Managing Multiple Apartments: Tips and Considerations

Rich people possess several plots and apartments to increase their wealth. They are rich as they afford to buy properties and apartments to lead a luxurious life. 

You may be wondering, can you have 2 apartments in your name? If you don’t have any financial risk, you can lease two apartments in your name. 

Let’s jump to the topic and learn how they can find two apartments in their name. 

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Can You Have 2 Apartments in Your Name?

Yes, it is possible for an individual to own two or more apartments in their name. There is no legal limit on the number of properties an individual can own.

It may provide you with more convenience and privacy to live. But don’t forget to maintain the two apartments.

Things to Consider Before Owning Mulitple Apartments

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when owning multiple apartments:


Owning multiple apartments can be a significant financial investment, as you will need to consider the cost of purchasing the properties and ongoing expenses such as mortgage payments, insurance, taxes, and maintenance.


If you own multiple apartments, you will need to manage them effectively. This may involve hiring a property manager or spending significant time and effort managing the properties yourself.

Legal considerations

Depending on the state or country where the apartments are located, specific laws and regulations may apply to owning multiple properties. It is important to familiarize yourself with these laws and ensure that you are in compliance.

Tax implications

Owning multiple properties can have tax implications, such as the need to pay property taxes on each property. It is important to consult with a tax professional to understand the tax implications of owning multiple apartments.

Overall, owning multiple apartments can be a rewarding investment, but it is important to carefully consider the financial and logistical implications before making the decision to do so.

Why Can You Have 2 Apartments in Your Name?

It is not a practical idea to have two apartments in your name. You may have two apartments for some specific reasons. They are-

Easy moving

If you are finding for a new apartment, and after having a new one, the lease of the new and previous apartment is clashing. 

For example, suppose the previous apartment’s lease demonstrates that you can leave the apartment after 31 December, and the new apartment lease describes that you can come to the new apartment on 1 December. 

So, if both apartments’ rental agreements overlap at that time, you can have two apartments in your name and easily move your furniture into an upstairs apartment.

But don’t forget to pay the rent and utilities of both apartments at once.


When you have two apartments in your name, you can use both apartments according to your preference and convenience.

For example, suppose your workplace is far from your home. So, rent a new apartment beside your workplace to avoid wasting money and time and let your family live in another apartment.

Traveling purpose

You may travel to different places for a few months during summer and winter vacations to refresh your mind. So, when traveling in an area, you can rent a second apartment of your name to make your travel comfortable.  


Whenever people have enough wealth to handle more than one apartment at once, they have different apartments in their name to use each apartment for various purposes, including sports, leisure, and vacation. 

What Are the Demerits of Having 2 Apartments in Your Name?

Having two apartments in your name also has some drawbacks since it is not suggested for everyone.

The demerits of having two apartments in your name are-

  • It is not easy to handle both apartments’ maintenance costs. You have to pay the rent, utility, and repair costs for both apartments, which expenses a lot of money.
  • Generally, most people’s second apartment is in an outlying area from their current residence apartment. So, when you attempt to visit the second apartment, it consumes your time and money. 
  • You may have two apartments in your name, and you are renting both furnished apartments for a short time, which may decrease your rental income as the tenants will not live for a long time. 
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When Can’t You Have 2 Apartments in Your Name?

There are some limitations to having 2 apartments in your name. The landlords will not accept your applications for certain reasons. They are-

Financial risk

Your landlord may find that you cannot afford the two apartments at once. 

For example, you may have bad records to provide rent in due time, or your credit shows you are at financial risk. So, it may be hard for you to provide rent for the second apartment as your desired top-floor apartments are more expensive. 

Subsidized housing

When the apartments are under government-subsidized housing, that time you may confront complications with having the apartment in your name. 

Tips for Having 2 Apartments in Your Name?

  1. Make a good bonding with both apartment landlords.
  2. Keep paying the monthly rent timely.
  3. Don’t hesitate to contact your landlord when you need to renovate an apartment or help.
  4. Before writing your name for the second apartment, make sure to enhance your credit score.


If you are still confused, can you have 2 apartments, causes, and demerits in your name? Then in this article, you can learn how you can have 2 apartments in your name. 

  • If you can afford both apartments and the landlords accept your applications, you can have two apartments in your name. 
  • There are no rules on having more than one apartment. It may provide you with more convenience and privacy to live. 
  • But don’t forget to maintain the two apartments. 

Finally, now you know why you can have 2 apartments in your name and what is the disadvantages.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Can you terminate your lease early?

You cannot terminate your lease early without the landlord’s permission. You must stay in the apartment until the end of the rental agreement contract.

2. Can You sublease your apartment?

You must make a special rental agreement paper to sublease your apartment. But this lease will not dissolve the original one. 

3. How do you tell your landlord you’re moving?

You can tell your landlord this: “I am requesting you to end the tenancy as I want to leave your apartment on (date xxxxx). I want to share that I will move from your property that day and return the keys to you.”

4. Can you break a 12-month tenancy agreement?

You can break a 12-month tenancy agreement if there is any break clause in the contract.

5. What is the difference between a sublease and a sublet?

The sublease and sublet are two different terms. The sublet is sharing the apartment and rent with someone contracted with the landlord. The sublease is sharing a lease with someone without any direct contract with the landlord.