Can You Wash Clothes With Fabuloso? (Complete Guide) 

Fabuloso is a multi-purpose cleaner widely used to clean hard surfaces, walls, floors, toilets, or laundry. They even leave a fresh scent besides cleaning and shining. So, knowing its multi-purpose cleaning ability, you may ask, can you wash clothes with Fabuloso?

Yes, Fabuloso can clean your dirty clothes, and you can also use it to remove stains. They can disinfect your clothes by killing 99.9% of the germs. Moreover, it leaves a pleasant and fresh scent in your clothes. 

So how can you use Fabuloso? Read this article and discover! 

How Can You Wash Clothes With Fabuloso?

Fabuloso multi-purpose cleaner has neutral pH and does not foam too much. So this can be used as a booster of your regular detergent. Moreover, you can apply Fabuloso to any particular stain to obliterate it. 

And the best part is, Fabuloso will leave a gentle smell on all your clothes. There are many flavors available, like citrus, lavender, ocean breeze, passion of fruits, etc., and you may prefer any of them. 

Here’s how you can wash clothes with Fabuloso- 

Applying on Washing Machine

You can apply a specific amount into the fabric conditioner drawer of your washing machine to clean and fragrant your clothes. 

You need to add your laundry detergent as usual. But additionally, drop 1-2 capfuls of Fabuloso of your preferred flavor. Now you can run the machine as usual, and your clothes will get cleaner and smell fabulous! 

It is a way to boost the cleaning of your laundry or clothes. Besides regular clothes, you can also clean your bedding or towels in this way.   

While Hand-Cleaning Clothes

You can apply Fabuloso even if you’re washing the clothes with your hand. 

Gently soak all the clothes first. Then apply 1-2 caps of Fabuloso to the clothes. Make sure to dilute the cleaner first. It’ll work better this way. 

Let all the clothes absorb water and the cleaner pretty well. Then, wash them and dry them up. Finally, they’ll have your preferred smell! 

washing clothes with fabuloso

Removing Stains

You can use Fabuloso-Oxy to remove a particular stain from an item of clothing. This product contains peroxide along with Fabuloso. Peroxide helps to remove any stubborn stains. 

To make this solution yourself, dilute Fabuloso with water maintaining a 1:8 ratio. Spray this mixture directly into the stain and then add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. 

Let this diluted mixture sit on the stain for a few seconds, then wash it. After that, you’ll have your clothes stain-free.    

Can You Use Fabuloso Without Using Detergent?

If you want to replace detergent with Fabuloso to clean your clothes and garments, you can do that! 

Fabuloso is an excellent cleaner, and it doesn’t produce much foam. So when you add Fabuloso with detergents to your clothes, it works as a booster. But Fabuloso alone can clean all your clothes as well.

But remember that most of your detergents have wetting agents in them. Your Fabuloso may not contain that, so it’s better to soak your clothes well before adding Fabuloso to them. 

Can You Kill Bacteria, Mold, or Viruses From Clothes With Fabuloso?

It is stated that Fabuloso can clean 99.9% of the germs. Also, this statement has been tested by Environmental Protection Agency and proved that Fabuloso could deal with microbes well. 

So, you can quickly kill Bacteria and viruses from your clothes with Fabuloso. It also does a reliable job in terms of removing fungus from clothes. It will kill these germs from your fabrics and disinfect them. 

However, Fabuloso wasn’t designed to kill molds entirely. Molds can be very dangerous as they cause allergic reactions, leading to severe health conditions. So, we suggest you use any other product to eliminate molds from your clothes. For example, you may use vinegar, baking soda, borax, or hydrogen peroxide to treat molds from your clothes.

Can You Bleach Clothes With Fabuloso?

‘Fabuloso Spring Fresh with Bleach Alternative’ literally works as a bleach alternative. So you can bleach your clothes with this product. 

Fabuloso bleach alternative contains surfactant and peroxide that can remove stubborn dirt from your clothes. Moreover, this combination works as bleach, although it’s not bleach. 

How Safe Is Fabuloso?

Fabuloso doesn’t contain any toxic materials. Therefore, it’s pretty safe for humans. But still, you should follow some safety guidelines while using Fabuloso. 

You can safely use Fabuloso without worrying about the risk of inhaling it. Breathing this product does not harm anyone. 

But it should never be digested. Consuming Fabuloso may harm your digestive organs. Moreover, do not expose it to your skin for extended periods. And be careful that the liquid does not get to your eyes. If that happens, clean your eyes and consult a doctor immediately. 

Another safety concern is to keep the Fabuloso in a cool place. Do not warm it too much as the manufacturer prohibits it.

Bottom Line

Fabuloso is an excellent cleaner, and various flavor options took it to another level! We hope that now you can wash clothes with Fabuloso without any doubt.  

Be careful with the use and dilute it as suggested before applying it to anything. Keep shining your floors, walls, tiles, and yes – clothes! 

Some FAQs

Is Fabuloso Toxic to Humans?

No, Fabuloso does not contain any chemicals that may be toxic to humans. However, you may not ingest or drink Fabuloso in any case. 

Can I Mix Bleach With Fabuloso?

No, never mix bleach with Fabuloso as they can react and produce toxic gas. A Spring Fresh All-Purpose Cleaner of Fabuloso can be used as an alternative to bleach. 

Can I Use Fabuloso in the Laundry?

Yes, you can use Fabuloso in the laundry to clean dirt and stains from your clothes and fabrics. Fabuloso will not only clean and disinfect them but also will leave a pleasant smell on them. 

Can I Use Fabuloso as a Fabric Softener?

Yes, Fabuloso can be an excellent fabric softener with its delightful scent. It’ll make your towels fluffy and soft and smell fabulous!

Can I Wash Urine From the Carpet With Fabuloso?

Yes, If your dog urinates on the carpet, you can wash it with Fabuloso and make it scent incredible. First, let the carpet soak well with water and add a tablespoon of Fabuloso to the urine spot. Now, rinse the carpet and wash it well with running water.