How to Get Rid of Mice Under Bathtub? (Why You Need to Take Action Immediately!)

Imagine getting in your bathtub, ready to relax and take a hot shower. Suddenly you hear scratching noises and mice calls. If you have heard scratching sounds and have been smelling urine around the bathtub, it could mean mice are living under your bathtub. 

If there’s a mice infestation under your bathtub, you need to resolve it immediately. But how do you get rid of mice under your bathtub? Well, in this article, we’ll discuss everything from the causes to the remedy! So, stick around. 

How To Get Rid Of Mice Under Bathtub?

To get rid of mice under your bathtub, first, you must locate the mice’s nesting area. Once you’ve found where the mice live, you must implement a few techniques to eliminate the little monsters.

It’s always better to call in the professionals to get the job done since getting rid of a mice infestation is not easy! That too under your bathtub. But, before the pros get in, you can try a few things to control the infestation. 

So here is how to get rid of mice under the bathtub: 

1. Locate The Infestation;

Mice wouldn’t only be under your bathtub; if they got in your house somehow, they would have entry points such as holes in concrete, vents, pipes, etc. They are always great entryways through which they get into your house. 

Also, these entry points often lead the pathway to the bathtub infestation. 

Another way to locate the infestation is to trace the smell. Mice infestation causes the disgusting urinated smell to go around your house. You can trace the odor to find the infestation. 

2. Try To Locate Mice Droppings Using In-wall Cameras 

You can use some in-wall cameras to put through pipes, vents, and holes in the wall to locate mice droppings and other signs of mice infestation. 

3. Set Traps Around The Suspected Areas 

If you trace back the infestation to your vents, put some traps around the vents to get as many mice out of there as possible. 

4. Monitor The Mouse Traps 

You need to call the professionals if you often notice more than 10-20 mice getting caught in the traps. Understand, you can only do so much. Usually, if you can catch around 10 mice, you’ve done a lot! But after that, it gets too complicated. 

5. Get Professionals To Remove Nesting 

If it gets too out of control, call the professionals. Professionals know their way around way better. Here are some of the methods they would use to get rid of the mice: 

  • Use Smoke Tests 
  • Inspecting The Sewers
  • Identifying The Infestation Cause 
  • Use Detection Dogs In Extreme Cases 
  • Removing Mice Odor And Fecal Matter 

Signs There Are Rats Under Your Bathtub;

Infestation can be of anything, but how do you know if it’s a mice infestation that’s bothering your sleep? Well, if there is a mice infestation under your bathtub, there are some signs you can look out for. So, here are signs there are rats under your bathtub: 

1. Scratching Noise Under Bathtub

The most disturbing sign of mice infestation under your bathtub is the noise. If a mice infestation is under your bathtub, you’ll hear scratching noises and possibly mice sounds. It’s creepy enough to run you out of the bathtub! 

2. Fecal Smell 

Mice poop and urine will surround your house if there is an infestation. Just be sure to trace back the smell to locate the infestation. You may also smell the terrible scent in your bathroom. 

How Mice Gets Under Your Bathtub;

Mice can get inside your house very quickly. But how do they get under your bathtub? Well, Mice can use a few pathways that are directly connected to your bathtub. And here is how mice get under your bathtub: 

1. Through The Drain System 

Mice entering in house through a pipe hole image

Mice can use the drain system to get under your bathtub. Mice coming through the sewer is very common, especially in America. 

2. Through Your Attic Or Basement

Another place where mice infestation usually happens is the attic. Once mice enter your attic, they can get too many places, just like your bathtub. 

What Attracts Mice To Nest Under Your Bathtub? 

The warmth and darkness are the main things that attract mice to get under your bathtub. Especially during fall, mice look for warm and dark places to hide. And in search of shelter, mice can get to your bathtub! Underneath your bathtub is the perfect place for mice to hide. 


How to get rid of mice under bathtubs? Well, just try out the methods we’ve mentioned! But if it gets too bad, call the professionals! 

Mice infestation is quite a common thing. So, dont let it scare you but make sure you get it looked at immediately! Until then, goodbye! Thank you for reading! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How Do I Get Rid Of Rats Under My Bathtub? 

Ans: You should call the professionals to get rid of rats under the bathtub. 

Q. Can Mice Come Up The Bathtub Drain?

Ans: If your tub drainage pipes aren’t appropriately sealed, mice might make their way up the bathtub drain. 

Q. Why Do I Keep Finding Mice In My Bathtub?

Ans: There might be a mice infestation under your tub if you keep finding mice in the bathtub. 

Q. What Is Scratching Under My Tub?

Ans: You may hear a scratching noise under your tub if there’s a mice infestation under your bathtub. 

Q. How Do I Get Rid Of Mice In My Pipes? 

Ans: You can use caulk and steel wool to eliminate mice in your pipes.