Living in an Apartment With a Rottweiler: Is it Possible?

You are permitted to have a Rottweiler in your flat. But you must be extra careful about having a rottweiler as a pet. Many of us have undoubtedly lived in an apartment at some point.

It’s a situation that may include exorbitant rent, little flats, tedious maintenance calls, and additional expenses. 

Adding a pet family member to the apartment arrangement will likely make things tricky. When evaluating whether or not your Rottweiler would thrive in your house, consider the quantity of time you spend at home, how much effort you’re willing to invest with your dog, and possible activities for your Rottweiler. 

Can You Have a Rottweiler in an Apartment?

You can have a rottweiler in your apartment, but it can be a hassle for you and the dog if you don’t take care of him properly. Rottweilers need special attention to adjust to a homely environment. Keep the following things in mind before having a rottweiler in your apartment-

Make sure your Rottweiler can exercise properly, and the dog stays active throughout the day.

  • Spend enough time with the dog.
  • Give your rottweiler undivided attention.
  • Prepare a separate place for the dog.
  • Train your Rottweiler properly.
  • Buy toys for your Rottweiler.
  • And make your apartment dog-proof.

5 Things to Know Before Having a Rottweiler in your Apartment

1. Rottweilers need to do exercise.

Rottweilers were initially developed as herding dogs for livestock. That high-energy personality is still present in Rottweilers today, and most Rottweilers require at least an hour of activity every day. It may be taking a long walk, jogging a lap, visiting the dog parks, or performing some engaging Rottweiler activities. 

Even following the first session, your Rottweiler is unlikely to resist further activity.  They are very athletic dogs. Furthermore, the more power your dog is likely to release, the fewer behavioral issues you will have.

2. Rottweilers need activation of the mind.

Rottweilers are exceptionally clever canines. As a result, mental stimulation and purposeful exercise are even more crucial in keeping your dog interested and out of the time-out area.

You may give this cerebral stimulation to your Rottweiler in a variety of ways. If you must leave your Rottweiler alone, give them meaningful toys, such as a food puzzle. 

Your Rottweiler must intellectually struggle to figure out how to retrieve a treat from a toy. Chew toys are another excellent alternative for when your Rottweiler is bored. But, since Rottweilers are prone to be rough on objects, you’ll want to invest in a few durable toys that will keep your Rottweiler occupied for a long time.

3. Rottweilers require your adoration and attention.

Rottweilers are famous for their dedication and affection for family and friends. They like their owners and may frequently demonstrate this by following you, resting on you, or constantly demanding ear scratches or belly rubs. Rottweilers dislike being left alone because they are so loving. 

Remember that your Rottweiler needs a set time each day when you can devote all of your care to them. It can benefit apartment dwellers because Rottweilers are notorious for following their owners around. They’ll have a solid idea of what’s happening around the home if they live in a flat.

4. Rottweilers need ample space.

Rottweilers are massive dogs. They will take up some room. Dedicated areas for their bed, toys, and other belongings will also take up space. If you live in a tiny unit, be sure you’re ready to provide them with that room. The great news is that it makes no difference how large your flat is. 

Rottweilers relax and become sluggish while they are indoors. They’ll spend hours lounging on your couches, napping your feet, or peering out their favorite window. What matters more than the space inside is the freedom and space they have outdoors.

5. Rottweilers can be violent and fierce.

For generations, Rottweilers have been used as security dogs. They can be aggressive and territorial. Those are typical characteristics for Rottweilers, so remember when you welcome them home to your apartment. Apartment complexes are crowded areas where your dog will have many interactions. 

Ensure you have a reliable connection with your dog when you start instruction. Your dog must believe you when you tell the dog that the man strolling by is a friend, not an enemy. The Rottweiler must also know the difference between being protective and destructive. An entirely vicious dog might endanger everybody in the apartment building.

Facts to Consider Before Having a Rottweiler as a Pet

Spend enough time at your house.

Rottweilers adore their owners. They’ll be unfortunate if they spend most of their time alone at home. Although this applies to any house they might be left in, it may be more difficult for the dog in a new environment.

Spend enough time with your Rottweiler.

