Can You Use Dawn Dish Soap on Vinyl Floors? (Important FACTS!)

Vinyl floors are loved for their pleasing aesthetic look and resilience. They are resistant to dirt, scratches, and moisture. 

And so, you can use Dawn dish soap on vinyl floors to clean them and bring their shine back. Dawn dish soap is mild but performs a heavy-duty cleaning. The components of this soap are mildly alkaline and can work on stubborn grease and grime. 

To clean your vinyl floors with Dawn, you need to dilute the soap first. Also, be careful that it does not damage your floor or make it slippery. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to dilute and make the cleaning solution with Dawn dish soap. Keep reading! 

How Can You Use Dawn Dish Soap on Vinyl Floors?

Vinyl floors are made of four layers, making them durable and resilient. It has a backing layer, a waterproof layer, a design layer, and, finally, a wear layer. 

Every layer has its specific purpose. But the whole picture serves as perfect flooring. Because of its unique design and architecture, vinyl floors are pretty resistant to dirt and moisture. So, dirt, debris, and grimes are easy to clean. 

vinyl floor cleaning image

Moreover, the waterproof layer helps to keep the integrity of the flooring. That means it absorbs moisture to protect the floor from swelling or warping. Finally, the wear layer protects the floor from all kinds of scratches and hurt. 

But still, the floor gets dirty over time, and it needs a deep cleaning every two weeks or a month. And many floor cleaner is available to do so. But you can use Dawn dish soap to clean the floor too as it’s mild, effective, and has no toxic elements.

It works great on vinyl floors without damaging their charm. To use this, first, we have to learn how to make the cleaning solution with Dawn dish soap. 

Make the Solution

Dawn dish soap needs to be diluted before use. You can have 1-2 tablespoons of Dawn in a gallon of water. However, you may find many recipes for this dilution all over the internet, but remember, using more Dawn can make your floor slippery.

Additionally, you can add half a cup of vinegar to this solution. Vinegar is an excellent disinfectant, and its acidic feature can make your floor clean even more effectively. 

However, vinegar may leave a strong smell that will take time to remove from the room. Well, using Dawn is enough to minimize this smell, but you can also use essential oil. Add a few drops of your favorite flavor to the solution. 

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Mop the Floor

It’s time to mop the floor with a mop and a bucket full of Dawn dish soap solution. 

Make sure to use a non-abrasive mop to clean your vinyl floor for its protection. We recommend you use a microfiber mop. It’s soft and durable and works great on aesthetic floors like vinyl floors. 

Spray and Scrub

Sometimes mopping may not be the most reliable option. In that case, you can fill a spray bottle with that solution and spray it on the floor. 

Use a soft microfiber cloth or rug to rinse over the sprayed floor. Use the force on spots to completely remove them. 

Rinse the Floor

After washing with the Dawn soap solution, rinse the floor with plain water. It’s necessary to remove all the soap residue from your floor. 

Soap residue may make your floor sticky or slippery. And it can lead to accidents and attract more soil to the floor. 

So rinse it well with another round of plain water. 

Why Does Dawn Dish Soap Not Damage Vinyl Floors?

Firstly, vinyl floors are highly durable, so Dawn is a compatible option for cleaning vinyl floors. 

Dawn dish soap is a powerful surfactant. That means it can cut through the toughest grease. Now, vinyl floors have a wear layer at the top of them. This layer is pretty strong and almost resistant to scratches or other minor attacks. So Dawn cannot damage this layer. It can only cut through the dirt of this layer of the floor. 

Moreover, vinyl floors have another layer which is made of wood or stone. This layer is excellent at absorbing water and moisture. So, if any liquid accidentally spills through the floor, it cannot warp or dislocate the floor’s texture. 

Dawn mixture has a lot of moisture. But despite having that, it cannot hurt the floor.

However, prolonged exposure to water may harm the floor, so it’s better to keep the floor dry.

Benefits of Using Dawn on Vinyl Floors

Dawn dish soap can serve many purposes that make you want to use it on your vinyl floors. Let’s discover some of them- 

picture of dawn dishwashing liquid


You can always buy a floor cleaner specialized for your vinyl floors. But is it really necessary?

Dawn dish soap is cheaper than other floor cleaners. Besides, if you clean your floors occasionally, this inexpensive option might be more suitable for you. 

Besides, dish soap is a common household item you need daily. So, you may run out of cleaners, but chances are less that you will run out of dish soap, as you’ll keep buying them. 


Dish soap is very effective and shows a heavy-duty performance on the vinyl floor. Especially if your floor has stubborn grease or grime, which does not go away with mild scrubbing, Dawn can be the most effective option.  


Dawn dish soap does not contain any harmful chemicals. It won’t make you sick if you touch it or breathe the air in the same room. Moreover, it does not contain bleach.

So, it’s totally safe to use. Moreover, if you wash floors with it, the floor also remains safe. 

Final Verdict

So if you’re wondering if you can use Dawn dish soap to clean vinyl floors, the answer is positive. 

But make sure to dilute the soap and rinse the floor after cleaning. 

Some FAQs

What’s the Best Way To Clean Vinyl Floors?

Apple cider white vinegar is the best option for cleaning vinyl floors. But first, you need to dilute it with a good amount of water. Moreover, regular sweeping or vacuuming is also necessary to keep your vinyl floors clean and shiny.

Can You Vacuum Your Vinyl Flooring? 

Yes, a vacuum might be one of the safest options to clean your vinyl flooring. But do not use the vacuum cleaner with a power rotary brush head, as it can scratch your floor. Otherwise, it’s safe and effective if you regularly vacuum your vinyl floor. 

How To Shine Vinyl Floor Without Waxing?

You can just use warm water to shine your vinyl floor without waxing. But remember to dry it after cleaning. However, you can mix 1-2 spoons of Dawn into the water and use this solution to shine your no-wax vinyl floor.

Why Are My Vinyl Floors Sticky?

If your vinyl floors feel sticky, probably that’s because you haven’t cleaned them for a while, and it requires a deep cleaning. On the other hand, if it feels sticky after cleaning, that can be because the cleaning solution has left a residue on the floor. You need to rinse the floor well to make it non-sticky again. 

What Type of Mop Should I Use on My Vinyl Floors?

The best type of mop for vinyl floors is a microfiber mop. Though this type of mop is pricey, it has more effectiveness and longer life than cotton mops. Moreover, they are non-abrasive, making them suitable for aesthetic floors.