3 EASY Ways to Deflate Bestway Air Beds Manually (EXPLAINED)

You can deflate Bestway Air Beds if the built-in pump motor is broken. The three most efficient manual ways to deflate Bestway Air Beds are deflating my hands, deflating with a foot pump, and deflating with a vacuum cleaner.

Bestway Air Beds are inexpensive and user-friendly. You can effortlessly inflate and deflate these beds. Their lightweight materials make them easy to carry and maintain. The mattresses are very easy to clean. 

Even though they come with a built-in pump, the pump might break or get damaged over time.

If the built-in pump does not work, you would need to deflate the Bestway Air Bed using manual technics.       

How to Deflate Bestway Air Beds?

Usually, the built-in pump is used to deflate Bestway Air Beds. But with constant use, the built-in electric motor might get faulty and stop working. A separate built-in motor is hard to find, and repairing the motor might take time.

Hence, you will require to apply other methods to operate the Bestway Air Beds. This article has explained the bits and pieces of manually deflating Bestway Air Beds; keep reading to know the details.

3 Ways to Deflate Bestway Air Beds Without a Built-in Pump.

two people sleeping on betways air bed

Deflate by hand.

You can deflate your Bestway Air Bed by hand if you don’t have an air pump. All you need to do is use your body weight, and apply pressure with your hands and knees to deflate the air bed.

It is a time-consuming but effective process. Here is a step-by-step process to deflate the Bestway Air Bed with your hands.

Lay the Bestway Air Beds on a flat floor.

First, remove everything from the Bestway Air Bed and lay it on a clear flat floor. Ensure you have no pointed object around the bed since you will use your body weight to deflate the bed, and any pointed object can poke the bed and tear it.  

Release the air valve.

Release the air valve by detaching the protective cover after preparing the Bestway Air Bed for deflation. The Bestway Air Bed will deflate instantly after releasing the air valve. 

Apply pressure on the bed with your body weight.

The deflation process will depend on your body weight since you are not using any pump. Apply pressure to the Bestway Air Bed with your knees and hands; slowly let all the air out. 

Continue applying pressure until the bed is flat. The process may take 10 to 15 minutes based on your Bestway Air Bed size and how much pressure you have applied. 

Fold and store.

Ensure maximum air is out from the Bestway Air Bed. After deflating, start folding the air bed from the opposite side of the air valve to let more air out. Attach the protective cap after folding the bed. After folding, safely store the air bed in its cover. 

Deflate using a foot pump.

You can effortlessly deflate your Bestway Air Bed using a foot pump. A foot pump is an external manual pump operated by paddling with foot pressure. You can find this AIRHEAD foot pump on Amazon.

It comes with a tube that you can insert into the air bed to start deflation. The deflation method using a foot pump is described below-

Open the valve cap.

First, open the valve cap from Bestway Air Bed. Carefully place the air bed on a clear and even surface; ensure there is no sharp object around to protect the Bestway Air Bed from being punctured.   

Attach the pump tube to the valve.

Attach the tube to the air valve using the deflate feature on the foot pump. Firmly secure the pump tube to make the deflation process fast and effortless. Food pumps usually come with convertible nozzles for inflation and deflation.  

Begin pumping.

Begin pumping by applying pressure on the foot paddle with your foot after securely attaching the pump tube. The paddle pressure will slowly draw all the air out. Someone can sit or lie on the mattress to speed up the pumping process.  

Close the valve opening.

image of a betway air beds

Remove the pump tube, apply pressure with your hand around the valve and close the valve opening with the protective cap. Thoroughly check if the air valve has any damage or puncture and repair it if there’s any sign of damage. 

Roll and pack the bed. 

Follow the user manual guide to roll the Bestway Air Bed safely. After rolling the air bed, safely pack it in the bag that it came in. Keep the packed air bed in a clear, dust-free area to protect it from possible puncture.

Deflate by vacuuming.

Another effective way of deflating the Bestway Air Bed is with a vacuum cleaner. Even though the method is slower than a foot pump, it works well. Here is the step-by-step guide to deflating your Bestway Air Bed with a vacuum cleaner-

Remove the valve cover.

Place the Bestway Air Bed on a flat, hard surface, ensuring no sharp objects are near the bed. Then locate and remove the protective valve cover from the air bed.

Insert the vacuum cleaner nozzle into the valve.

Place the vacuum cleaner nozzle into the Bestway Air Bed air valve and securely attach it using tape to make the deflation procedure faster. Use an extension cord with the vacuum cleaner if needed.

Switch on the vacuum cleaner.

After securely attaching the vacuum cleaner nozzle, switch on the vacuum cleaner to start the deflation process. Deflating the Bestway Air Bed with a vacuum cleaner might take time, but it is one of the effective methods to deflate the air bed. 

Fold and store the Bestway Air Bed. 

Carefully detach the tape and remove the vacuum cleaner nozzle. Start folding the Bestway Air Bed from the other end of the air valve to let out the remaining air. Fold and store the Bestway Air Bed securely as the user guide instructs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS).

Can you over-inflate Bestway Air Beds?

You should never over-inflate the Bestway Air Beds. Stop the inflation when the air bed is firm enough to lay on it. Air beds have a capacity limit. If you inflate the Bestway Air Beds over their capacity, it may reduce their lifespan. 

How to open the air valve on an air mattress?

First, locate the air valve. It looks like a round, transparent outlet made of silicon or rubber. It has a protective cover. To open the air valve, carefully remove the protective cover.

How long should a new air bed stay inflated?

A new air mattress should stay inflated for at least 48 hours. When you buy a new air bed, it needs some time to expand into its natural shape. So you should inflate the air bed and leave it for 48 hours before putting any weight on it. 

Why do air mattresses deflate overnight?

Air mattresses deflate overnight because of the temperature, design, and pressure. Air mattresses are not airtight. Since they also need breathing space, they will lose some air overnight. 

When should I stop inflating my air mattress?

Experts suggest stopping inflating your air mattress when it reaches 90% of its capacity, significantly if you are inflating it for the first time. Over-inflating the air mattress might lose its lifespan by stretching. 


Bestway Air Beds are one of the most affordable and easy-to-operate air beds. Generally, the Bestway Air Beds are inflated and deflated using the built-in air pump. 

But the built-in pump might stop working for many reasons like constant use, carelessness, fault in the pump motor, etc. That’s when you should apply external ways to deflate the air bed. Here are the three most efficient ways to deflate Bestway Air Beds without a built-in pump- 

  • Deflate the Bestway Air Bed with hand and body weight.
  • Use an external foot pump to deflate the Bestway Air Bed.
  • Deflate the Bestway Air Bed using a vacuum cleaner.