Bed Aligned with The Door (Follow Feng Shui Rules!)

It would be best if you never placed your bed in front of the door according to feng shui bedroom rules. Feng shui says, facing the door directly, representing a dead man leaving through the door. It also indicates that facing the door prevents the energy of life from entering the room. 

The feng shui bedroom rules have been generated from ancient feng shui Chinese art. The feng shui theory is about bringing prosperity, a peaceful mind, and positive energy to human life.

Feng shui theory has also been scientifically proven. So when you set your bedroom according to the feng shui bedroom rules, you will have positive energy around you.       

Can the Bed Directly Face the Door?

Correctly positioning the bed in your bedroom is the first concern of the feng shui bedroom rules. One of the basic principles of feng shui is you should not place your bed directly facing the door as this might prevent positive energy within your room.

This article will discuss the details of why can’t you sleep facing the door directly, along with other improper bed positions according to feng shui. You will also learn the right guide of basic feng shui bedroom rules.

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Why Should You Avoid Sleeping Adjacent to the Door?

Facing the door is called the ‘coffin position.’

According to the bedroom principles of feng shui, placing your bed directly towards the door is the poorest position in interior decoration. The feng shui believers call the door-facing position the ‘coffin position’ or ‘the dead man’s position.’ 

The head or feet facing the door represents how the dead people are taken out through an open door from the house. You must anyhow avoid placing the bed in this position.    

The ‘chi’ theory.

‘Chi’ in feng shui means ‘the energy of life,’ which brings positive energy into human life. Chi enters the room through the open sections like windows and doors. Sleeping directly before the door prevents all those positive forces from entering the room.

It might worry you while sleeping. You should feel secure and safe while sleeping, not scared and endangered. You can use a footboard to lessen the fear, but a footboard can also make you feel stuck. So, it is better to change the bed position.   

Other Positions to Avoid Placing the Bed. 

Placing the bed under the beam.

Placing the bed under the beam creates stress and cuts up the energy. It can also make you sick by cutting the beam through your body. You would want to avoid sickness, but if you have no choice but to place your bed under the beam, you can use a trick.

Hang two trench with red ribbons over them. Tilt the ribbon in a way that the open edge points skywards. The technic will intersperse the cut-off of the beam and let the energy flow through the hanging trenches. 

Placing the bed in front of a window.

You should avoid placing your bed in front of the window since the ‘chi’ or ‘energy of life’ enters through the window that might disturb your sleep. But if you don’t have any other place in the room to place instead of the window front, try to have a high bed.

The high bed should have a headboard attached to it. It would help the energy move around without interruption even when you walk around your bed and ensure a night of sound sleep.  

Placing the bed facing the bathroom door. 

Feng shui never suggests directly placing your bed facing the bathroom door. According to feng shui theory, the energy in the house leaves through the bathroom. Even though the water element represents good energy, the bacteria in the bathroom cause disturbance to the energy.

But if you must face your bed towards the bathroom door, ensure to close both the bathroom and bedroom door. Hang a mirror inside the door that faces the bathroom. The reflection in the mirror will send the negative energy back to the bathroom.   

Basic Feng Shui Bedroom Rules.

Declutter the bedroom.

Decluttering means cleaning the unnecessary objects from your bedroom that create disturbance to your mind. For example, an evil memory-related object can negatively influence your mind. Heavy bags and baggage under your bed might make you feel suffocated. 

Having many things and furniture in your room could also prevent the energy from flowing freely. Keep under the bed blank. Keeping the bedroom clean will also help you to eliminate bed bugs. Keep less furniture as possible in the bedroom and go for minimal decoration. 

Detoxify the bedroom.

Detoxification is a crucial technic for your mind’s relaxation. Replace all the artificial and chemical substances from your bedroom with natural and sustainable ones, including every small daily used object. 

Such as toothbrushes, comb, organic hygiene products, organic essential oils, etc. Avoid using plastic items inside the room because plastic can emit harmful toxins into the air. 

Feng shui theory suggests keeping as few electronic gadgets as possible in the bedroom to reduce electromagnetic energy within your room. You can put a humidifier in your bedroom. It will sustain your peace of mind. Use natural fiber for clothing, blanket, and bedsheet.   

Attach a headboard. 

A headboard is essential in the bedroom because it represents balance and intensity in human life, particularly romantic attachments. Avoid using headboards with holes; a plain wooden headboard would be a great pick. 

Tightly attach the headboard to the bed to get maximum support and balance. Place the bed near the wall, so the board has balanced support in the back.   

Colors and arts.

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What color you pick will depend on what you need in the bedroom. Different colors represent different emotions in feng shui. The color you pick must compliment the entire interior of the bedroom. 

Such as, neutral and earth tones offer relaxation and peaceful sleep, shades of green and blue offer liveliness and good health, pinks are for attraction, reds are for passion, etc.   

Reduce electromagnetic radiation.

Electromagnetic radiation released from electric gadgets is responsible for hampering your peace of mind and sleep schedule. Keep as few electronic gadgets as possible in your bedroom. 

You could read or play board games for recreation, replace your phone’s alarm with an alarm clock, cover and unplug your television after using it, put your laptop in a closed area after you have finished working, and keep your bedroom and your workplace separate. 

Replace the bed.

If you have applied all the technics above and still are not getting the ‘chi’ as you should, you might need to change the old bed. The bed might not be as comfortable as before.  

Check the bed if it has any defects. If you don’t have the budget to change the entire bed, you can replace the mattress, bedcovers, throw pillows, colors, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS).

What is the best direction for your bed to face?

Your bed should face southward. It will release tension and health issues. Southward of the earth has the electromagnetic pull that helps you to get positive energy. Other furniture and devices in your bedroom should also be south-faced.

Where to place the bed in a small room?

Place your bed adjacent to the center part of the wall. Placing the bed in the center of your small bedroom will create a symmetrical balance that will allow you to utilize the most space in your room.

Can I place my bed in the corner of my bedroom?  

You can place your bed in the corner of your bedroom, but ensure not to place it too close to the corner wall, as you will need space to move in your room quickly. Generally, 61 centimeters is the ideal distance from the wall to the bed. 

From where to start painting the bedroom?

Start by painting the ceiling of your bedroom. After the ceiling, paint the walls. Lastly, move to the other areas such as doors, windows, window and door frames, etc. 

What can I put on my bedroom wall?

You can put many objects on your wall to decorate it, such as macrame rugs, framed paintings, a gallery wall, horizontal wall art, or a room divider. If you want to paint your wall, you can go for mural art. It is so in trend currently. 


Placing the bed correctly in your bedroom is essential for your peace of mind, according to feng shui. The feng shui theory suggests never placing your bed directly towards your door; the theory has explained two main reasons for this- 

The coffin position.

  • It means facing your feet towards the bedroom door while sleeping indicates a dead person is leaving the room. 
  • It is also called ‘the dead man’s position.’ 
  • Placing your bed directly in front of the door can bring negative thoughts to your brain. 

The ‘chi’ theory.

  • In feng shui, the term ‘chi’ refers to the energy of life.
  • ‘Chi’ or the positive energy cannot enter your room if the bed faces the door.