3 Facts for Using A Towel in A Tanning Bed: Laying Positions

A towel is provided to a tanning salon to protect the face and eyes from UV rays, not for laying on a towel in a tanning bed. Avoiding these facts can give you an uneven tan and damage your skin and eyes.

This article will explain the proper towel usage during tanning and how to lay perfectly in a tanning bed.

Can You Lay on a Towel in a Tanning Bed?

The answer is NO. A towel is used on the face while tanning to avoid eye damage and to prevent skin disorders from UV light rays. A towel is not provided to lay on it in a tanning bed. You should follow different laying positions to have the best result in a tanning bed. 

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Why Does Tanning Salon Give You A Towel in A Tanning Bed? 

Most tanning salons provide a towel to their client during tanning sessions to preserve their face and eyes from exposure to excessive UV rays. A towel works as a safeguard if the quality of the towel is according to the tanning requirement. 

Tanning is provided to boost your mood, improve the Vitamin D on your skin, and enhance your lifespan. But this tanning can occur skin cancer or melanoma, so you should take precautions by using a towel in a tanning bed. 

Does a Towel Work to Protect You From UV Rays?

The purpose of providing a towel during tanning can’t do the job entirely as the towel can’t fully block the UV rays. The tanners should keep their eyes to see the number of UV rays exposed to their client for taking necessary measurements.

But it would help if you remembered to use a towel whenever you go to a tanning salon. Covering your face with a towel can reduce the rate of UV rays and protect your face and eyes. Also, it can control other disastrous diseases. Make sure you use a clean towel, and you can wash these towels with blankets. 

You should remember to use a towel than any other fabric as you will be unable to see the light rays through a towel since it has a high UPF (Ultraviolet protection factor). You can find a tan towel on Amazon at a reasonable price with high quality. 

What Happens if You Don’t Use Towels in a Tanning Bed?

You should not avoid using a towel during a tanning session. You can be affected by UV rays by using a towel. So, you should consider what will happen if you don’t use any towels in a tanning bed.

It can severely damage your face and eyes and cause sunburn and premature aging. It can build cancer on your skin. So you should be aware of the requirement of a towel while receiving a tan. Make sure you remember to use towels to get the least amount of UV rays.  

UV lights can also damage the internal parts of your eyes, so using a towel on your face and eye is inevitable during tanning. 

Why Shouldn’t You Use a Towel Under Your Body?

It is not allowed to lay on a towel as a towel is used on your face in tanning to protect the skin from UV rays. So, laying on a towel will not protect your skin. You can lay on the tanning bed by following different positions for the best result. 

How to Lay in a Tanning Bed?

If you are about to tan your body in a tanning bed, you must know how to lay on a tanning bed. Getting an even tan depends on how you lay on a tanning bed and how you are getting exposure to UV lights.

A perfect laying position in a tanning bed can glow your skin with tan and won’t make any uneven tan lines on your body.

Before laying on a tanning bed, you should know how it operates. So, follow the below things-


If you don’t find any staff member to help during the tanning process, you can take the help of a timer. The timer can monitor your tanning process. 

Generally, a standard tanning salon has a timer beside the bad to remind you about your turning positions.


You should remove the pillow from the tanning bed as it can create tan lines on your neck. The tanning salons may suggest a pillow to lay relaxed as you can sleep on a good pillow during tanning.

Whenever you will lay on your stomach, place a pillow under your chin to let your chin rest on it.  

Put your legs up

If you are suffering from butt moons, you can get relief from this by putting your legs up and bending your knees. Additionally, it might give you a uniform tan all over your body.

Stretch out

To ensure an even tan all over your body, you should stretch out during tanning in a tanning bed. Make sure not to lay too long in one position as it can cause uneven tanning. 

Make sure you remember to switch your positions during tanning in a tanning bed, as it can allow the UV rays to penetrate your skin. 

Turn on your stomach and back

You should remember to lie on your stomach and back by spreading and bending your arms, and you should switch the positions to have an even tan by exposing your skin to UV rays. 

Shift sides

To have tanning on the sides of your body, you should lie on both sides equally. But don’t lie on one side only. Otherwise, you will get an uneven tan on your sides. 

What Happens if You Lay in the Wrong Position in a Tanning Bed?

If you don’t lay appropriately in a tanning bed, it can cause an uneven tan. It would be complicated if you dealt with this uneven tan to fix the area as it is embarrassing for people. 

Watch the video to learn more about laying on a tanning bed-


Suppose you are still wondering about how you can lay on a towel in a tanning bed. This article will teach you how to use a towel and the laying positions in a tanning bed.

  • A towel is used on the face while tanning to avoid eye damage and to prevent skin disorders from UV light rays. 
  • A towel is not provided to lay on it in a tanning bed. 
  • You should follow different laying positions to have the best result in a tanning bed. 

So, now you know why a towel is used on the face in a tanning bed and how you should lay on a tanning bed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tanning salon?

A tanning salon is a place where people go to produce a cosmetic tan on their skin, and a device is used there that can release ultraviolet rays to improve your skin and health. You can have artificial tanning from this salon to beautify your skin. 

Can you use indoor tanning lotion on your face?

It would help if you used indoor tanning lotions according to the manufactures instruction. Make sure that what they suggested to do, follows their instructions. Do not use the same tanning lotion on your face and body; use different lotions.

To have the best result, apply the lotion correctly to your face. Don’t forget to apply a pre-tan exfoliator to scrub your skin before using the tanning lotion on your face. 

What to do after a tanning bed?

First, you should moisturize your skin, as tanning can make your skin dry. You can use a tanning lotion as well. But don’t forget to have your bath after 4 to 8 hours of tanning. 

How long does it take to get a tan from a tanning bed?

A regular tanning session is required to get an even tan from a tanning bed. If you do it regularly, you can get the result within 48 hours of tanning in a tanning bed.

Does sunscreen protect your face in a tanning bed?

The answer is yes. Sunscreen can protect your face from UVA and UVB rays. So, choose the sunscreen which is made for tanning purposes. Otherwise, the sunscreen can harm your face instead of protecting it.