Top Floor Living: The High Cost of Living on the Top Floor!

If you’ve ever looked for an apartment, you may have noticed that units on the top floor often come with a higher price tag.

But why is this the case? Is it simply a matter of landlords trying to charge more for the best units, or are there other factors at play?

In this article, we’ll delve into the various reasons why top floor apartments tend to be more expensive and explore the different factors that can contribute to the elevated price tag.

From views and privacy to natural light and penthouses, we’ll take a comprehensive look at the forces behind the higher cost of living on the top floor.

Why Are Top Floor Apartments More Expensive?

Top-floor apartments are more expensive as they will give you a quality life, including a good view, ventilation, privacy, and sunlight. The top floors are preferably suitable for permanent living, and you can easily access and enjoy them on the terrace.

But, these top apartments are higher in price, and you have to tolerate the heat during summer. Top apartments are not suitable for emergency purposes. 

Reasons That Increasing the Price of Top Apartments?

The price of the apartment depends on the floor number and plays a vital role in determining the cost of the apartment.

Great View

You can view the heart-soothing landscapes from the top floors. However, it depends on the area. Enjoying the surrounding landscapes and skyline views that you can experience from the top apartments is a luxury. 

The top floor apartment balcony can provide refreshing wind. If you don’t have a balcony or terrace in your top floor apartment, you can have a refreshing breeze and view from the window of your apartment.

You can also enjoy the landscapes view from the middle level apartments. But top apartments will provide you with the landscape as well as the relaxing wind.

Private life

If you want to lead a private lifestyle, choose the top apartments. The top floor will offer you a quiet, peaceful environment to live a private life.

In the top floor apartment, you will not get the sound of foot traffic, nearby passing people, and elevator sounds. You will live on the isolated top floor, far from the busy people. 


The top floor apartments are considered more secure. Since the thefts, robbers have less chance to enter the top floor apartments and do crimes. 

The thieves and robbers will have to run away from the top floor. So, they usually don’t target top floor apartments. The top floor apartments will have an added advantage of safety and security due to the distance between the building’s departure and entry.

Therefore, top floor apartments will ensure more security than ground-floor and middle-level apartments. 

Less noise

It is irritating to live in your home with some unnecessary noises. Excessive street noise and other noises will not help you to have a sound sleep.

You can’t relax comfortably if the noise is disturbing you continuously. Generally, the noise problem happens in the middle and ground floor. On the contrary, in the top floor apartments, the noise can’t reach easily, and you can enjoy peace and silence. 

Everyone desires to live in a home where they can live without any artificial sound and enjoy nature and the breeze to find peace of mind. So, choose the top floor apartments for living in a quiet environment.


The exclusive feature of the top floor apartment is it can ensure better ventilation compared to the middle and lower-floor apartments. 

You can have the fresh air flow in the top floor apartments that can refresh your mind within minutes. The top floor apartments can ensure fresh air flowing and it is far away from the city noises and pollution.

You can have polluted air if you live in lower and middle-level apartments. Clean air ventilation is good for health, whereas air pollution can be hazardous for your health. So, many people prefer top floor apartments at higher prices to live a healthy life. 

Before contracting for a top floor apartment, check whether the balcony and window can provide proper ventilation. 

Warm atmosphere

In the winter, you can find cozy and warm temperatures in the top floor apartments as the heat rises on the upper floors. 


You can get the sunlight clearly in the top floor apartments, which is an impressive feature of top floor apartments. Exposure to sunlight can give your apartment natural light that illuminates your apartment.

You can see the landscapes clearly from the top floor apartment so that you can have natural light without obstacles.

The natural lighting will enhance your apartment’s beauty and give you a refreshing mood and spirit.

So, natural light can decrease your utility bill and electricity costs as many people don’t use any electric light during the daytime. It can warm you during winter days also.  

Fewer insects

In the top floor apartments, you have to deal with fewer insects such as rodents, ants, mosquitos, bugs, and so on. These insects tend to live on the middle and ground floors.

They can’t survive in the top floor apartments as the top floor’s nature is not suitable for rodents, mosquitoes, and bugs.  

What Are the Disadvantages of Top Floor Apartments?

Despite having several benefits, the top floor apartments also have different drawbacks. The main demerit is the high expense of the top floor, besides there are other disadvantages. 

Emergency issues

As there is quite a distance between the exit and entrance, you will face problems going outside the apartment for emergency purposes. The top floor apartments have accessibility issues and it requires time as it is difficult to move into the top floor apartments.

Harder to move

If there is any natural disaster, such as a fire hazard or earthquake, you must use the stairs to go outside the building. During a natural disaster, the landlord turns off the elevator, and moving from the top floor to the ground floor through the stairs is hard.

Extra costs

In summer, the top floors get intolerable direct sunlight and heat. This raises the temperature; as a result, you need to set up an air conditioner at your home to live comfortably.

The air conditioner increases the electricity costs, which is the wrong side of top floor apartments. 

Watch the video to learn about the disadvantages of top floors in detail.


If you are still wondering why top floor apartments are more expensive, reasons and demerits! Then in this article, you can learn the reason why top apartments are more expensive:

  • Top floor apartments are more expensive as they will give you a quality life, including a good view, ventilation, privacy, and sunlight. 
  • Top floors are preferred good for permanent living, and you can easily access and enjoy on the terrace. 
  • But, these top apartments are higher in price, and you have to tolerate the heat during summer. 
  • Top apartments are not good for emergency purposes.

Therefore, now you know why the top floor apartments cost more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can living in a high-rise cause headaches?

If you are experiencing altitude sickness, going up a high building may give you headaches. When you attempt to go to higher elevations above 8,500 feet high from sea level, you may feel headaches from this height.

Do higher floors have less oxygen?

No, you don’t have to deal with oxygen problems on higher floors. Moreover, at night the air makes your breathing easier.

What is the life of a high-rise apartment?

The life of a high-rise apartment depends on the construction and how you are keeping it. The high-rise apartment can survive 70 to 80 years if you maintain and construct it properly.

Can living in a high-rise make you dizzy?

The answer is yes. Living in a high-rise can make you dizzy as your eyes and brain can’t point out things correctly. 

Does living in a high building affect blood pressure?

According to the survey, living in a high building affects your blood pressure. It can raise your blood pressure.