How to Get Sand Out of My Bathtub? (Prevent Your Drainage From Clogging)

We’ve all come back from a day at the beach feeling all sandy and immediately jumped into our baths. While we get all washed, our baths get filled with sand. So, how do you get sand out of the bathtub if you’re in that situation yourself? In this article, we’ll show you! 

How To Get Sand Out Of Bathtubs? (6 Easy Tricks) 

Getting sand out of your bathtub isn’t as hard as you think! You can use a few very simple tricks to get the sand out of your bathtub. So, here is how to get sand out of the bathtub: 

1. Use A Shop Vac 

The best and easiest way to get sand out of the bathtub is to use a shop vac. Shop vacs are great at sucking up all the sand from your bathtub. Simply take your shop vac, and attach a handy attachment if available. And point the vacuum at the sand.

Then just let the vacuum do its work, and in seconds all the sand will be out of your bathtub!

2. Use A Water Blaster

As a kid, I can’t be the only one who loved to play with water blasters. And if there is a water blaster lying around in your home, you can just use that to suck up all the sand from your bathtub.

All you have to do is, suck up the sandy water or just point the blaster at the sand and suck up! 

3. Use Sill Putty 

You can use silly putty to make funny little putty monsters and take out the sand from your bathtub. The best thing is that this silly putty trick would also work underwater! 

4. Use The Duck Tape Method 

Like the silly putty trick, you can use duck tape to pull the sand from your bathtub. But the catch is that you must ensure water isn’t much in your bathtub. This works more for the dried-out sand left in your bathtub. 

For this trick, get the duck tape and stick it on top of the sand in your bathtub. Then when you pull it back off, you’ll notice a lot of sand stuck on the ducktape just like it would with the silly putty!

5. Use A Pool Vacuum 

Pool vacuums do a great job of removing the sand from your bathtub. But the only catch is that this works better when the pool and the bathtub are close to each other. 

6. Use A Spa Wand 

Another great method is to use a spa wand. You can get something like a Polaris spa wand to clean off most debris from your bathtub, including sand.

Simply point the wand at the sand and suck up all the sand from the bathtub! Also, Polaris spa wands are non-electronics, so it’s quite handy. 

Why You Shouldn’t Drain Sand Through Your Bathtub Drainage;

I’m sure you have had this question in your mind yourself; why not just drain the sand through the bathtub drainage? Well, there’s a very good reason why you shouldn’t. You’ll see that sand doesn’t float in your bathtub if you notice. Instead, it directly goes to the bottom. 

bathtub drainage image

This is because sand is heavy and sharp. If you drain the sand through the bathtub drainage, it can result in you clogging your bathtub’s drain system. 

If someone finds sand in their bathtubs quite often, you need to be extra cautious. Because every time your wash the sand down the bathroom drainage, you could clog your whole drainage system. 

Sand being a heavy material, it can be very hard to fix the clogging. So, try to keep sand as far away from the drainage as possible. 

How To Make Sure Sand Doesn’t Go Into Your Bathtub;

Sand is quite bad for your drainage system. And the safest thing you can do is not to let the sand get in your bathtub in the first place. So, here is how to make sure sand doesn’t get in your bathtub: 

1. Wash Yourself In The Shower Beforehand 

Instead of jumping directly into a bath straight from the beach, take a minute and wash the sand off your body first. This way, the sand washes off you and stays away from your bathtub. 

2. Use A Drain Trap To Avoid Clogging 

If you’re already in the bath and want to keep the sand from causing a clog, just get yourself a drain trap. Drain traps are great at trapping sand, dirt, and other debris from getting into your drain. 


If sand has gotten in your bathtub, dont worry! Try all the methods we have mentioned, and the sand will be out in no time! 

But be careful not to drain the sand through your bathtub’s drain system as it can cause clogging! But until next time, Goodbye. Thank you for reading. 

Frequently Asked Questions;

Q. Will Sand Clog Your Drain? 

Ans: Yes, sand will clog your drain.  

Q. Why Is There Sand In My Bath? 

Ans: Maybe you came back from a day at the beach and bought sand on your arms and legs or even hair!

Q. Can You Flush Sand?

Ans: No, you should not flush sand.

Q. Can I use A Vacuum Cleaner To Get Sand Out Of My Bathtub?

Ans: You shouldn’t use a vacuum cleaner to get sand out of your bathroom as it can suck up the water and cause a lot of trouble. 

Q. Can I Use Silly Putty To Get Sand Out Of My Bathtub? 

Ans: Yes, silly putty is known to be quite effective in getting sand out of bathtubs.