Is it Safe to Use Your Phone in a Tanning Bed? – (EXPLAINED)

A tanning session might look lengthy, and you may get bored. You might think of using your phone in a tanning bed to get over the boredom.

If you are considering using a phone in a tanning bed, you should know what you have to cost for it! 


Let’s check it out. 

Can You Use Your Phone in a Tanning Bed?

You may see during tanning sessions some guys taking their phones in the tanning bed, which makes you think, “Can you use your phone in a tanning bed?” Yes, you can use your phone in a tanning bed if necessary, but it’s not recommended. Most of the authorities on tanning beds recommend you not to use your phone in a tanning bed because it can be harmful to you and your phone. 

Tanning beds are mainly made for people who want to tan their bodies. The tanning bed will give you heat to raise the body temperature and UV rays and create perfect humidity to make your body tan. 

During the tanning process, if you use your phone, it can cause you several issues. Check it out down below if you’re not already aware of it.

1. Sunburn 

When you use your phone in a tanning bed, that will make you distracted about the tanning time. 

According to skin types, the tanning bed needs to be fixed for tanning because not tanning time is not the same for all skin. 

While using the phone, you may be distracted and forget the time limit, which makes you burn and cause sunburn. 

The tanning bed provides heat and UV rays so that your skin looks naturally tanned but crossing the limited time will burn your skin which is not desirable. 

2. Eye Damage

If you use your phone while tanning in a tanning bed, your eyes will open. 

The tanning bed exposed UV rays which are not suitable for your eyes. When you continuously use your phone, your eyesight could be seriously damaged because of the UV light of the tanning bed. 

You don’t want to hurt your eyes as you aim to tan your body, not hurting your eyes. That’s why using phones in tanning beds is restricted in many saloons. 

3. Skin Damage 

You take your phone to a tanning bed to use it. To overcome boredom, people think of using their phones in the tanning bed as it’s pretty tough to lie down without doing anything.

While using the phone in tanning beds, you may be distracted and lose your time count. When you are distracted and stay long in the tanning bed, that will dehydrate your skin cells, which will be damaged because of the overheating. 

The moisture of your body will be absorbed due to the heat of the tanning bed if you stay longer than the estimated time. You should know the time limit to avoid skin or eye damage. 

Can You Text in a Tanning Bed?

You might like to use your phone all day, even in the tanning bed. While taking a tanning session, your concern may show up and make you think, ” Can I text in a tanning bed?” 

You can text in a tanning bed as it’s your decision, but it could damage your eyes. I’ve heard a dozen cases of eye damage from using the phone during a tanning session. 

Many saloons recommend not using phones in tanning beds because of safety matters. But the fact is, people are too busy, so to calm both sides, I came up with an excellent solution. 

You can text in the tanning bed without hurting your eyes by using Sun protection goggles or Wink-ease. Both products are now available in many saloons, or it’s possible to acquire them from many online retailers.

Sun protection goggles will keep your eyes safe from the UV rays, and also it’s see-through. That means you can text in a tanning bed with proper safety. 

Another option for you is Wink-ease. Wink-ease also works as sun-protection goggles, blocking UV rays and keeping your eye safe. You can also see through the wink-ease and keep texting your friends without any eye issues. 

Alert Notice: Closing your eyes during a tanning session will not protect your eyes from UV rays because our eyelids are not that thick to block the UV rays. 

Can You Make Calls From Your Phone While in the Tanning Bed?

The phone has become the most necessary thing in today’s world, and we can’t even imagine a second without it. 

Even if you go for your tanning session, you might prefer to keep your phone with you as you expect important calls or need to call others. Whatever the reason, the tanning bed is not a place to answer the phone.

When you are in the tanning bed, you can’t make calls because it’s prohibited and could also be dangerous. Inside the tanning bed, you might not get the network. Also could be dangerous for your phone. Because of the heat and UV rays, your phone’s battery life will suffer.

For that reason, most saloons do not recommend calls while you are in the tanning bed. But now, many saloons have Bluetooth facilities, so your mobile device can be linked with that and make calls. 

Does Using a Phone in the Tanning Bed Damage It?

It would be best not to use your phone in the tanning bed because phone damage is a massive possibility. Your phone could be damaged if you take it in the tanning bed. The reasons are:

  • The tanning bed produced heat.
  • Humidity and 
  • Tanning beds have a UV light. 

As tanning beds have these mentioned things, your phone may be severely damaged. So, what type of phone damage could occur if you use your phone in the tanning bed? Let’s see:

1. Screen Stop Working 

Tanning beds produce heat which is harmful to phones. Though android or other smartphones can tolerate certain temperature levels, extra heat can affect the phone’s internal parts. 