Rottweilers are incredibly demanding. They require physical activity, emotional support, and cognitive activity. Before introducing a Rottweiler into your small apartment, be sure you’ll be ready to devote enough time to care for your Rottweiler.

Have exercise options for your dog.

Dog playgrounds are always an advantage for physical and psychological health. Still, if you don’t have a fenced-in yard, you’ll need to commit to at least an hour of daily strolling or running with your Rottweiler.

How Can the Rottweiler Settle in My Apartment?

Make your apartment dog-proof.

Make sure your flat has been dog-proofed before bringing your Rottweiler home. Remove any wires that may be chewed, remove garbage cans with tempting odors sitting out, and close all possible access and departure points where the dog could escape. Before moving your Rottweiler into this new house, take some of these measures.

Have a separate space only for your dog.

Make a distinct area specifically for your dog. Make a dedicated area for the dog’s bed and toys. Small elements will help your dog seem more at ease in an unfamiliar situation. A special place for your dog could also help minimize negative behaviors such as chewing.

Train your dog.

Teach your dog the value of being a great neighbor. Apartment buildings are full of new sounds, scents, and sights for your dog, so you’ll need to slowly disorient him to this way of life. Additionally, introduce your Rottweiler to the neighbors quietly. Perhaps, with a decent meeting, they’ll adore the neighbors as much as you do.

Buy toys for your Rottweiler.

Purchase some active toys. If you can’t be at the house with your Rottweiler for an extended time, invest in some decent food riddles or chewing toys that will have your Rottweiler occupied and interested for extended periods. They will be nutritional value to the investment.

Maintain a consistent schedule for your dog.

Create a routine for your Rottweiler. Your Rottweiler will thrive in a way, especially in a new place. Although change is unavoidable, especially in our fast-paced world, striving to stick to a routine will keep your Rottweiler pleased and happy.

Take Special Care of Puppy Rottweilers

Puppies poop more than adult dogs.

Puppies use the restroom far more frequently. Puppy toilet training requires puppies to go outdoors every half hour. If you reside on the fourth level or go a short distance to get to some greenery, be ready to do the staircase or walk regularly.

Puppies require extra exercise.

Puppies require more significant activity. While a mature Rottweiler needs at least one hour of continuous training daily, pups require additional exercise in small spurts during the day. Short play activities or strolls will always be enjoyable with your Rottweiler.

Puppies are naturally curious.

Puppies are naturally curious and may get into situations they should not. When you welcome a puppy into your home, everything from the flooring to the sofas to the electric wires may be at stake. In a rental flat, you may be charged extra for whatever your puppy ruins.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Can Rottweilers live in residences?

Many people may be shocked to find this friendly behemoth among the most excellent residential dogs. Rottweilers are comparable to German Shepherds in appearance. Still, they have quality time compared to their smaller rivals because they are incredibly loyal.

Do Rottweilers require a lot of room?

Before getting a Rottweiler, consider your living situation. They require a lot of space and a yard to run around because of their nature and background as cow dogs. Rottweilers cannot endure high temperatures.

Is it safe to leave Rottweilers alone?

Healthy mature Rottweilers may function effectively on their own if properly taught. They shouldn’t be left alone for longer than 6 hours. They will not only require a toilet break, but any more than that may result in a decrease in your Rottweiler’s general demeanor.

Are Rottweilers vicious?

Rottweilers are violent dogs, particularly in foreign nations, which is why they are prohibited in many countries. They are vicious dogs with solid teeth which will not let their prey out of their grip.

Is it better to acquire a male or female Rottweiler?

Female Rottweilers are more reserved than males and have a more autonomous nature. Females are significantly less needy than males in attention, yet they are still caring and compassionate. As a result, getting a female Rottweiler is advised.


You may have a rottweiler in your apartment, but it can be a pain for you and the dog if you don’t properly care for him. Rottweilers require extra care to acclimate to a homey setting. Contemplate the following before introducing a rottweiler into your home. 

Make sure your Rottweiler gets enough exercise, that the dog is energetic during the day, that you spend enough time with the dog, that you give your Rottweiler your unwavering focus, that you begin preparing a different area for the dog, and that you train your Rottweiler correctly, that you buy toys for your Rottweiler, and that you make your housing dog-proof.