Can a Blanket Raise Body Temp? (Things You Shouldn’t Miss!)

Nothing can top the feeling of being under a blanket during a cold winter night. Blankets help raise your body temperature to give you that cozy warm feeling we all love.

But knowing how much a blanket can raise your body temperature and how much is safe for your health is essential for your safety. And in this article, we’ll talk about all of that!

How Much Can A Blanket Raise Body Temperature?

Depending on the season and how warm the room is, a blanket can raise your body temperature up to 103-104 degrees F. A blanket can add about 3 degrees of warmth to your body. 

And since an average human’s body temperature ranges around 98 degrees F, the extra 3-4 degrees of warmth from a blanket can raise your temperature up to 103 degrees. But usually, you might experience only about 99 degrees F of heat from a blanket. 

This is because, for your blanket to reach 103 degrees, the temperature outside already needs to be relatively high.

how much can a blanket raise body temperature

How Do Blankets Raise Your Body Temperature?

When you’re under a blanket, it restricts the airflow and prevents heat from escaping your body. By doing so, the blanket raises your body temperature. Blankets can add about 3 degrees to your body, depending on the conditions. 

Blankets also raise body temperature depending on a person’s weight and metabolism. If a person is slightly larger than usual, they may experience an increase in temperature, unlike someone more in the usual weight range.  

Using a blanket is much more comfortable if your room is colder. However, a warmer room will cause you discomfort. You’ll start sweating immediately, and the heat will eventually become too much.

What’s The Ideal Temperature For Your Body Under A Blanket? 

The ideal temperature for your body under a blanket is 98.6 degrees. Ideally, your body temperature should be around 96 degrees when you sleep. Since your body temperature slowly increases during sleeping, you can expect your body temperature to go up to 98 degrees.  

While you can increase your body temperature almost up to 103-104 degrees using a blanket, it’s quite dangerous! Simply put, if your body temperature reaches 100 degrees, you’ll not only feel quite uncomfortable, but you’ll also experience dehydration and headaches. 

If your body temperature under a blanket goes over 98 degrees, you will surely feel quite uncomfortable!

We, humans, don’t like heat. And being under a blanket is only fun when the weather is equally cold. So, make sure your body temperature stays around a comfortable 98 degrees. 

When Should Not Use A Blanket?

Blankets are made to battle colder environments. It helps keep you warm and cozy. Then again, in warmer conditions, blankets can do quite the opposite. For example, you wouldn’t want to be under a blanket during a hot summer night. 

That would be highly uncomfortable! You’d just be sweating, and your night’s sleep would be ruined. But, nothing beats being tucked under a blanket if it were to be winter or a cold rainy night!

a woman covered in a blanket

Many like to use blankets even during summer when the AC in their room is turned on. If your room is colder, using a blanket can make you more comfortable. That’s the main thing; your blanket needs to be used if the weather demands it!

Can Blankets Raise Body Temperature If I Have A fever? 

When you have a fever, your body temperature is already over 100 degrees F. Since blankets raise your body temperature, you might be asking if it will increase your fever. You’ll be happy to know it won’t! 

When you have a fever, your body produces heat to fight off the harmful agents in your body. But this heat is mostly internal and not affected by your blanket. So, your blanket won’t raise your fever all by itself! 

In fact, even when your blanket builds up all that heat, it immediately leaves your body when you get out of the blanket! And we all love our blankets when we have a fever, so dont worry. 

Can A Blanket Raise My Internal Body Temperature? 

No, a blanket can not raise your internal body temperature. Blankets raise your body’s temperature by locking in the air coming out of your body. It restricts airflow inside the blanket, so the outside of your body feels warm. 

But, this does not affect your internal body temperature. Even if your temperature rises by 3 degrees, the minute you get out of your blanket, your body temperature will return to normal. This is because the air would no longer be restricted inside the blanket.

What Happens If A Blanket Raises Your Body Temperature Too Much?

If your blanket raises your body temperature too much, you will experience a lot of discomforts. You will also experience dehydration, headaches, rashes, etc. You shouldn’t use a blanket mainly during summer or when the weather is slightly warmer. 

This is because blankets increase your body temperature by restricting airflow. And if the air is already too hot outside, you’ll start sweating. Eventually, the blanket will cause your body to dehydrate because of the warmth it’s experiencing.

Things That Help Your Blanket Raise Your Body Temperature

Sometimes, your blanket might require assistance when the night is too cold. And some everyday things and habits can help your blanket raise your body temperature. So, for a cozier sleep tonight, try these things out: 

A Healthy dinner

Having a proper dinner is very important not only to stay fit but also to keep yourself warm. A bowl of soup or anything hot that your body can easily digest helps your body stay warm when you’re under a blanket. 

Take a warm bath

A warm bath can help increase the heat of your body. Usually, after the bath, your body cools down, so you won’t be too hot under your blanket. But, the slight warmth will help you be cozy under a blanket. 

Buy the blanket that suits you.

As we know, your body’s temperature also depends on your metabolism. Hence it’s important to make sure you buy the perfect blanket for your body.

Use it in the right weather

To get the best out of your blanket, use it during colder nights. Or, you can even turn your AC on to be cozy during a summer night!

a woman on the sofa using a thin blanket

Use a weighted blanket if needed

Weighted blanke.ts are known to help you stay warm and calm if you face insomnia, anxiety, and sleep paralysis. But on top of all these benefits, a weighted blanket can also help you stay a lot warmer than a usual blanket! 


Blankets can be our cozy little best friends during winter and colder weather. However, it’s very important to make sure you use your blankets correctly to ensure comfort and safety.

With that being said, I hope you now have found all the answers you were looking for. Now it’s time to jump right back into your bed and wrap yourself around your blanket. Thank you for reading, have a cozy and warm time! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can too many blankets raise body temperature? 

Ans: Yes, too many blankets can raise body temperature. However, it’s better to use one good heating blanket instead. 

Q. Can an electric body raise body temperature? 

Ans: Yes, an electric blanket can raise your body temperature. Electric blankets are usually used for sickness issues. The temperature of an electric blanket can be controlled, making it stand out more from a heating blanket. 

Q. Can a blanket raise your internal body temperature? 

Ans: Yes, using a blanket can raise your body’s external and internal temperature. If you notice yourself sweating, your body is trying to regulate your internal temperature.  

Q. Can a blanket cure colds? 

Ans: No, blankets usually do not cure colds. Staying inside a blanket for too long while having a fever can instead harm your health. 

Q. Does the temperature of your body gradually rise when you sleep? 

Ans: Yes, your body’s temperature rises when you sleep due to sleeping in one area for too long. This is why it’s important to move around and not sleep too long.