You may notice your phone screen doesn’t work or the display is gone! That happens because of the excess heating level of the tanning bed, which your phone can’t bear. 

The screen protector could melt because of the excess heat, or the screen protector could be loose from the corner of the phone.

2. Battery Damage 

When your phone gets so much heat and humidity, your battery will burn as the saloons are not using a humidifier to maintain the humidity level. 

The UV light also causes extreme damage to the phone battery. If you immediately don’t cool down your phone, then your phone battery could blast.

3. Inability to use a Microphone 

Your Microphone will stop working correctly because of over-humidity; the phone could get a lot of moisture and become wet. 

Which affects the other parts of the phone and could dry out the cells of the phone. Therefore, your phone speaker will stop working correctly, and you may see spots on the screen. 

4. Malfunctioning of Phone

Your phone can survive in a bit of heat or humidity. So when it gets more humidity and heat with UV light, the phone’s internal parts will be affected, which causes the phone to malfunction. 

When your phone is malfunctioning, you may see the phone automatically turning off or the display lights not working correctly. 

You can’t even use any app because your phone automatically kicks you out of the app. 

5. Charge Drop Out

Another phone damage because of taking it in the tanning bed is your phone dropping its charge. 

The heat will damage the phone battery; for that reason, your phone will lose its charging. For example, the current charge is 80%, but when you start using the phone, suddenly, the charges drop to 20%. 

Low battery Mobile Phone image

Safety Advice: Using Phone While in Tanning Bed 

Using a phone while in a tanning bed is unacceptable, but I can’t force you to stop using the phone. You may have an essential task on your phone and can’t even leave it during the tanning session. Also, you can’t control the heat as you do if your apartment is hotter than outside

That’s why I come with some safety advice for you to use your phone in the tanning bed safely.

  • Use wireless devices to connect with your phone and call or text whatever you want.
  • If the tanning bed has Bluetooth facilities, connect your phone for safe use. 
  • Keep your phone as far as possible from the tanning bed because the heat and UV lights can affect your phone. 
  • If it is necessary to keep your phone with you, then use a hard case for your phone and keep it with you in the tanning bed. The hard case helps to protect your phone from radiation. 
  • Avoid charging phones near the tanning bed that will heat your phone, which causes battery damage. 
  • While using the phone in the tanning bed, use eye protection goggles to protect your eyes from UV light. 

Final Thoughts 

While tanning, you may think, “Can you use your phone in a tanning bed?” The answer depends on the situation.

You can use your phone in tanning beds by maintaining proper safety. 

It would be best not to use your phone in the tanning bed because of unwanted circumstances. 

The tanning bed’s heat, UV lights, and humidity could damage your phone. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can you keep your cell phone in the same room as a tanning bed?

Yes, you can. If your mobile phone is not exposed to direct UV light and the room temperature does not rise above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, tanning beds and cell phones coexist.

In any case, keeping your phone at least a few feet away from the tanning booth is best.

2. Why do people take their cell phones in the tanning bed?

Taking a phone with you might be dangerous for several reasons in the tanning bed. But still, people take their phones to the tanning bed. Because:

  • They don’t feel secure enough to leave their phones outside the tanning bed.
  • They are expecting any important call. 
  • To overcome their boredom during the tanning session. 

3. What happens if you open your eyes in the tanning bed?

Suppose you keep your eyes open in the tanning bed. In that case, your eyes will hurt—several eye problems, like under-the-eye irritation, burning, redness, and watering. 

Dry eye, another issue brought on by UV exposure, also causes the eyes to become red and irritated. Because tears aren’t produced correctly, the eyes are more prone to infection.

4. What should you not do in a tanning bed?

It would be best if you didn’t use suntan lotions while you are ready to take a tanning session. Suntan lotions are not intended for use on a sunbed. 

Not only will they not help your skin, but they may also worsen sunburns. Checking for adverse reactions to prescribed drugs is essential. 

In some cases, skin becomes more sensitive to UV rays. Don’t wear any different scents or accessories, including jewelry and cosmetics. 

5. Can you take your phone to a stand-up tanning bed?

You can bring your phone inside a stand-up tanning bed, but you’ll have a better time if you leave it at home.

6. What is 20 minutes in a tanning bed equivalent to?

Two hours of tanning without protection throughout the middle of the day could be equal to just 20 minutes in a tanning bed.

7. Can I Wear Headphones In A Tanning Bed?

Wearing headphones while using a tanning bed is very safe. Tanning booth heat won’t harm your headphones. 

It would be best if you didn’t leave the headphones behind in the tanning bed, though. Damage is possible if they come loose and fall.