Measure a Tablespoon with Plastic Spoons (All You Need to Know!)

There are several methods for measuring a tablespoon with plastic spoons. Such as using a teaspoon, using a combination of different spoons, knowing the abbreviations for spoon measurements, understanding different types of tablespoon measurements, etc. 

A tablespoon measurement is a standard kitchen measurement used to measure out small portions of dry and wet ingredients while cooking and baking. So it is essential to invest in a good set of measuring spoons, be it metal, wooden, or plastic. 

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Sometimes you might not have a tablespoon to measure the exact proportion. But, you can still measure a tablespoon without using a tablespoon. Plastic spoon sets are essential in kitchen utensils and come in different sizes of spoons. You can use them in different technics to measure a tablespoon. 

Are Plastic Spoons a Tablespoon?

Usually, plastic measuring spoons come in different sizes. A plastic tablespoon will have an indication engraved or printed like ‘T’ or ‘tbsp.’ Otherwise, the rest spoons in the set won’t measure the exact amount of a tablespoon.

If you don’t have a tablespoon in the plastic spoon set, you can still measure a tablespoon with the plastic spoons in many ways. You can use a teaspoon to measure a tablespoon, combine two or three spoons, etc. Continue reading to discover how to measure a tbsp. 

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What is a Tablespoon Measurement?

A tablespoon is a measuring unit. A tablespoon is a big spoon compared to other spoons for serving food or measuring cooking and baking ingredients. Fifteen milliliters, one-sixteenth cup, and a half fluid oz equal one tablespoon. 

You may see in recipes say ‘1tbsp of sugar’, meaning you have to take a tablespoon of sugar to add to the cooking. The recipe could also say ‘a leveled, heaped, or a rounded tablespoon of sugar,’ and you have to measure it accordingly.                              

How to Measure a Tablespoon with Plastic Spoons?

Understand the acronym for spoon measurement. 

Tablespoons and teaspoons have acronyms that are usually used in recipes or texts to make them fast and easy to read. The acronym for a tablespoon is T or tbsp. 

For a teaspoon, it is t or tsp. You will also find these abbreviations printed or engraved on plastic spoons. So check before using which one of the spoon sets is the tablespoon. 

Use three teaspoons to make one tablespoon.

Knowing measuring alternatives can save your cooking time. If you do not have a tablespoon in your plastic measurement spoons, you can still use a teaspoon to weigh a tablespoon. 

Three teaspoons are equal to one tablespoon. So you can use this technic to measure a tablespoon using a teaspoon if you are missing a tablespoon. 

Level the ingredient.

It would be best if you always leveled the ingredient unless you use a heaping tablespoon to ensure an accurate measurement. Gently shake the tablespoon a little to make the spoon’s ingredients leveled.

Another technic is to swipe the top of the spoon with your index finger or scrape off with a flat knife to remove the excess ingredient and make it as level as possible. 

Understand the different types of tablespoon measurement.

A tablespoon has three measurements- rounded, heaped, and scant. A rounded spoon will have a rounded hump on top of the plastic spoon. 

Take as much dry ingredient as you can on the plastic spoon to get a heaped tablespoon. Fill the spoon just beneath the edge to get a scant spoon. 

Aerate the dry ingredient.

Dry components compress with time, affecting how much of an element ends up in a tablespoon. To acquire a more exact tablespoon measurement, aerate the dry component with the tablespoon and puff it up slightly.

Other ways to Measure a Tablespoon.

Kitchen scale.

kitchen scale image

A kitchen scale is one of the correct ways to measure ingredients. On a kitchen scale, you can measure cooking ingredients in units such as grams, kgs, oz, and lbs. It includes both dry and wet cooking and baking ingredients. 

14.3 grams equal one tablespoon, so if you don’t have a tablespoon handy, you can use the scale and measure 14.3 grams of a dry ingredient to make it a tablespoon. For a wet ingredient, 15 ml is equal to 1 tablespoon

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Measuring cup. 

In the kitchen, two types of measurement cups are commonly used: one for dry components and one for liquid components. One tablespoon is equal to 1/16th of a dry measuring cup. If the measuring cup set has a ⅛ measuring cup, use half of that cup to measure a tablespoon. 

Bottle cap.

Some liquid cooking ingredient bottle caps are designed to hold precisely one tablespoon of ingredients to make the use easy. The daily essential ingredients include cooking oil, syrups, vanilla essence, etc., and bottle caps to measure one tbsp.   

Dinner and dessert spoon.

The metal spoon sets usually include a dinner spoon and a dessert spoon. A dinner spoon is typically the equivalent size of a tablespoon. So you can use the dinner spoon to measure one tablespoon. 

A dessert spoon is equal to one teaspoon. Since three levels of a teaspoon are equivalent to one tablespoon, you can use three levels of a dessert spoon to measure one tablespoon accurately.     

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Object contrast.

Recognizing a tablespoon is helpful if you want to record your serving sizes while dining out. Keep in mind that a ping-pong ball is around the size of two tablespoons. The comparison with solids is clear.

The tip of your forefinger should be a teaspoon, and the tip of your thumb should be a tablespoon. Put your thumb next to something you measure to divide a similar amount. If your thumb is bigger or smaller than average, alter the amount.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is a small plastic spoon a teaspoon?

A small plastic spoon that you may use to add sugar to the tea or eat ice cream is equivalent to a small plastic spoon. As a result, you may use a little plastic spoon for a standard teaspoon. 

What size is a teaspoon?

The sizes of teaspoons vary from 2.5 to 7.3 ml. A teaspoonful equals 5 mL, and accurate measuring spoons are utilized in cooking and baking.

What to use instead of measuring spoons?

A standard dinner spoon or eating spoon can be a good alternative for your tablespoon. However, you may substitute cups and spoons if you don’t have either.

What are plastic spoons made of?

Propylene and polystyrene are the two most common polymers used to make plastic spoons and other cutleries. Plastics are formed from molecules through a process referred to as polymerization. Organic gas and oil make monomers or static compounds such as propane and ethylene.

How much capacity do soup spoons have?

It might lead to a substantial excess or underdose, particularly with drugs where dosage precision is crucial or when administering prescriptions to children. A precise teaspoon should hold 5 milliliters.       


A tablespoon is a typical culinary metric for measuring small amounts of dry and wet ingredients while cooking and baking. You must measure the ingredients well to ensure perfect cooking. 

As a result, investing in a decent pair of measuring spoons, whether metal, hardwood, or plastic, is vital. There are various ways to measure a tablespoon using plastic spoons. For example, 

  • Use a teaspoon.
  • Combine numerous spoons.
  • Identify spoon measurement acronyms.
  • Understand different types of tablespoon measurement. 
  • Know various types of tablespoon measurements and so on.