Keep Birds Off Outdoor Ceiling Fans? (Techniques that WORK!)

You can keep the birds off your outdoor ceiling fans by scaring away the birds, using repellents, and some home remedies. Birds are attracted to outdoor furniture like ceiling fans, lights, etc., to build their nest. Nesting in a ceiling fan can damage your fan, spread dirt around, and even spread germs and diseases to you and your pets. 

Before the bird’s nesting goes too far, you must take necessary measures to keep the birds away. You need to identify the attractions for birds in your outdoor area and remove the objects birds are attracted to. Keep reading to know more about keeping birds off outdoor fans.

How to Keep Birds Off Outdoor Ceiling Fans?

Watching beautiful birds from far is fun until they start to disturb you by building their nests in your outdoor ceiling fans. Birds nesting in ceiling fans can get serious if not taken care of immediately. You can apply many effective tricks to keep the birds away.

Bird nest on a celing fan image

Some practical technics include- removing enticing objects from the outdoor, using reflective objects to distract the birds, setting bird traps, placing fake animal toys to scare off the birds, installing bird spikes, and using natural home repellents such as chili powder, baking soda, etc.    

Technics to Keep Birds Away from Your Outdoor Ceiling Fan.

Remove enticing objects from the outdoors.

Birds may get attracted to certain outdoor things, such as fountain water, pet food, tree branches, etc. Birds often come to fountains to drink fresh water. Replace the freshwater of your fountain with salt water; this technic will keep the birds away from further coming near the fountain.

If you have pet food outdoors, keep it covered or store it in an enclosed jar. If you notice grown tree branches, cut them off so birds will not find a place to rest near the outdoor area. Following these little tricks will keep the birds away.  

Stop feeding the birds.

If you have a bird feeder outside your house, get rid of it. The birds will constantly show around your house if you continue feeding them. The more birds come around you, the more possible they will start making their nests in your outdoor ceiling fan. 

But, if you still want to feed the birds, install the bird feeder away from your home, maybe on a tree. It will keep the birds away from your outdoor ceiling fan.

Hang wind chimes near the outdoor ceiling fan.

A wind chime will distract the birds. Mostly wind chimes are made of metals, creating a loud noise. The loud sound will keep the birds away if you hang a wind chime. Hanging a wind chime near the ceiling fan would be the best idea if you want to keep the birds away from the fan.

The light reflection from the wind chime will distract the bird and prevent them from coming near the fan. 

Hang reflective objects near the outdoor lights.

One of the most effective and easy methods to keep birds away from your home is to hang reflective objects outdoors, particularly near the outdoor ceiling fan.

Reflective objects include foil plates, CDs, mirrors, metal wind chimes, etc., creating reflection which disturbs the birds. The light reflection will distract the birds and keep them off the fan.

Place fake animal toys to scare off the birds. 

An ancient technic of keeping birds away from houses and fields is employing a scarecrow. Scarecrow is rarely seen nowadays, and no one has the time to build a scarecrow. Instead, you can use fake animal dolls such as an owl, a snake, etc. The birds will assume the fake toys are natural; they will be scared and stay away. 

fake chicken on garden image

Keep your pet food covered. 

If you have pet food and water for your pet outside your house, cover it. Birds tend to eat your pet’s food and drink your pet’s water. Keeping the food covered will keep birds away and protect your pet from parvovirus, as the birds can carry parvovirus in their feet. 

Use Bird Repellents to Distract the Birds.

Ultrasonic repeller.

An ultrasonic repellent is an electronic device known for high-frequency emission. Human beings cannot hear the frequency, but the ultrasonic repellent’s frequency is annoying for birds’; they can’t bear the frequency sound; therefore, they stay far from the repellent.

Install an ultrasonic frequency to prevent the birds from coming near your outdoor fan.   

Bird spikes.

Bird spikes prevent birds from roaming and living around your house. Birds can’t sit on the spikes since they are very sharp. You can install bird spikes around or somewhere near the outdoor ceiling fan. The spikes will create a pointed surface where birds will not sit. 

