Finding an Apartment When You Have a Class C Misdemeanor?

If you have a Class C Misdemeanor, you probably have to struggle for it in your daily life. Criminal records are often viewed seriously, and you might wonder if you can get an apartment with a Class C Misdemeanor.

Most landlords perform a background check during the screening process of finding a tenant. And if they find a Class C misdemeanor in your records, they can deny your application.

However, it’s not a universal situation. And there are ways you can still get a place despite having a minor criminal record. 

This article will guide you to get an apartment despite having a Class C Misdemeanor. Please read it carefully, so you don’t miss a thing. 

How Can You Get an Apartment With a Class C Misdemeanor?

Many landlords will probably reject you if you have a criminal record. But still, it’s possible to get an apartment. 

For starters, a Class C misdemeanor is not a major crime. It’s the lowest type of crime in Texas. You can get arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, voyeurism, speeding, or making a firearm accessible to minors, and these can put a Class C misdemeanor on your record. 

Now you have two strategies to follow. One is to erase the record, and another is to convince the landlord so you can get the apartment. 

We’ll discuss these in detail. 

Getting Your Record Expunged

After committing the crime, you must wait 180 days to petition an expunge. A record expungement means hiding your criminal record, so it does not appear in the background check. It is a legal process, and you may have to pay a lot of bucks to seal your record and make it inaccessible to the public. 

However, sealing your record doesn’t make it go away. Certain government agencies will still be able to access that information, but your landlord or other local agencies will not be able to view it.

Expunging your record will not only help you to get an apartment, but also you’ll get benefits in the long term. So it’s better to delete that record if it’s possible.

Some states might not allow expungement. In that case, you have to jump with different strategies. 

Add Yourself to a Reentry Program

Reentry programs will help you to ‘re-enter’ society, despite having your criminal record. These programs make you go through three phases and help you to find jobs, educational opportunities, and more.  

So, if you work with a program like this, they’ll make you more acceptable to society. And that can help you to get an apartment. 

Having a Good Rental History

During the screening process, landlords often check how you were as a tenant. They even listen to the recommendation of your previous landlords. 

It’s because they require you to pay your rent timely and not damage their property or the environment. So, having an excellent rental history can give you a plus for getting an apartment, even if you have a Class C Misdemeanor. 

You can ask your old landlords or roommates to give you recommendations. If they ensure that you have paid your rent timely while being a tenant there or didn’t cause any trouble, this will be enough to make you look good.

Sometimes getting these recommendations may mean turning in some bucks. 

Showing Handsome Income

Landlords want to know if you are eligible to pay their rent. If you have a strong credit score, that will eventually put you up front as a worthy candidate. 

A handsome income covering the estimated monthly rent and other expenses will look attractive to any landlord. So if you’re making a good amount of money, you can present that to save the day.

Furthermore, if the landlord is still refusing you, you can offer a fat amount as a security deposit. It will make you look more eligible.  

Apartments Without Background Checks

Although most landlords perform a background check, some apartments get rented without any background check. 

They just ask you some questions and inquires about you face-to-face. Prepare yourself for this kind of interview, and make sure to answer what they want. 

Look for this kind of apartment. In your case, those apartments will be easy for you to get. 

lawn of a apartment

Why Do Landlords Refuse a Class C Misdemeanor?

If you observe what a landlord wants, you will see their primary interest is if you’re paying the rent timely and keeping their property safe. 

Having a previous criminal record puts you in a dangerous position. Nothing can guarantee that you will not break the law again. 

Suppose you were caught for drug paraphernalia. Giving you the apartment takes the landlord in a risky position as you can do this kind of illegal stuff on his property. 

Moreover, if you go to jail, there’s a chance that the landlord does not receive his rent. Another thing is that you can affect other tenants on the property. And if something unexpected happens, the landlord has to face it.

Nobody wants to go through those dark times. So, landlords often refuse to give their apartment to someone with a questionable past, even though that’s small. 

Make sure you convince the landlord well to get that apartment. 

Can You Get an Apartment With an Old Class C Misdemeanor Record?

It depends on whether the landlord will give you the property to rent or not. Many landlords ignore an old Class C Misdemeanor record as it’s not a higher offense. However, some landlords can be very strict in selecting their tenants. 

No law says you cannot have an apartment if you have an old Class C misdemeanor record. So if a landlord refuses you for that cause, it’s a form of discrimination. However, you cannot take legal action against this kind of discrimination, as there’s no law against it. 

So it’s better to seal your record before going through the screening process. Getting your records sealed will give you many benefits in the future, including getting an apartment. 

Bottom Line

So to summarize, you can get an apartment even if you have a Class C Misdemeanor. But there’s no guarantee that you’ll not be refused. 

So, if you’re willing to get an apartment, delete your records and make them sealed for a background check. Work with the reentry program and take the necessary steps to convince the landlord. 

And ensure that you don’t commit any more crimes after paying the fine for your offense. 

Some FAQs

Will a Class C Misdemeanor Show Up in My Background Check?

Yes, a Class C Misdemeanor can appear in the background checks performed by landlords or job recruiters. Many companies collect and compile data and make background check reports. DPS compiles your criminal history in Texas, and those companies can access the data. 

How Long Do I Have to Wait To Expunge My Class C Misdemeanor?

It may take 2-6 months to a year to erase your Class C Misdemeanor. However, after you’ve been arrested and paid the fine, you must wait 180 days before petitioning for an expungement. 

How Much Does It Cost To Expunge a Class C Misdemeanor?

Your Class C Misdemeanor can cost you around $1000 to get expunged. But it depends on factors like how many crimes you’ve committed or how much time has passed. It’s better to talk to a lawyer from the beginning of the crime. 

Can You Get a Probation for Class C Misdemeanor?

A Class C Misdemeanor doesn’t take you to jail, but you have to pay a high fine. As there’s no jail time, you cannot get probation as well. But you can get special probation in place of conviction. 

What Punishment Can I Get for a Class C Misdemeanor?

Class C Misdemeanor is the least type of crime in Texas. So there’s no jail time in the punishment for it. However, you are responsible for paying a fine of up to $500 as an admission of guilt.