How to Make Your Leather Sofa Waterproof? 3 Simple Steps

You can make your leather sofa waterproof by following easy and budget-friendly methods.

The most effective ways to waterproof your leather sofa are applying beeswax, using leather care cream, and applying fabric water shields. 

Over time, the amount of moisture will grow and damage the leather. You need to take preventive steps to make your leather sofa waterproof to protect it from water. 

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This article will explain the efficient methods to waterproof your leather sofa. Additionally, the benefits of waterproofing a leather sofa and taking care of a wet leather sofa have also been discussed in this article. 

Can You Waterproof a Leather Sofa?

A leather sofa is one of the luxurious pieces of furniture found in houses. Leather is an expensive natural material for making products like sofas, couches, chairs, bags, shoes, etc. Leather does not damage with a bit of water but will absorb some moisture.

Waterproofing your leather sofa will prevent it from damaging by excess moisture retention and fungi growth; not only that, but waterproofing will also make your sofa seem shinier and softer. 

The most effective ways to waterproof your leather sofa are applying beeswax, using leather care cream, and applying fabric water shields. 

3 Proven Methods to Waterproof Your Leather Sofa.

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The beeswax method.

Beeswaxing leather items is one of the famous and influential methods used for making leather sofas, couches, boots, bags, and other leather products waterproof. This easy method will save additional costs and time. 

You will need beeswax, olive oil, a microfiber fabric, dove soap, water, a medium pan, and a glass jar. To begin with, add one cup of olive oil and 56 grams of beeswax to the glass jar. Pour the water into the pan and heat it. Once the water is warm, add the glass jar to the pan.

Keep stirring the wax and olive oil until both are mixed up perfectly. Cool the mixture for half an hour, clean your leather sofa with dove soap, apply the cold beeswax-olive oil mixture with a microfiber cloth, and let it sit for an hour. Repeat this step two to three times to create a protective layer. 

After the wax layer has dried, clean off the excess wax with a dry cloth. Repeat this method twice yearly to keep your leather sofa waterproof and as fresh as new.

Leather care cream.

Leather care cream is an excellent choice for making your leather sofa durable and waterproof. Many leather care creams are made of Brazilian wax and wool yolk, revitalizing dry leather products and preventing excess moisture build-up.

This cream works like magic and leaves your leather sofa soft and shiny for a long time.

You can buy this top-rated Sonax Leather Care Cream from Amazon. 

Fabric water shield.

Fabric water shield spray is a fantastic substitute for beeswax. If you find the beeswax method tiring and time-consuming, you can use a fabric water shield spray. These sprays create a protective layer over the surface of the leather.

Fabric water shield spray keeps the leather safe from extra moisture and over-dryness. 

Ensure that the water shield spray you buy is suitable for the leather type of your sofa. Additionally, you can use pledge spray on your leather sofa to retain the shine.

Scotchguard Fabric Water Shield might be the perfect product for your leather sofa, available on Amazon.

Advantages of Waterproofing a Leather Sofa.

Increases longevity.

Waterproofing a leather sofa will significantly increase its longevity. The protective waterproof layer on your leather sofa will protect it from water, moisture, and bacteria growth. Thus the expensive leather sofa will last longer and save you some money.

Protects from damp weather.

Damp rainy weather harms any leather product, including leather sofas. Damp weather contains moisture in the air. Even if your sofa doesn’t come to contact with water, it will absorb moisture from the air.

Trapped moisture inside the leather sofa will eventually rot the interior by growing harmful bacteria. Waterproofing your leather sofa will ensure no moisture enters the sofa and protect it from damp weather.

Prevents mold and fungus growth.

Mold and fungus are the worse enemies of your leather sofa. They grow and spread rapidly. If not taken care of immediately, they can ruin your leather sofa. You can prevent mold and fungus growth by making the leather waterproof.

The waterproof surface of the leather sofa cannot capture and retain moisture inside it. Thus the interior remains dry, and molds don’t grow. If you notice any mold on the sofa, take the necessary steps to remove mold from the leather sofa.     

Makes your sofa look new.

The best way to make your old leather sofa look new is to make it waterproof with protective products like water shield spray, beeswax, or leather cream. Your expensive leather sofa will become dull and dry over time and lose its lustrous feel. 

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Waterproofing your leather sofa with beeswax, leather cream, or other protective materials will protect it from trapping moisture, revitalize the surface, and make it feel as soft and shiny as brand new. 

What to Do if the Leather Sofa is Wet?

If you have failed to protect your leather sofa from water and now it is wet, you must dry the sofa urgently. But ensure not to damage the leather surface while drying. Here is how you can dry the wet leather sofa-

  • First, wipe off the extra water from the leather sofa.
  • Let the water dry naturally; avoid using artificial heat.
  • Don’t over-dry the leather; let it stay slightly damp.
  • Apply leather conditioner on the damp surface with a microfiber fabric.
  • Let the conditioner dry for seven to eight hours.
  • Add another layer of the leather conditioner if required.

The leather conditioner will enter the cells of the leather sofa, renewing any wasted oils by replacing the water from within. Thus, the conditioner protects the sofa from dampness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Can leather be made waterproof?

You can make artificial leather waterproof by adding a layer of plastic inside-out of the leather. Synthetic and natural leather cannot be made waterproof. Still, later, you can create a protective layer on the leather’s surface by following waterproofing methods.

What to do if a leather couch drenches in the rain?

Remove as much water as possible from the leather’s surface if your leather couch gets wet in the rain. Don’t wipe the surface; instead, dab the surface with e soft, microfiber cloth. Continue dabbing until the surface is completely water-free.

What can you use to seal leather?

Usually, wax is used to protect the leather. Alternatively, you can use acrylic resolene over the leather surface to seal and protect the leather. A thin coating of acrylic resolene is applied to the leather, making it long-lasting, smooth, and shiny.

Does vaseline waterproof leather?

Vaseline can waterproof your leather products, including bags, shoes, belts, and furniture. It doesn’t only make the leather waterproof. Still, the petroleum jelly in vaseline can prevent the leather from cracking and enhance the leather’s color.

Does silicon-based spray damage leather?

The silicon-based spray does not damage the leather, but some silicon sprays can slightly fade its color away. Before using the spray, do a swatch test to see if the color fades or not.

What is the best oil for leather furniture?

According to experts, mink oil is the most suitable oil for leather furniture. Mink oil is collected from mink fur, which is toxin-free. It makes the leather water-resistant by entering the leather pores deeply. Mink oil also restores the faded color of the leather. 


Leather is one of the expensive natural materials used for making pieces of furniture, bags, boots, shoes, belts, and many other things. You need to take special care of the leather sofa in your house to protect it from damage.

Water is among the most harmful things to any leather product. Even though leather does not absorb water immediately, it can slowly absorb some water and damage from moisture build-up. It would be best if you waterproofed your leather sofa; you can pursue the following steps to do so-

  • Use a mixture of beeswax and olive oil to brush on the surface of the leather sofa.
  • Apply a high-quality leather care cream. 
  • As an alternative for beeswax, you can use fabric water shield spray.