Finding the Perfect Color for Grey House Shutters!

grey house shutters perfect color example

Choosing the right color shutters may highlight and complement your overall house appearance. Nowadays, these shutters are mainly added for aesthetic value rather than functionality. 

So what color shutters will suit the best to your grey house? If your house is grey and you think it looks dull from the outside, you can change the views with warm-tone shutter colors.

Black, white or darker shades of gray can be great options. Moreover, adding shades of blue can make the whole appearance more attractive.

Choosing the right shade can be challenging if you’re unfamiliar with color theory. This article will discuss different ideas that will suit your grey house.  

What Color Shutters Are Best on a Grey House?

Many different shutter colors can look great on a grey house, and the best color for your home will depend on your personal style and the overall look you are trying to achieve.

Here are a few options to consider:

Black or Dark Grey

You can enhance the attractiveness of your grey house with black or somewhat dark shades of grey shutters in the house. 

They may seem classic, but they still look great in modern times. Moreover, Dark grey or black shutters combined with lighter shades of sliding will empower your house nicely.


White can complement any house, including your grey house too! With white shutters in your grey house – the whole picture looks pretty eye-charming. 

It’s better to use white if the house is dark-toned grey. In addition, you can have white to light grey sidings. Finally, adding white trim to the door and windows will take the design to another level. 

Besides that, having white trim or shutters enhances your window’s brightness. It also creates an illusion to make your windows look more significant.

Shades of Blue

Blue shutters are also a popular option that goes well with grey houses. Different shades of blue can pop in your grey house nicely. 

But it’s not good to use cool shades of blue in warm shades of grey. So you can use light blue in a light grey house without worrying about anything. It will create a refreshing view in no time!

picture of a grey house

Other Shades of Grey

Different shades of grey shutters add different personalities to your grey house. You can play and explore many shades to find out which works best. 


Red can be a strong pop if you’re struggling with the colors. With a bright shade of red, the house may look more noticeable. 

You can use shutters and doors in red or burgundy. A red door can be a good relief even if you stay in grey shades for houses and shutters. 

How To Choose the Right Color Shade for Shutters?

Depending on the color of your house, you should choose the color shade of the shutters, door, and siding. 

The colors must be distinctive. If the shades are too close, they’ll blend and fail to give you an elegant appearance. However, you may choose a shutter color similar to the house’s decorative trim. 

How To Choose the Right Color Shade for Siding and Doors?

Again, this also depends on what you want to do. You can highlight your house with sidings having a lighter shade of color than the shutters. 

It’s better not to mix with warm and cool tones altogether. When using warm tones in your siding, stick with the warm. Similarly, cool tones will look cool with another cool style!

You can use contrasting colors between sidings and shutters. It will enhance both colors. But use contrasting colors with the roof shade.  

Wrap Up

If your house is grey, many options exist to explore and experiment with. But some shades of blue or grey will enhance the overall house appearance. Of course, black can also be a great option. 

I hope this article helped you to choose the right color shutters for a grey house. 

Learn more from the video about picking the right color for your shutters to look outstanding.

Some FAQs

Which Color Is Best for the Shutter?

Stately, black is the most popular option for your shutters. As this not only complements the house but also creates a strong appearance. You can also use white, as white can lighten up any place!

Should the Roof and Shutter Be the Same Color?

No, do not paint the roof and the shutter the same color. Instead, you can choose two contrasting colors to paint your roof and shutters.

Are House Shutters Outdated?

In this era, shutters have almost lost their functionality but still is adored for their aesthetic values. There are many options for choosing a shutter shade, and you can get creative. 

Should Shutters Be Darker Than the siding?

It looks more attractive if your shutters are darker than the siding. Also, your windows may look bigger or smaller depending on the shutter color. 

What Color Door Should Be for a Grey House With Black Shutters?

You can use a white front door in this case. Another option is using a red shade that will completely pop in your grey house with black shutters.