Kerosene as a Bed Bug Solution: Is it Effective or Dangerous?

Bed bugs are a common household pest that can be difficult to get rid of once they infest your home. As a result, many people turn to unconventional methods for bed bug control, including the use of kerosene.

But can kerosene really kill bed bugs? In this article, we’ll explore the effectiveness of kerosene as a bed bug treatment and the potential risks and drawbacks of using it.

We’ll also provide some safer, more reliable options for eliminating bed bugs from your home. If you’re considering using kerosene to kill bed bugs, it’s important to have all the facts before you proceed.

Can Kerosene Kill Bed Bugs?

There is some evidence to suggest that kerosene may be effective at killing bed bugs. Kerosene is a hydrocarbon that can kill insects when applied directly to their bodies, and it may be able to penetrate the exoskeletons of bed bugs and disrupt their nervous systems.

However, the effectiveness of kerosene as a bed bug treatment is highly debated and is not supported by most pest control professionals or scientific research.

There are several reasons why kerosene may not be a reliable method for killing bed bugs:

  1. Resistance: Bed bugs have evolved to survive in a variety of environments and are resistant to many types of pesticides. It is unlikely that kerosene, which is not a registered pesticide, would be effective at killing bed bugs on its own.
  2. Toxicity: Kerosene is a toxic substance that can be harmful to humans and pets if ingested or inhaled. It can also be flammable, which poses a fire risk if used improperly.
  3. Incomplete control: Even if kerosene were able to kill some bed bugs, it is unlikely to eradicate an infestation completely. Bed bugs often hide in small crevices and cracks, where kerosene may not be able to reach them.

Overall, the use of kerosene as a bed bug treatment is not recommended. There are safer and more effective options available for controlling bed bug infestations, including heat treatment, chemical pesticides, and physical removal.

It is important to consult a pest control professional or follow the recommendations of your local health department for the most effective and safe methods of bed bug control.

What Are The Advantages of Kerosene for Bed Bugs?

Suppose you maintain safety before using kerosene for bed bugs. In that case, killing these insects will undoubtedly be a great job. 


In the 19th and 20th centuries, applied kerosene to prevent bed bug infestation. It is prescribed to use for killing bed bugs for a long time. It has a reputation that you can use kerosene as it effectively stops climbing bed bugs to the bed. This prevention is allowed to apply throughout the world. 


The pest control service is the best remedy to destroy bed bugs entirely. But this remedy is so expensive. Therefore, you can use kerosene spray instead of a pest control service as it is adequate to kill bed bugs. You can also find this kerosene spray at a cheaper rate to fight against bed bugs.

How Is Kerosene Used to Kill Bed Bugs?

You can use kerosene for killing bed bugs by following different methods. They are: In a spray bottle, you can use turpentine, pennyroyal oil, benzene, eucalyptus oil, and kerosene. This spray can apply on surfaces where bed bugs have made their home. It is a method that works well and is generally safe.

Before making a bed bug spray, use a tank sprayer with a hand pump and nozzle. Besides, you can also use a regular spray bottle.

You can soak a rag into the kerosene and wipe it down on the surfaces such as walls, bed frames, floors, doorways, window sills, and panes to eliminate the bed bugs.

Apply a few droplets of kerosene to the cracks and crevices of the wall. 

Do Kerosene Kill Bed Bug Eggs?

Many people claim that kerosene can kill adult bed bugs and their eggs, but it has no evidence. Undoubtedly, kerosene can kill adult bed bugs. But, it is also hard for kerosene to eliminate the bed bugs’ eggs. 

You can use another remedy, including heating, to kill the eggs of the bed bugs. 

