it however you wish. 

On Wooden Floors

Take 1/4th of a cup of Fabuloso in a mixing container and add water. The solution should be enough for cleaning anything from a medium to a large apartment floor. For wooden floors, take extra care that the layer is not too thick or you are using more than enough. Just a thin mopping of the solution should get the job done neatly. 

5 Things to Consider Before Using Fabuloso on Wooden Floors

  1. The proportion should be exactly 1/4th of a cup and 1 gallon of water in Room temperature.
  2. According to the company, your wood floor must be SEALED before using the mixture on it. However we have found that it merely matters.
  3. Fabuloso is harmless because of its pH value, just remember you wipe the floor dry or use a sponge for your porous surface. 
  4. The key thing to consider here that you don’t leave your wood floor wet for too long, as the floor might absorb too much of the fluid and lose its original microstructure. 
  5. DO NOT mix bleach with the solution.

Checking if Your Wood Floor is Properly Sealed

To check for the condition of your floor, go through these steps below-

Get updated about your floor condition. Once you have vowed that you will use Fabuloso on your wood floor you should make sure you’re floor is properly sealed. 

  • Checking the seal of your wood floor is easy, take a spray bottle and get it filled with water.
  • Next step is to look for spots where your floor looks worn, or where you suspect that the seal might have corroded. Next, spray a tiny amount of water on to the spot and let it stay there for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • If the water does not get absorbed by the floor, you can be relieved and come to the understanding that it is properly sealed. If you are still unsure simply repeat this process over as many other areas of your floor as you want.
  • Once you’ve undergone these steps, you are ready to use Fabuloso on your wood floor.

How to Use Fabuloso on Wood Floors

Step #1 

Clean your floor thoroughly before applying the solution. You can use a broom to dust or a vacuum cleaner if you have one, it will work better for getting rid of the granular pollutions.

Step #2 

Wipe the floor clean with a wet piece of cloth or mop. Let it dry.

Step #3 

Pour 1/4th of a cup of Fabuloso cleaning solution in a drum or bucket, mix 1 gallon of clear water in room temperature for best results. Stir and get into cleaning.

Step #4 

Mop or wipe the floor. Use a sponge for porous surfaces so that every bit of pollution gets erased. Take special care of the crevices and chipped board areas.

Step #5 

Apply only a thin layer of the solution on the hard surface. For wood floors, a misty ply should be enough for a gentle clean. Enjoy the clean hard surfaces or your wood floor, with its irresistible fragrance. Let it dry for a while and be done!

Step #6 

If your wood floor is not sealed, this is the crucial step. Get it sealed once the surface is dry after cleaning with Fabuloso so that you don’t lose that finished look.  

Some other use of Fabuloso you might be interested in:

  • Fabuloso is a first class cleaner for removing the grease that builds up owing to long term use of the area. You can use Fabuloso for rough grease and oil residue leaving no history as well.
  • Your countertop gets dirty over the time, no matter how clean you want to keep that counter area free of any stain, and it forms up. To effectively remove these, Fabuloso is a fantastic product. 
  • Cleaning walls is really a paramount task, but when you have Fabuloso around, doesn’t seem like one. Walls with any sort of top-layer finish can be cleaned with Fabuloso. 
  • Kitchen Sinks are the dirtiest place around the kitchen area. To make this extremely unhealthy space free from any microbial that may grow for a lengthy use of the appliance, Fabuloso can stand guard.
  • Toilets are the most unhygienic place in the house. The use of Fabuloso will allow you to completely get rid of the germs.
  • Cleaning slippery tiles are tricky. With Fabuloso, you can clean and make any tiles tip-top in minutes. Stove Tops are also prone to exposing extreme heat, hence fire and oil marks are common. In cleaning of stove tops Fabuloso is a remarkable solution. Engineered Wooden Floors are absolutely safe to be wiped with Fabuloso.
  • Regular ovens work with heat generated by coils, so it is a regular scenario in the inside of the oven. Microwaves can also build up stain due to boiling of all those dishes you did. It is almost inevitable to have a microwave that doesn’t get smelly after a while. 
  • Your garbage can is the dirtiest bin around. Getting rid of the odor and all sort of dirt and garbage residue. It removes 99.9% of bacteria. 

Contact their direct line at 1-800-443-0602 for uses intended to anything other than floors, walls, tiles, metal and hard surfaces.

How Safe is Fabuloso?

Fabuloso has a composition of safe ingredients, thus it is completely safe for your hands and skin. Due to the pH value of the product being neutral, it doesn’t affect any natural such as wood or metal hard surface. It is a disinfectant that can kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Cleaning your engineered wood floor or metal cabinet is completely risk free. 

Fabuloso is a standalone cleaner for every possible house cleaning and many more. It comes in assistance to cleaning any dirt, grime, grease and dust. So, it will cut your expenses by a big chunk. It can be founded in various flavors including lemon, lavender, spring-fresh etc. It is an effective disinfectant for all sorts of hard surfaces. Its various flavor choices will not dishearten you for sure.