Can You Paint A Sliding Glass Door? (ALL You Need To Know!)

Your home needs to have perfect contrast in color for it to look as perfect as it deserves. And painting the walls or getting the right colored couch for the room is easy. 

But what about your sliding glass doors? Can you paint a sliding glass door? Well, in this article, you’ll find out. 

Can You Paint A Sliding Glass Door? 

Yes! You can paint a sliding door. If you’re unsatisfied with the color of your sliding glass door, you can easily paint it any color you want! And you’ll need some paint, painter’s tape, and a little time! 

Painting your sliding glass door can significantly improve your house’s aesthetic. You’d be surprised by how much a simple paint job can do! But make sure you use the proper techniques to get the best results. 

How To Paint A Sliding Glass Door; 

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There are a few types of sliding glass doors like; aluminum sliding glass doors, vinyl sliding doors, wood sliding glass doors, etc. And you can paint all of these glass doors all by yourself! 

All you need is some painting equipment and a few good techniques that we’ll teach you! So, here is how to paint a sliding glass door:

1. Aluminum Sliding Glass Door; 

What you need: 

  • Spray Paint/ Spray Gun
  • Painter’s Tape Or Any extra wrapping papers
  • All-purpose cleaner

Now, here is how to paint aluminum sliding glass doors: 

Step 1: Clean The Door Frame; 

Remember, the paint will not stick to a surface with dirt. And neither will the cover tapes. So, clean the sliding glass door with an all-purpose cleaner before you start the painting process. 

Step 2: Use Painter’s Tape And Paper Wraps To Cover The Glass;

Remember, the glass doesn’t get painted! But while painting the door frame, the paint can easily spill on the glass and the walls around the sliding door.

So, to avoid a mess, use wrapping paper or old newspapers to cover the glass and wall. Also, make sure to tape the wrapping with painter’s tape to ensure the wrapping doesn’t fall off. 

Step 3: Use Spray Gun To Paint The Sliding Door;

Now for the fun part, just start painting! Use a good-quality spray gun to paint the sliding glass door. To ensure a good finish, use multiple thin layers of paint. 

Using thick coats can make the paint look bulky and rough, instead, use thin layers to give the paint an even finish. 

Step 4: Take Off The Wrappings; 

Lastly, remove the window wrappings and let the paint dry. I suggest waiting until the paint dries slightly before taking off the wrappings. 

2. Vinyl Sliding Glass Doors; 

What You Need: 

  • Painter’s tape 
  • Acrylic paint 
  • Paintbrush 
  • Acrylic sealant 
  • All-purpose cleaner 
  • Primer 

Step 1: Clean The Door Frame; 

As always, properly clean the door using a good all-purpose cleaner. With vinyl sliding doors, the surface has to be properly cleaned, or the paint simply won’t stick. 

Step 2: Use Painter’s Tape To Cover Of The Glass;

Use painter’s tape to cover both sides of the door frame. Basically, anywhere you dont want the paint to go, cover it off with painter’s tape. 

Step 3: Apply Primer; 

Use a quality primer to ensure the durability and adhesion of the paint. Just one undercoat of primer will help the paint sit better on the vinyl and last longer. 

Step 4: Use A Brush Or Roller To Paint The Frame;

With vinyl, we would suggest using a roller or a fresh paintbrush. This is because the paint layers on your vinyl sliding glass door must be perfect and clean. And using a brush or a roller is much safer than using spray paint. 

Use thin and long strokes of paint on your vinyl door frame. Make sure to work with layers, as it would give the paint a better and more consistent finish. 

Step 5: Finish Off With Sealant; 

Once the paint dries off, add a light coat of sealant to give the paint a proper finish. The sealant helps with the paint’s longevity and protects the paint’s look. 

3. Wooden Sliding Glass Doors;

What You Need: 

  • Sandpaper 
  • Primer 
  • Painters tape 
  • Oil-based paint 
  • Paint brushes 
  • Polyurethane 

How to paint wooden sliding glass doors: 

Step 1: Sand The Wooden Frame; 

Wood deteriorates over time. And the dead wood builds up a lot of dirt. And by simply sanding the wooden frame, you’ll already notice it looking better than before. 

Without sanding the surface, the paint won’t sit well. So, get 120-grit sandpaper and properly sand the wooden door frame before starting the painting.  

Step 2: Apply A Coat Of Primer; 

Primer helps with the paint’s longevity and protects it as time passes. And for wooden door frames, primer is essential for the paint job. 

Step 3: Cover The Windows And Walls Using Painter’s Tape; 

Again, make sure you cover off the places you dont want the paint to reach using painter’s tape. Painters tape does a great job at covering the windows and the walls around the sliding glass door. 

Step 4: Use Oil-Based Paint To Paint The Door Frame;

Use oil-based paint to paint your wooden door frame. Oil-based paint looks best on a wooden frame. Also, be sure to use a good paintbrush and use long and thin strokes. 

What Type Of Paint Should You Use To Paint Sliding Glass Doors?

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Not only the color but choosing the right type of paint for your sliding glass doors is essential. There are different types of door frames. Like, aluminum, vinyl, wooden, etc. And each of them needs the right type of paint to look good. And for sliding glass doors, aesthetic matters! 

So, here is what type of paint you should use to paint your sliding glass door: 

  • Aluminum sliding glass door: Acrylic spray paint
  • Vinyl sliding glass door: Acrylic paint
  • Wooden sliding glass door: Oil-based paint 

Things To Keep In Mind While Painting Sliding Glass Doors;

Your sliding glass doors play an important part in how your home looks. And if it looks dated, or the color isn’t exactly your type, you’ll have to paint it yourself. But, to get the paint job to look and feel perfect, there are some things you need to keep in mind. 

So, here is what you need to keep in mind while painting a sliding glass door: 

  • Use the right type of paint based on the material 
  • Use painter’s tape
  • Use old newspapers as wrapping (cost-efficient) 
  • Always clean before painting 
  • Prime before painting 
  • Paint in thin layers 


So, can you paint a sliding glass door? Of course! Your home must have the right colors that fit the aesthetic you’re looking for. And by using the right methods, you can also paint your sliding glass doors to fit your house and mood! 

All you need to do is choose the right paint type and the right methods. And we hope you were able to learn that from today’s article. So, thank you for reading. Goodbye!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Paint Vinyl Sliding Glass Doors? 

Ans: Yes, you can paint vinyl sliding glass doors. 

Q.What Kind Of Paint Will Stick To Vinyl Sliding Glass Doors? 

Ans: Acrylic paint sticks the best on vinyl sliding glass doors. 

Q. Can You Paint Sliding Glass Doors? 

Ans: Yes, you can paint sliding glass doors. 

Q. Do You Need To Sand Sliding Vinyl Door Before Painting? 

Ans: Yes, you need to sand vinyl sliding doors before painting. 

Q. How Do You Paint Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors? 

Ans: First, clean your aluminum sliding glass door, then use painter’s tape to cover any areas you don’t want the paint to reach. Finally, use spray paint to paint the door!