Can You Wash Towels With Blankets? (6 Handy Tips)

You may already know that it’s recommended to wash towels separately. Towels are heavier than regular clothes and need to be soft and fluffy, and so are blankets. So this question might strike your mind- can you wash towels with blankets? 

Yes, you can wash towels with blankets in your washing machine without spoiling their fibers. However, it’s not the most appropriate way to wash them. Blankets can take up all the room in your washer, and sometimes their cleaning requirements might not match as well.

So how can you wash them together? In this article, we’ll give you six handy tips to wash towels and blankets together, so you don’t end up damaging them! 

6 Handy Tips on How You Can Wash Towels With Blankets

Washing towels and blankets together may save up your time and be an energy-efficient option too. However, if you don’t know how to wash them together, that can damage your fine towels or blankets. 

So, here are those handy tips that will save your day- 

Tip-1: Don’t Overload the Machine

Washing machines perform their magic at best when they’re not fully loaded. So when you want to put your blanket or comforter, it may eat up a lot of space in the machine. 

Usually, it’s best to run the washing machine when it’s 75%-80% full. So when putting the blanket and towels, ensure there is still some room left. 

Check if they’re fitting together or not. If there’s no room, it’s better that you don’t wash your blanket and towels at the same time. 

Tip-2: Fold Your Blankets the Right Way

A space-efficient way is to fold your blanket before putting it into the washer. But you must fold it in the right way so water and detergent can reach up to all the corners of the load. 

If you check the user manual of your washer, you’ll find how to fold the comforter or blanket properly to put it in the machine. Alternatively, watch this video for a better understanding- 

That way, you can have much space to put those towels and run the machine without hesitation.  

Tip-3: Don’t Use Fabric Softener

Fabric softener is used in clothes to make your garments soft and give them a greasy feel. However, this is not good for towels or blankets. 

You want your towels to be absorbent and fluffy. Using fabric softener on towels makes them slippery and reduces their absorbance. The same goes for blankets and comforters. 

So skip adding any fabric softener into the washer while washing towels and blankets together.  

Tip-4: Use White Vinegar

White vinegar will do a great job of softening your towels and blankets. You can use it as an alternative to fabric softener. 

Put 1 cup or 1/2 cup of white vinegar into the fabric softener slot before running the machine. Washing your towels and blankets with it will make them soft without leaving any waxy coating over the load. 

Tip-5: Avoid Using Bleach

It’s recommended not to use bleach over your towels and blankets. Bleach can work well whitening your bedsheet, but as for blankets, it may damage the fibers. 

If you use bleach on your towels and blankets, it can make them crisp. They may lose their softness at a higher level as well. Moreover, it can lead to discoloration of your beautiful blanket or towels. 

Tip-6: Set the Correct Settings

When washing towels with blankets, it’s better to use cold water settings. Although hot water is good for towels as it can kill all the bacteria and microbes, there’s also a risk of damaging the fibers. 

Moreover, use heavy-duty settings for better results. Keep the one-rinse and pre-soak on as well. 

Can You Put Towels and Blankets Together in the Dryer?

Yes, you can put towels and blankets together in the dryer if there is enough room in the dryer. 

Make sure they have enough space to whirl around when you throw them together. Also, put 3/4 dryer balls inside the dryer to fluff your towels and blankets. Alternatively, you can use tennis balls or wool balls too. 

Remember to dry them in low heat. Hot dryer temperature may damage your blanket or comforter. 

You may need to reposition the blankets and towels after 20/30 minutes of drying. Also, shake the towels and blankets before putting them into the washer. 

Reasons Why You Should Wash Towels and Blankets Separately

Everyone says to wash towels separately. But what is the reason?

We use towels to rub and absorb dampness from our bodies. Hence, it’s important to keep the towels free from all kinds of germs and microbes. Washing them with blankets or any other clothes may mix up unexpected germs. 

Moreover, sometimes there’s a discoloration issue or a different washing time. For example, towels take more time to wash or dry than other clothes. So if your blanket’s washing time does not match, it may not get cleaned properly. 

Also, It’s best to wash towels in hot settings to remove all the germs. But hot settings can damage the fibers of your blanket. So, your only option is to wash them with cold water. But it may not disinfect your towels properly. 

The Bottom Line

We hope you’re no longer wondering if you can wash towels and blankets together. Indeed, cleaning them together in the washer can be an energy-efficient option, but at the same time, they may get damaged too. 

But it won’t be any problem if you follow those tips thoroughly.

Some FAQs

Can I Wash Towels With Bedsheets?

Don’t wash towels and bedsheets at the same load cycle. Towels are heavier than bedsheets and are manufactured with different materials. On the other hand, bedsheets are soft and comfy. Washing them together can make sheets overwashed and damage them.

Can I Wash Clothes and Blankets Together?

It’s best to wash clothes and blankets separately. It is because blankets are heavy and require mild detergent and a delicate washing cycle. In contrast, regular clothes need a normal wash cycle that offers hot wash and fast agitation. 

Can I Wash Pillow Cases With Towels?

You can wash pillow cases with towels, although it’s not recommended. Pillowcases are thinner than towels, and their washing or drying requirements do not often match. However, if their textures or colors are compatible, you can wash them together. 

Can I Wash Sheets and Blankets Together?

You can wash sheets and blankets together in your washing machine as long as you do not overload the appliance. Make sure there’s enough space so the detergent can wash inside the fibers of your sheets. Moreover, run the machine in cold water and default wash cycles.

How Can I Keep My Towels Fluffy?

Towels are best when they are soft and fluffy. To keep them like that, never iron those towels. Also, do not use fabric softener so often as it reduces softness and absorbency. Wash towels once or twice a week and dry them thoroughly before keeping them safe. 

How Often Should I Wash My Blankets?

You may wash your blankets once or twice a year to keep them clean and free from germs. However, consider cleaning them more often if your pet sleeps with you. 

How Often Should I Wash My towels?

Towels need washing depending on their uses. For bath towels, you can wash them once a week. For regular hand towels, it’s better to wash them once or twice a week. Also, if you use the towels too much, consider washing them often as well.