Have a look at the picture to see how bed bugs egg look:

Is kerosene Safe to Use to Kill Bed Bugs?

kerosene considers poisonous as it is flammable and has strong fumes. But, despite these things, you can apply kerosene safely if you use it carefully. So, follow the below cautions to avoid disastrous circumstances:

  • Never create smoke where you have applied the kerosene spray.
  • Don’t use the kerosene when the temperature is high, and you are beside the flame.
  • Before using kerosene, turn off the devices that produce heat and create sparks.
  • Don’t vacuum your room for cleaning when you are about to use kerosene.
  • Make sure to ensure air circulation in your room.
  • Kerosene fumes are hazardous to health. Use masks and gloves before using kerosene.
  • If you applied kerosene spray to your room, please keep off all the electrical devices.

Therefore, following the above awareness, you can safely use kerosene to kill bed bugs.

Can Bed Bugs Go in Your Private Parts

What Are The Disadvantages of Kerosene for Bed Bugs?

It is a great idea to deal with bed bugs with kerosene, But this ingredient has demerits also. 


kerosene can quickly burn when the temperature is 38 degrees Celcius or higher. In addition, kerosene spray is a flammable remedy to kill bed bugs. So, be aware while applying this spray on your furniture, and ensure air circulation in your room. 

In the summer season, the temperature quickly rises. Using kerosene spray can be dangerous at this hot temperature as it can cause a fire inside your room.

Also, you must use some safety cautions to apply kerosene spray to kill bed bugs. Ensure to keep your children away after applying this spray and from the kerosene spray bottle. 


kerosene spray is not suitable for health. After applying kerosene spray, you have an unpleasant smell that is not good for your health if you are in a room and using this poisonous spray. 

It is not recommended to use it on your furniture and mattress as this spray has strong fumes. Also, while sleeping, it may make you uncomfortable to sleep in the presence of a kerosene smell.

Health issues

Kerosene can cause different health issues:

  1. kerosene can burn your skin and irritate your eyes.
  2. It can develop rashes and blisters that are not good for your skin.
  3. The smell of kerosene can give you headache, vomiting, drowsiness
  4. It harms your body parts such as the kidney, lungs, throat, and nose. 
  5. The high spread of kerosene stink can lead to coma. 

Do Kerosene Heaters Kill Bed Bugs?

You may be thinking that kerosene heaters can kill bed bugs like kerosene spray. You can use kerosene spray to destroy the infestation of bed bugs in your home. But for a heater, it requires at least 113 degrees Fahrenheit to eliminate adult bed bugs within 90 minutes of your home. 

If you want to kill bed bugs eggs and bed bugs eggs with the help of a heater, you may require 122 degrees Fahrenheit to abolish both adult begs bugs and bed bugs eggs in 8 hours. 

Generally, a kerosene heater is designed to provide a warm temperature to your home. However, it is not manufactured to remove bed bugs purpose. So, choose the heater that is made to Kill bed bugs successfully.

A professional-selected heater is suitable for bed bug problems. But it is costly, and it is worth it. 

To know more about the heating treatment of bed bugs, check out the video:


If you are still wondering, can kerosene kill bed bugs, merits, and demerits? Then you can learn in this article how can use kerosene to kill bed bugs.

  • Kerosene can be applied to kill bed bugs altogether. 
  • Kerosene has been used as a remedy for bed bug problems for decades. 
  • Reducing bed bugs is cheaper and more cost effective than any other treatment.
  • But, stay cautious as kerosene can easily make fire and has some health issues. 

Finally, now you know how to use kerosene to kill bed bugs and why you should avoid it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What liquid can kill bed bugs?

Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids use widely to kill bed bugs.

What kills bed bugs instantly on a bed?

You can apply high steam temperature when the temperature is 212 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Celcius to instantly kill the bed bugs on the bed.

What homemade spray kills bed bugs?

You can make homemade sprays by mixing alcohol and water equally in a spray bottle. Then, apply the spray on the surfaces where you can suspect there is the presence of bed bugs to kill them.

How do you stop bedbugs from biting you?

You can lessen the presence of bed bugs to stop bedbugs from biting you. Apply different effective methods and remedies to reduce the infestation of bed bugs in your home. 

Where do bed bugs hide on your body?

Bed bugs hide in different parts of your body. Generally, it can appear on your neck, face, and arms. But, it bites the feet and ankles of a person.