Tips for a Smooth Furniture Delivery in an Apartment!

People do not live in one place forever; they try to keep changing their homes according to their work, education, and other opportunities. 

When you shift into a new apartment, a big question comes to mind: “How does furniture get delivered to apartments?”

If you are buying new furniture, you can ask your furniture shop whether they have a delivery service. Or, you can contact any nearby delivery agency to deliver your furniture to your apartments.

Whether the furniture is new or old, the delivery agent will deliver it carefully to your apartment. 

You may want to know more about your apartment delivery services, so don’t go anywhere. Just stay on the page to know the whole process and preparation to get the furniture delivered to your apartment. 

How Does Furniture Get Delivered to Apartments? 

You might move to another apartment or buy some furniture to decorate your apartment; whatever the reason is, you need to deliver the furniture to your apartment.

Without delivering the furniture to your apartment, how can you live? To ease your problem, I have devised ways to help you get your furniture delivered to your apartment. 

How Does Furniture Get Delivered To Apartments

1. Delivery Service by Furniture Manufacturers 

Suppose you buy a sofa, bed, table, or other heavy furniture. In that case, you can ask the manufacturer company to deliver your furniture. Most manufacturing companies have delivery services; I found a very rare company that doesn’t deliver furniture. 

The plus point with the manufacturer’s delivery service is you don’t have to pay extra for the delivery service. But there are also some problems which you may face:

  • Some of the manufacturing companies don’t deliver furniture to the apartments. They will leave the furniture in front of your building.
  • They may refuse to deliver your furniture by stairs if there is no elevator.
  • You may get damaged furniture as they are not experts. 

2. Furniture Delivery Agencies

Whether you buy furniture or shift to a new apartment, you need someone who can deliver your furniture to your apartment. The furniture delivery agencies are best for getting furniture delivered to your apartments.

Why am I saying they are the best? Because:

  • They are experts in delivering furniture.
  • Whether you live in a house or apartment doesn’t matter; just a confirmation is enough with them for a careful delivery. 
  • Suppose your apartment elevator is not ready to take the heavyweight. In that case, they can deliver your furniture by stairs or windows. 
  • They can assure you to deliver furniture without any damage.
  • They will adequately set the furniture according to your desire. 

So, now you also can see the safest option to get your furniture delivered to your apartment is Delivery Agencies. Find them easily by entering your zip code. As different locations have different agencies. 

How Do You Get Furniture Into an Apartment?

After reading the first portion of this article, you now know you have to make choices to get your furniture delivered to your apartment. So, now you might be thinking, “How do you get the furniture into your apartment?

You don’t need to worry about this because your delivery agency knows the three ways to get the furniture into your apartment. 

1. Elevator 

Nowadays, most buildings have separate elevators to hold the furniture. Those elevators can take more loads than the regular elevator, as normal elevators are mainly for passenger use. 

Before getting your furniture into the elevator, you must be careful.

  • Notify the apartment manager first so you can reserve the elevator for a day. By reserving the elevator, you don’t have to wait to load your furniture in the elevator.
  • Check out the weight limit, don’t overload the elevator, which can be risky. 
  • Measure your furniture height, and see if it is too big for your elevator. 
  • To quicker your work, you can use a moving dolly. This also helps you to make less effort. 
  • Make sure enough people are working on getting your furniture into the apartment. 

If your building has no other elevator for heavy use, then you can use the regular one. You can only carry out light furniture by the typical elevator as its weight limit is less than a freight elevator. 

2. Stairs

You must use the stairs if you cannot use the elevator to get your furniture into your apartment. However, elevators are the best to get furniture into the apartment. 

If you have to get your furniture by the stairs into your apartment, it will be challenging work, and you need more people. 

It will be better to wrap the furniture with bubble paper to protect against damage. You should watch the video to learn the proper way of wrapping furniture. 

3. Window

If your furniture doesn’t get by elevator or stairs, then there is another option left, which is ” Window.” 

It isn’t easy to get the furniture by the window if your apartment is on a high floor. It would help if you needed more support like crane and other expertise. 

Without an expert, you can’t do it by yourself. Here is a video clip showing furniture in an apartment by a window. 

How to Prepare an Apartment for a Furniture Delivery?

Furniture delivery is a hectic day for the laborers and you, as you must prepare your apartment for the furniture delivery. 

Following the guidelines below makes your hectic day less stressful and more organized. 

