How to Find Distilled Water for Humidifier (Avoiding Hard Water)

If you’re using a humidifier to improve the air quality in your home, it’s important to use distilled water in the device. This is because tap water and other types of water can contain minerals and other impurities that can build up in the humidifier and affect its performance.

You may be confused about how to get distilled water for a humidifier. A humidifier uses distilled water to provide fresh air. As distilled water is expensive, try to produce it at home or get this water from natural resources.

In this article, we’ll discuss why it’s important to use distilled water in your humidifier and provide some tips on how to easily obtain it.

How to Get Distilled Water for Humidifiers?

One way to obtain distilled water for your humidifier is to purchase it at a grocery store or pharmacy. Many of these stores carry distilled water in gallon jugs or smaller bottles, which can be easily transported and used in your humidifier.

Another option is to use a home water distillation system, which can produce a steady supply of distilled water for your humidifier. These systems typically involve boiling water and capturing the steam, which is then cooled and collected as distilled water.

Another option is to collect distilled water from the condensation that forms on the inside of a car’s windows on a cold day. Simply place a clean container on the dashboard or car seat and wait for the condensation to form. The water that collects in the container should be relatively pure and can be used in your humidifier.

Overall, the best way to obtain distilled water for your humidifier will depend on your specific situation and needs. It may be worth experimenting with different methods to find the one that works best for you.

What Does Distilled Water Prefer?

Distilled water is antibacterial. When you boil the water, it turns into steam, producing water condensation, and the condensed water is considered distilled water.

How To Make Distilled Water at Home?

You can easily make DIY distilled water at home, which is cost-effective. It needs to take some tap water in a large pot and boil it to make distilled water.

What you’ll need –

●  A large pot

●  A little baking dish

●  Tap water

●  Flame

●  Oversized glass lid

●  A block of ice

The procedure-

Step 1: Take a large pot

At first, you need a large pot and put it in the rapid flame. Then, don’t forget to put some water into the pot to make distilled water.

Step 2: Have a little baking dish

Please take a little baking dish and float it in the middle of the large pot’s water to collect the distilled water.

Step 3: Use an oversized lid

Now, you need a large glass lid. Before putting it on the pot, turn it upside down so you can easily collect the condensed water in the little baking dish.

After boiling the large pot’s water, the steam of the boiled water will heat the cold lid. The lid will turn the steam water into the water again and drip it into the little baking dish.

Step 4: Collect some blocks of ice


Collect some ice cubes from your freezer if you want to speed up the process. Place these blocks of ice cubes on the top of the lid to have the distilled water quickly.

Step 5: Turn off the heat

After the process, turn off the heating button and carefully remove the dish from the distilled water.

You will need 45 minutes to have the distilled water at home.

See the video to understand how to make DIY distilled water at home-

Why Do You Need Distilled Water in a Humidifier?

●  Distilled water is beneficial for your health as it removes toxins from the water.

●  The distilled water of a humidifier can protect your home’s air.

●  Before using distilled water, follow the instructions and manufacturer cleaning to have the best result for the humidifier.

●  This water removes bacteria and other mineral contents from the water to release fresh air.

●  You can use distilled water in the humidifier to help scale build-up and cleaning.

What Is the Natural Resource for Collecting Distilled Water?


If you want to buy distilled water, it’s very expensive to afford. So, collecting this distilled water from any natural resources.

You may have high-efficiency furnaces near your home, and then you can collect distilled water from them without worry. Furnace water has a clean burn that creates water condensation, called distilled water.

Using this distilled water correctly in the humidifier will help spread dust-free fresh air so that you can breathe without hesitation.

Can You Use Tap Water in a Humidifier?

You put tap water in the humidifier, but it will not disperse fresh air. The tap water’s minerals also break, but it may create white dust, which is not hygienic for human health.

Tap water helps the humidifier to spread potential contaminants in the air. This water hold minerals and bacteria that may create mold in your home. The mist and cloud air easily put dust in your house, and this water is not recommended to use.

What Are the Benefits of Distilled Water in a Humidifier?

Distilled water is the purest water. So, if you use this water in a humidifier, it will provide many advantages.

Reduce minerals

If you find minerals continuously in the air, it may be hazardous to your health. Humidifiers can easily spread minerals into the air. So, use distilled water in the humidifier as it kills the minerals from the water.

Remove white dust


A humidifier can put white dust on the furniture and other surfaces making the atmosphere dirty. But the distilled water fights against this white dust and provides dust-free air.

Defends against bacteria and minerals


Tap water contains different contaminants, and using it in a humidifier, may release minerals into the air. This mineral will lead to the development of bacteria which may create different health disorders.

Therefore, use distilled water to avoid any bacterial health issues.

Keeps the humidifier stable

The minerals of tap water can harm the components of the humidifier. So, it’s better to select distilled water to keep the humidifier from being damaged.

Pure water

Distilled water is the purest water and doesn’t contain any contaminants and germs.

Can You Use Boiled Water Instead of Distilled Water?

Boiled water can fight against bacteria and remove chlorine. But it is not as absolutely pure as distilled water to defend against minerals and other contaminants. So, you can’t replace distilled water with boiled water.

Can You Use Filtered Water Instead of Distilled Water?

You can use filtered water instead of distilled water as it is fresher than distilled water. Filtered water contains no contaminants and is very beneficial for your health. But it can’t remove some living chemicals from the water, so it is not advisable to use distilled water in the humidifier.

Can You Use Bottled Water Instead of Distilled Water?

Bottled distilled water is the safest option, and it is recommended to use. When you buy distilled water from the shop, that time you purchase bottled distilled water.

What Type of Water Can You Use in Place of Distilled Water?

Distilled water is preferred as the best water for humidifiers. But you can use four types of water as a substitute for distilled water. They are-

1.    Mineral water

2.    Spring water

3.    Deionized water

4.    Osmosis purified water

5.    Rainwater

Other Uses of Distilled Water

●  You can use this water as essential oil diffusers in your house.

●  Distilled water is very good for vehicles.

●  You can drink optimal distilled water for your health benefits.

●  This water is good for aquariums and lab experiments.

●  You can use it for baby formula as well.

●  You can do your hair care by using distilled water.


If you still don’t understand how to get distilled water for a humidifier, make it successful! Then in this article, you can easily discover the facts-

●  A humidifier can release fresh dust-free air if you use distilled water

●   However, this water is relatively more costly than tap water as distilled water holds fewer contaminants.

●  Try to collect this water from natural resources such as high-efficiency furnaces, and it can be produced quickly at home.

Hence, now you know why the manufacturers suggest using distilled water in a humidifier and how to get it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do You Need Distilled Water for Your Humidifier?

People use a humidifier to avoid breathing problems. A humidifier is safe for your health if you use distilled water in the humidifier.

Generally, tap water contains different hazardous elements. So, if you use this water in your humidifier, it may spread minerals in the air. Always use distilled water in the humidifier to ensure your health and safety.

2. What Is the Best Water for Your Humidifier?

Undoubtedly, distilled water is preferred as the best water for your humidifier. This water keeps your humidifier stable and gives a nice smell. In addition, this water helps the humidifier to create healthier air in your indoors.

3. Can You Sleep With a Humidifier Every Night?

You can use your humidifier in the summer and winter, but you can also sleep, leaving the humidifier on to sleep comfortably.

Maintain the humidity level properly, which will help you to sleep comfortably. It helps to deal with your physical discomforts as well.