Gel repeller.

Gel repellers are very efficient for keeping the birds away. You can get gel repellents from any hardware store or supermarket near you. Birds get irritated by the stickiness of the gel repellers.

If you put gel repellent drops over the ceiling fan surface, the birds will not appear again. 

Garden balls.

You can place the large, round, colorful garden balls in your garden or hang them on the tree branches. Birds will assume the big colorful balls as eyes and stay away from them. Hang the garden balls near the outdoor ceiling fan if you want to keep birds away from the fan. 

Home Remedies to Keep Birds Away.

Baking soda.

Baking soda is a handy and efficient household ingredient used as a repellent for decades. Drizzle some baking soda to where birds are most likely to stay and sit. Birds do not enjoy the taste of baking soda, so they stay away from it.    

Chili pepper and vinegar.

You can make a repellent spray using chili pepper powder and vinegar. It is one of the most effective homemade repellent sprays. You have to make a mixture of chili pepper powder, vinegar, and water and mix them in an equal ratio. 

Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it all over the outdoor ceiling fan surface. The pepper’s heat and the pungent smell of the vinegar will keep the birds away.

Essential oils.

Essential oils are also very effective in preventing birds from living around your house. The most efficient essential oils are citronella and peppermint oil.

Birds cannot bear the strong smell of these essential oils since their lungs are weak. Sprinkling peppermint oil or citronella oil on the surface of the ceiling fan will keep the birds away from the fan.

Why Birds Build Nests in a Ceiling Fan?

Birds find ceiling fans a perfect place for building nests.

Some decorations of the outdoor ceiling fan may seem to be the perfect place to build a nest for birds. Birds get attracted to ceiling fans with a big surface where they can easily stay and build their nests. 

They get bugs to eat. 

Your outdoor area may have a lot of bugs. Birds are likely to stay in places with a lot of bugs. Suppose you see birds sitting and living on your ceiling fan. In that case, it is probably because your outdoor area has bugs, especially if the ceiling fan is near the lights. 

Ceiling fans keep them warm.

Ceiling fans stay warm since they are powered by electricity. It could be why birds love to build their nests on the ceiling fan because the heat from the fan keeps them and their babies warm. 

Birds use ceiling fans for resting.

Birds can easily fit on top of a ceiling fan with more extensive surfaces, warmth, and of course, the bugs. So, they like to rest on a ceiling fan where they get so many facilities in one place. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How can I keep birds away from the outdoor porch?

You can hang foil plates, old CDs, mirrors, or metal wind chimes to keep the birds away. The reflection created with these objects will disturb the vision of the birds, and the sound of the wind chime will annoy the birds; thus, they will stay away from the outdoor porch.

Which objects scare a bird away?

Fake animal figures such as owls, scarecrows, rubber snakes, cats, etc., scare birds away. Place these objects outside of your house and change their places once or twice every week.

Does vinegar keep birds away?

Yes, vinegar keeps birds away. The birds cannot take the strong smell of vinegar as their lungs are weak. Spraying fresh vinegar on the surfaces where birds are likely to rest the most will prevent them from sitting there. 

What to do if a bird gets injured by the fan?

If a bird hits the fan and gets injured, take it to a vet as soon as possible. It might not have any visible injury, but it could have internal injuries. So, without further ado, take the bird to the vet.

Does cinnamon keep birds away?

Birds cannot tolerate the smell of cinnamon because of its spicy and robust aroma. The smell hits the birds’ sinuses and irritates their breathing system. So, sprinkling cinnamon powder around the corners of your house is a good idea to keep birds away.     


It’s fun to see gorgeous birds from afar until they start bothering you by establishing nests in your outdoor ceiling fans. Birds nesting in ceiling fans may be dangerous if not dealt with quickly. There are several excellent methods for keeping birds at bay. Such as-

  • Utilize reflecting things to confuse the birds.
  • Use an ultrasonic repeller.
  • Arrange imitation animal toys to scare away the birds.
  • Place bird spikes.
  • And use organic home pesticides such as chili powder, baking soda, essential oils, etc.