1. Placement of Furniture

Before your furniture arrives, you have to do some pre-planning, like measuring the furniture and selecting a proper place to set your furniture. 

Suppose you pre-planned where you are going to set up your furniture. In that case, it will help you set it up immediately after getting the furniture in your apartment. 

Suppose you don’t decide on furniture placement, then after getting the table in the apartment. In that case, you become stressed and can’t instantly choose the perfect spot, which takes much time and will also bother the delivery man. 

Here is a short video that will help you measure your furniture space. 

2. Clearing the Path

On the day of delivery, you need to clear the path. You should remove heavy furniture or other things that can cause difficulties entering the apartment furniture.

Also, remove other things from the door and clear the downstairs side so there will be no barrier to getting the furniture in the apartment. 

3. Remove Hanging and Sensitive Products

If the size of your furniture is significant, then you should remove all the hanging furniture from the way. 

Besides the hanging furniture, you should also remove other sensitive products like a mirror, glass table, and clock from entering space. Because these products can damage the new furniture you are about to set up in the room. 

4. Manage Extra Lights

It’s better to get your furniture in the apartment in daylight because, in the dark, it will be challenging to deliver the furniture safely.

Though you set the delivery time in the daytime for extra furniture security, you should put additional lights in the entering space. That’s why there will be no chance of delivering your furniture correctly. 

5. Keep Your Pets and Children at a Distance

Your pets or children could get hurt by the furniture delivery process. 

For the safety of your pet and child, you should keep them away from your apartment on the furniture delivery day, so there will be no chance of an accident. 

6. Protect the Floor With Clothes

When your furniture is ready to set up in your apartment, there is a chance of damaging the floor with the furniture. Your floor also can have dirty footprints. 

To avoid damage to the floor or dirty spots, you can cover your floor with a cloth and fix it with tape so that it can’t move away. 

That’s how you can prepare your apartment for furniture delivery.

How Much Does a Delivery Agency Cost to Deliver Furniture to Apartments?

You will find several online services if you want to deliver your furniture through a delivery service. The cost of the Agencies varies according to the size of the furniture.

Here I listed some popular delivery agencies’ costs to deliver furniture to apartments.

  • Amazon: If you buy any furniture from Amazon, the delivery cost will be free from $25. 
  • Furniture Assembly Service: If you want to deliver your furniture to your apartment by furniture assembly, the price will be $40 to $525, according to the furniture size. 
  • IKEA: The cost of delivery furniture in IKEA is $5.99 for the small ones, and for heavy furniture, the price will be between $49 to $69. 
  • FedEx: The furniture delivery cost of FedEx starts from $11.10 to $61.60. 

We can visit these delivery companies’ websites and choose the best delivery agency for you. 

Final Words

If you are concerned about ” How does furniture get delivered to apartments?”. Then let me tell you there are two ways: 

  • The Manufacturer’s delivery service and
  • The delivery agencies. 

If you are done reading, you might make the right decision as the article has solved all the possible queries about furniture delivery in an apartment. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do deliveries work to apartments?

Deliveries to apartments can be complicated because every mail and parcel delivery service has policies.

While postal workers only drop off at your home’s mailbox or the complex’s central mail room, package delivery services can stop by your front door, the leasing office, or even a secure lockbox.

2. Does UPS deliver to apartment doors?

Yes, UPS delivers furniture to your apartments. Creating and using a UPS account improves deliveries to multi-unit residences.

When you sign up for UPS My Choice, you can specify the time of day you want packages delivered and the information UPS uses to gain entry to your building, such as a buzzer code.

3. Does FedEx deliver to your door if you live in an apartment?

Yes, it does. Create an account with FedEx’s Delivery Manager if you want to arrange delivery to your apartment door without hassle.

This is the most reliable method for ensuring that FedEx will bring your packages to your door. Using this web-based tool, you may better organize your shipping and receiving processes.

4. How do I get the furniture delivered to NYC?

Setup NYC is a furniture delivery service that will bring you any piece of furniture you purchase in New York City. You can have your furniture delivered to your NYC address by calling 212-739-7826 to arrange a delivery day and time that works for you.

5. Does DHL deliver to apartments?

DHL will bring your package right to your door like other parcel services. If the entrance to the building you live in requires a key, you must permit entry.

If you’re not going to be home when DHL attempts delivery, you can have the box sent to a different address.