Get Socked: The Surprising Way to Lock Your Door!

You can use socks to lock your door, but remember that it is a temporary solution.

Locking your door is essential for your privacy, keeping unwanted people away, and avoiding accidents like robbery, theft, etc. People often forget to check the locks and fittings when renovating the apartments, or the locks can break accidentally. 

It is when household items come in handy. You can use many household items to lock your door, and socks are one of them.

This article will give you a step-by-step guide to locking a door with a sock and other factors related to using socks for locking the door.

How to Lock Your Door with a Sock?

Even though it sounds weird, closing your door with a sock is one of the most efficient and effortless temporary solutions. When you, unfortunately, break the actual lock of your door and need to lock the door, you can use a sock.


Locking the door with a sock includes choosing the right sock, folding the sock, putting the sock into the door, and closing the door. Keep reading to know more.

Step-by-Step Guide to Lock a Door with a Sock.

Lock the door from the outside.

You will need the following: 

  • A pair of thick socks.
  • A fork or a knife.

Step 1 – Choose the right sock.

Firstly you need to choose the right sock to use as a door lock. You can’t use thin or sheer socks such as stockings to lock the door. Instead, you can use winter socks for locking.

Regular socks also will work just as fine. You can also use the socks as a compressor to open the door if it is not opened already.

Step 2 – Fold the sock.

Fold the sock in half to lock the door. Folding the sock will make it thicker and more accessible to hold the grip inside the door.

If you are using compression socks instead of regular ones, make sure to fold them very tight so that it does not come out.

Step 3 – Put the sock into the door.

After you have folded the sock, put the sock inside the bottom of the door so that the sock’s head faces up. If you can’t put the thick sock inside the door, use a thin object such as a fork or a knife to push the sock inside the door.

Step 4 – Shut the door.

After successfully putting the sock into the door, you can shut it and fully lock it. Hold the sock firmly so it doesn’t come out while shutting the door.

If the first sock does not stay in place, use another piece of sock to hold the first one in place; and you are good to go. 

Lock the door from the inside.

You will need the following:

  • A sock.
  • Scissors.
  • Scotch tape.

Step 1 – cut the sock.

Cut the sock from the toe area with a scissor. Make sure you cut the sock big enough to wrap around the doorknob. 

Step 2 – tape the sock to the doorknob.

Stick one edge of the sock to the doorknob with scotch tape to create a hole. Insert the other edge of the sock via the hole and pull it firmly.

Step 3 – Tie a knot in the sock.

Knot the sock to keep it secure. Make sure to tie it firmly, so it doesn’t move from its place. Thus you can lock your door with a sock from the inside. 

Make the door lock childproof.

You will need the following:

  • A scissor.
  • A sock.
  • An elastic band.

Step 1 – Cut the toe of the sock.

The first step is to cut the sock from the toe area. Cut the sock for about four inches from the toe with a scissor.

Step 2 – Wrap the sock toe around the doorknob.

After cutting the toe, place it on your doorknob. Wrap the toe around your door knob with an elastic band, and wrap the elastic band over the toe until it is tight.

Step 3 – Secure the sock.

After wrapping the toe with the elastic band, pull it to check if it’s tight enough so if the children pull the toe, it will not come off. Here you have a childproof lock with a sock.

Pros and Cons of Locking a Door with a Sock.


  • It’s inexpensive, and you don’t need to spend money on it.
  • You can keep your kids safe by locking them with a sock lock.
  • Locking the door with a sock is effortless.
  • It does not damage your door or doorknob if used safely.
  • You can easily detach the sock lock from the door.


  • A sock hanging with a doorknob doesn’t look good.
  • If the sock becomes damp, the door might get jammed.
  • A sock might not entirely shut the door.
  • A sock lock is not a permanent option, and it is risky.

Locking Door with a Sock is a Temporary Solution.

Locking your door with a sock is a temporary solution. You can use a thick sock to lock your door for emergency needs, but you cannot replace it with a permanent lock or a doorlock with keypads.

Using a sock as a door lock is handy, effortless, and cost-friendly. But locking your door using a sock is not suggested for more extended protection. 

You can utilize this technique twice for your door; you would require installing a permanent lock. Otherwise, serious accidents can happen.

If your apartment is on the top floor, you might be safe and have extra security. But accidents can happen in one-floored apartments, such as robbers can enter your house, you can have thieves entering your house, and so on. 

Locking the Door with a Sock: Some Facts to Know.

How many socks should I use to lock the door?

You can use as many socks as you want, but two socks would be enough since socks are made of thick materials. Two socks can go a long way because the gap between a door and a door frame is about four inches, and two socks are enough for this gap. 

But, if the gap between the door frame and the door is more than four inches, you will need to use more than two socks until the door locks properly.

Can socks damage the doorknob?

Though locking your door is an effortless and cost-friendly technic, it can damage your doorknob if not used carefully.

In some circumstances, the sock may damage the doorknob, such as the unsuitable fabric of the socks to the doorknob, the socks might get stuck in gear and the sock might hamper the workability of the doorknob and hamper it.

Are socks efficient as a door lock?

Whether a door lock made out of a sock is efficient relies on a few situations, including the sock’s material, the type of the door, whether it’s steel or wooden, and the surrounding of your house. 

For instance, if you use a sock made of rough material to lock a wooden door, the sock might get rubbed on the door and take off the varnish; or if your house environment isn’t secure, a criminal can easily open the sock lock with a hard push. 

What type of socks is suitable for locking the door?

The two most important factors to keep in mind before using a sock for locking the door is- the material and the thickness of the sock. The sock should be thicker to fill the space between the door and the frame. 

It would be best to use socks made with natural fibers such as cotton or woolen socks because they can hold the grip and retain the socks. So, the socks will not move and keep the door locked.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS).

How to lock a door with a coin?

Begin by pushing the door towards the top. Insert a few pennies into the gap between the door and the jamb molding, approximately 16″ above the handle.

Continue the procedure underneath the handle. Continue to add pennies evenly to the peak and bottom until you can’t fit any more in.

How can I barricade a door without locking it?

Try one of these stated methods to barricade your door without a lock:

Barricade the entrance. Make use of a door gap. Tie the handles together. Take off the door handle. Purchase a compact lock.

How to lock a bedroom door?

Add a padlock to your doorway, use a doorknob clamp mechanism to lock a bedroom door without a locking, protect your room door with an x-lock, and put a keypad bedroom door Lock for a secure keyless option, and so on.

How can I temporarily shut a door?

Here are several methods for temporarily locking your door: Use drapes. Using a beautiful bookshelf, you may separate your dining and living rooms without erecting a door.

Roman blinds Thai sliding glass doors. The barn doors. Separator in concertina form. You can use folding panels. Threaded strands, for example.

How to secure a door from the inside?

Let’s look at the most acceptable methods for securing your doors from the inside.

Set up a door barrier. A heavy-duty door chain is an old-fashioned way to strengthen a door from the inside. Consider using a keyless door fortification lock. For people who dislike drilling and bolting, there is a safety bar.


Even though it may appear strange, sealing your door with a sock is one of the most influential and simple temporary fixes. If you break the lock on your door and need to secure it, you may use a sock. Using a sock to lock a door entails 

  • Selecting the appropriate sock, cotton or wool, would be perfect.
  • Fold the sock or use a thick sock. 
  • Insert the sock inside the door.
  • And shut the door to check if it locks appropriately.