Is It Cheaper to Stay in a Hotel or an Apartment? (Answered)

With how expensive owning property has become, it is important to assess your options properly. Most people spend most of their income just to pay their apartment’s rent!

So, what about hotels? Will it be more substantial for you to just stay at a hotel than rent an apartment? In this article, you’ll find out! 

Is It Cheaper To Stay In A Hotel Or An Apartment? 

The world is expensive in all corners nowadays. And when it comes to residence, it’s one of the places people end up spending the most money! A more common question is whether a hotel is cheaper than an apartment. Well, it depends. 

It all comes down to your preference and your requirements because there are hotels that cost more for just one night than apartments for a whole year! But at the same time, there are apartments with huge rents. Rents as high as owning a house! 

So, there are things to consider here. And if you go through those things, mainly what you would like to have and the convenience you’ll be getting. The answer would become a lot clearer.

If you’re getting everything you would like to have for cheaper at a hotel than in an apartment, then you should probably stay at the hotel. 

But that’s for staying permanently. The conversation would be different if we talked about staying short-term stays. So, which one is cheaper? The answer is that it depends on the person’s requirements. In the end, the costs are very similar.

Staying At A Hotel VS Staying At An Apartment- Which One Is Cheaper?

It’s hard to choose the perfect place to stay. Not only do we have a bunch of requirements, but we also want the place to be as cheap as possible. With how expensive the world has gotten, it’s become even tougher to choose the right place for yourself. 

If you’re in a situation where you can choose between a hotel and an apartment, you’re not alone. And that’s why we will now compare the prices for staying at a hotel vs. staying at an apartment to make it easier for you to choose!

So, here is how much it costs to stay at a hotel and an apartment: 

1. How Much It Costs Staying At A Hotel;

While most would use hotels as a place to stay, many people prefer hotels as their permanent residence. If you’re considering that too, you must know how much you’d be paying first. 

Firstly, hotels won’t charge you per month like apartment rent. They would charge you per night, and the prices would vary depending on the location.

For example, here are some of the average hotel prices in two different states in America: 

  • Average 3+ Star Hotel In NYC – 250-300$ (Per Night) 
  • Luxury Hotels In NYC- Starting From 2,000$ (Per Night) 
  • Average 3+ Star Hotel In Austin, Texas- 50-70$ (Per Night) 
  • Luxury Hotels In Austin, Texas- Starting From 200$ (Per Night) 

As you can see here, the prices vary greatly depending on the location. You can’t be expecting cheaper hotels in metropolitan cities. But the costs would be much lower in lesser-known cities like Austin. 

2. Staying At An Apartment 

While staying in your own apartment, you have to take a few things into consideration. We cant only count the rent price as there are different things you’d have to pay money for. Such as security, utility bills, cost of care, etc. 

The average rent in cities like Austin is just around 1800$. Now add all the other expenses, and the price goes up significantly. At the same time, the average rent price in larger cities is almost 4000$ with the added expenses. 

It may seem like hotels cost more, but it’s quite reasonable if you really think about it. Sometimes, we dont consider all the services hotels provide. Like, security, utility, room service, 24/7 reception, etc.

If you round up how much these services could cost you, the prices will start making sense. 

Yes, in bigger cities the prices are a little stupid at times. But the average round-up is about the same. 

Staying At A Hotel VS Staying At An Apartment- Which One Should You Choose?

While choosing where to stay, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. As we’ve talked about already, the prices are quite similar. Now it comes to an understanding of how much of your requirements are met. 

1. Staying At A Hotel 

Now, when it comes to staying at a hotel, here’s what you’ll be getting:  

  • 24/7 Room Service 
  • Security 
  • Utilities 
  • Food 
  • Laundry 
  • Tv service and Wifi 
  • Housekeeping 

Most of these things are included in the price you’ll pay for your hotel stay. 

2. Staying At An Apartment 

Things are much more different when you’re living in your apartment. The rent prices are there, but there are many other things you’d have to spend money on like utilities, housekeeping, tv and Wifi bills, food, security, and many other bills. 

But, at the same time, there are some things you’ll be getting that you wouldn’t be able to get in a hotel. Such as:

  • Your Own Permanent Address 
  • More space 
  • Much calmer enviorment 
  • More Freedom 
  • More control 
  • Can bring anybody over 

3. Choosing Where To Stay 

Now that you know what you’ll be getting from both hotels and apartments, it all comes down to how much you’re willing to spend. The thing is, the average hotel prices and apartment prices are quite similar. 

So, if you want to have everything your own apartment offers, go for it! But if the convenience of hotel rooms interests you more, then get yourself a hotel room! 

Are Apartments Better Than Hotels For Short-Term Stays? 

For short-term stays, people would usually choose to get themselves hotel rooms. But nowadays there are some cheaper alternatives like Airbnbs! Using Airbnb, you can rent an apartment for a short period for much cheaper than a hotel room!

The app is worldwide, and you can get yourself an apartment pretty much anywhere in the world. When it comes to the price, it is pretty cheap! Of course, you would have to consider some of the hotels’ services.

All the conveniences hotels offer, you won’t get that in your own rented apartment. But at the same time, all the control and privacy make up for it. So, are apartments better than hotels for short-term stays? They definitely can be if you’re looking for some space and privacy! 

What You Need To Consider Before Choosing Between An Apartment And Hotel;

Where you choose to live is a big decision. and before you make that decision, there are a few things you need to consider first.

These things will help you make your decision without any doubts. So, here are some things you need to consider before choosing between an apartment and a hotel:

  • How Much You’ll Be Spending 
  • The Environment 
  • How Much Freedom You’ll Have 
  • The Convenience 
  • Security 
  • Utility And Housekeeping Cost 
  • Location 
  • Living Security 

Is It Allowed To Stay In A Hotel As Your Permanent Residence? 

Yes, it is! There are no hotels in the world that wouldn’t want their customers to stay longer. The longer you stay, the more money they make. And unless you’re somehow disrupting the comfort of other hotel customers, you can stay in the hotel as long as you want. 

In fact, most hotels will give you a healthy discount if you live there for longer than a month.


So, is it cheaper to stay in a hotel or an apartment? Well, the truth is they both are similar in prices! There’s very little separating them both from each other. Then again, most of it depends on how much you’re looking to get from your residence. 

So, choose wisely! We have given you all the details; the rest is up to you! Until then, good luck and goodbye!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s Cheaper Than A Hotel? 

Ans: Airbnb is cheaper than a hotel.  

Q. Is It A Good Idea To Live In A Hotel? 

Ans: Depending on your requirements living in a hotel can be a good idea. 

Q. Is It Possible To Live In A Hotel? 

Ans: Yes! It’s possible to live in a hotel for both short and long-term stays. 

Q. Is Airbnb Or Hotel Cheaper? 

Ans: Airbnbs are cheaper than hotels.  

Q. How Long Can You Stay In A Hotel? 

Ans: You can stay in a hotel as long as you want.