Sweet Sweat at Night: Is It Safe & Effective to Wear to Bed?

Sweet sweat helps you to sweat more during the workout. You can get better body response when you wear this product. But can you wear sweet sweat to bed?

Yes, you can, but it might not be a great idea. As wearing sweet sweat can increase sweating while sleeping, it can make you feel uncomfortable. Moreover, using the sweet sweat belt in bed might disturb your digestion and sleep pattern. 

Going to bed

Let’s explain why you should avoid wearing sweet sweat to bed in this article! 

Reasons Why You Should Not Wear Sweet Sweat to Bed

Sweet sweat has a variety of products that helps to boost the effects of workouts. Mostly it’s a gel that you apply to your targeted body areas before starting exercise.

And there’s a sweet sweat belt that you can wear over your waist to speed up sweating. It’s a great product to improve your workout, but you should avoid wearing it to bed.

Here are the reasons for that-  

Increase in Night Sweat

The primary work process of sweet sweat is that it covers your skin pores. So, the heat from your body cannot escape through that pores. As a result, you start to sweat more. 

As we know, our body is continuously producing thermal energy. And this heat escapes from our skin pores and keeps our body temperatures even.

But in a heated situation, we start to sweat. It’s a natural reflex from our body to deal with the increased heat. 

Many people have conditions where they sweat too much at night. It can be hormonal or environmental. They wake up completely drenched in sweat, wetting their bedding and clothes.  

Wearing sweet sweat will increase these night sweats. Whether you apply the gel, wear the belt, or do both, it will make you sweat more during sleep. 

As a result, you may wake up and discover that your bed and clothes are soaked with sweat.

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Sweating too much in bed may lead to discomfort in sleeping. So if you wear sweet sweat, it may get highly uncomfortable while you try to sleep. 

Moreover, wearing a belt on your waist is not really sound comfortable while sleeping. If you have a habit of moving a lot during sleep, that might not be comfy as well.  


Sweating means losing water from your body. Sweet sweat helps to reduce water weight from your body. But during sleep, it can lead to dehydration. 

Dehydration might be terrible for your body. And the more your body loses moisture, the situation worsens. So wearing sweet sweat in bed might cause dehydration in your body while asleep. 

Acid Reflux & Problem With Digestion

Wearing a sweet sweat belt in bed may cause problems in your muscles and digestion. 

Sweet sweat can relax your sphincter muscle at the wrong time, leading to stomach acid entering the esophagus, the tube that connects the throat and stomach.

And when acid enters the esophagus, you may suffer acid reflux. It will cause heartburn. 

Moreover, if the belt keeps pressing your waist all night, you will likely suffer digestive problems. And so when you wake up, you might have a bad stomach day. 

Can You Wear Sweet Sweat All Day?

No, it’s not advisable to wear sweet sweat all day. You should only wear it at the time of a workout. 

The good practice is to wear your sweet sweat belt for 2-3 hours and then take it off. It’s because it may have some adverse effect on your body.

However, it’s alright to wear it for a straight 8 hours. Some people can wear it for 12 hours and stay just fine. But you should not wear the belt longer than that. 

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Will Wearing Sweet Sweat to Bed Help Reduce Your Belly Fat?

No proven scientific explanation or evidence says wearing sweet sweat to bed will help slim your tummy.

More importantly, sweet sweat does not reduce your belly fat but helps you sweat more. This way, it reduces the water weight of your belly. The fat that you burn is achieved from all the workouts that you do. 

So, this product only helps you to sweat your targeted body parts more during a workout. It also improves your circulation and accelerates recovery time. Plus, applying it will also reduce your warm-up time. But, it does not directly reduce your belly fat. 

So, wearing it in bed or while you sleep only accelerates the sweating process and reduces the water weight of your belly. But it will not burn belly fat. 


Wearing sweet sweat to bed might not be a good idea. It’s instructed to wear the gel or the belt during the workout sessions. So use it that way. 

Moreover, wearing it longer might create gastrointestinal issues. It might press your inner organs, and that may cause displacement. So make sure not to wear it for more than 8-12 hours. 

Some FAQs

Can I Wear a Waist Trainer to Bed?

No, avoid wearing a waist trainer to bed. The primary purpose of the waist trainer is to create an illusion of an hourglass figure and eventually train your body to look so.

But, wearing it in bed might disrupt digestion and press your inner organs. 

Will Sweet Sweat Burn Calories?

Sweet sweat does not burn calories but helps warm up and boost recovery time. To burn calories, wear sweet sweat with a waist trimmer while exercising.

The workout will burn your fat, but the sweet sweat will only help you to make the workout easier.

Can Sweet Sweat Stain My Clothes?

Yes, it is possible that applying sweet sweat a lot can stain your clothes. You can use detergent or stain remover with gentle scrubs to wash your clothes.

What Kind of Clothes Should I Wear With Sweet Sweat? 

You should wear loose-fitting clothes. Tight clothes may absorb sweet sweat gel from your body and eventually reduce the gel’s effectiveness. So, wear something delicate and breathable.

How Long Does Sweet Sweat Gel Last?

Usually, you can use the sweet sweat gel bottle for five years without damaging it. But it depends on the use and how safely you’re keeping it. 

Should I Use Sweet Sweat With a Waist Trimmer?

You can use sweet sweat gel with a waist trimmer to reach maximum effectiveness. Although these products are pretty effective if used individually, wearing them together will help reach optimal results. 

Can a Pregnant Woman Use Sweet Sweat?

It’s better to consult with the doctor before using sweet sweat while you’re pregnant. But you can use this product to regain your beautiful figure after pregnancy.