Efficiently Moving Furniture Upstairs: Tips & Tricks

Moving can be a hassle, especially if you’re moving into an upstairs apartment. It can get quite tough to carry all your heavy furniture upstairs.

But don’t worry! Many people move into upstairs apartments, so it’s not impossible. And in this article, we’ll show you how you can easily move into an upstairs apartment! 

Moving Furniture Into An Upstairs Apartment

How To Move Furniture Into An Upstairs Apartment

Moving furniture upstairs can be intimidating, but don’t worry. If you use the correct methods, it gets easier! Thankfully for you, we know some of the easiest methods you can use to move your furniture upstairs easily!

So, here is how to move furniture into an upstairs apartment: 

1. Get Some Assistance 

The most important thing about moving your furniture upstairs is that you shouldn’t do it alone. You can easily get injured and even damage your furniture. Lifting heavy furniture upstairs requires a few more hands than just two. 

So, either get your friends to help or better get a moving company to help you out. This is for your safety and to get the work done quicker. 

2. Lift Your Furniture Using The Stairs 

One of the most common methods of moving furniture up is to use the stairs. And while it’s common, it’s not super easy. But using the right method can make it easy! So, here is how to lift your furniture using the stairs: 

3. Pad Up Your Furniture 

First things first, cover up your furniture with blankets or heavy shits. Then use foil or tape to ensure the padding doesn’t fall off. This way, your furniture doesn’t experience any damage during the moving process. 

4. Cover All Corners 

Most of your furniture will require at least 3-4 people to lift it upstairs. With the smaller items, two people are usually enough. But for refrigerators and larger items like a cupboard, you’d want to have at least four people covering the corners. 

5. Use A Dolly 

The easiest way to lift furniture to an upstairs apartment is by dolly. Particularly a 4-wheel dolly. Four-wheel dollys are great for your furniture, as they would perfectly fit it.

And all you’d need is a friend of yours to help you lift up the dolly, depending on the weight. Make sure to strap your furniture with the dolly properly. Or else the furniture might fall off.  

6. Use A Furniture Elevator 

Furniture elevators are great for moving furniture upstairs if you can’t use the stairs. Basically, they’re an external elevator that hoists your furniture up to your preferred floor. After that, you’d have to use the balcony to bring the furniture inside. 

Furniture elevators can lift up your furniture up to 6 floors. And they don’t require that much manpower either! So, it saves a lot of trouble. 

7. Leave It To The Professionals 

Another thing you can do is just to hire a moving company to do work for you. You’d be surprised to see how much they can get done.

It doesn’t matter the tightest doorways or highest floors; nothing can really stop them. They always find a way to make it work.

If they can’t use the stairs, they’ll probably use something like a freight elevator or furniture elevator. Some companies even bring up the furniture using ropes and harness if the lift-up work isn’t high enough.

They might cost you a bit more, but they’re more than worth it. 

Moving Furniture Into Upstairs Through an Elevator

There was a time when moving into an upstairs apartment was frightening. And the biggest fear was moving up the furniture.

People would use many different methods, like using the stairs with a dolly. But, if there were no space on the stairs, it would be game over. 

Sometimes, ropes were used, and you’d use the balcony to bring the furniture in. But the minute you’d have to lift over four floors, it would get super tricky and risky.

But now we have furniture elevators! These great inventions can help lift up furniture over six floors. 

They also don’t require a lot of manpower. Not only does it require less energy, but it saves up a bunch of time. So, if you’re looking to move to an upstairs apartment, you should consider using furniture elevators. 

Considerations Before Moving Your Furniture Upstairs

Moving furniture upstairs isn’t an easy thing. It requires a lot of energy, time, and effort. This all seems quite hard, but proper planning makes it easier.

If you know beforehand what you need to consider, it just gets a lot easier. So, here is what you need to consider before moving your furniture upstairs: 

1. The Stairs Type And Measurements 

Unfortunately, you can’t lift up your furniture through every type of staircase. Because of this, it’s important always to take the measurements of the stairs to ensure your furniture would fit through.

As well as checking what type of stairs you’re working with. Like, you wouldn’t be able to lift heavy furniture through a narrow spiral! So, keep that in consideration. 

2. The ManPower

It’s ideal to have assistance. No matter what, do not try to move your furniture up by yourself. There are many reasons for this. But the main one is safety. Besides the safety, it’s about the energy and time you’d have to invest. So, it’s better to get some friends to help you out. 

How To Prepare Your Furniture Before Moving It Upstairs

Before moving your furniture upstairs, you need to prepare very well. Remember, your furniture is not damage-proof. While moving, it can hit a corner, or you might accidentally drop it. So, it’s always better to prepare it for any damage it may experience. 

Here is how to prepare your furniture before moving it into an upstairs apartment: 

1. Pad It Up 

Firstly, you’d want to pad up your furniture. To do this, take a blanket or any heavy clothe and wrap your furniture around it. The blanket will work as protective padding for your furniture. 

2. Lock In The Padding 

You wouldn’t want the padding to come off while lifting the furniture, so it’s important to lock it in properly. But how do you do that? Well, simply use ropes, tapes, harnesses, or anything you can find to lock the padding with the furniture properly. 


Moving furniture into an upstairs apartment might seem scary, but it’s not as hard as you think. Of course, it gets easier only if you use the right techniques. So, make sure to follow all of our tips! 

Don’t let something like moving to intimidate you and ruin your moving experience! Get friends to help you and laugh your way through the moving process! Until then, Goodbye!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What’s The Easiest Way To Move Furniture Upstairs? 

Ans: Using a four-wheel dolly. 

Q. How Do You Put Furniture On A Second Floor? 

Ans: You put furniture on the second floor by lifting it upstairs by a dolly. 

Q. How Do You Get A Couch Upstairs? 

Ans: You can have three of your friends help you out to take a couch upstairs, or you can use a dolly and have someone lift it with you. 

Q. What Is A Furniture Elevator? 

Ans: A furniture elevator is a type of elevator that helps you move your furniture upstairs without any real issues.  

Q. Can You Use A Dolly Upstairs? 

Ans: Yes! Using a dolly is one of the easiest ways to move furniture upstairs.