Why Is My Washing Machine Backing Up Into My Bathtub? (Why Spend Money? Fix It Yourself!)

You’re doing the laundry and are making sure you wash all the dirt out of your clothes. But as you flush the washing machine, all the water starts backing up through your bathtub.

That’s gross, not only because all the dirty water is backing up through your drainage, but also because it’s just your bathtub!

You wouldn’t want all that dirty water backing up into your bathtub. But, you must be asking, why is my washing machine water backing into my bathtub? And how do you fix it? Well, let us help you find the answers! 

Why Is My Washing Machine Water Backing Up Into My Bathtub;

The water in your washing machine is backing into your bathtub due to clogging the drainage pipes. Your toilet, bathtub, and washing machine all connect to the same sewer pipe. And through the sewer pipe, all your dirty water is being flushed out. 

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But when a clogging situation occurs, the main sewer pipe gets blocked. So, the water looks for other ways to get out. And since the main sewer pipe is blocked, the only other passage they see is your bathtub pipe. And this causes water to back up into your bathtub. 

How To Fix Washing Machine Water Backing Up Into Bathtub? 

Fixing clogging in your drainage pipes isn’t as complicated as some might think. If you call your plumber before even trying to fix it yourself, you might be wasting a lot of money for no reason. 

Instead of spending 200-500$ on something you can do, why dont you let us teach you how to fix the clog? 

So, here is how to fix washing machine water backing up into the bathtub: 

1. Use A Snake To Clean The Drains; 

When we say ‘use a snake,’ we dont mean an actual snake! We’re talking about a unique drain cleaning tool called the snake, a flexible long metal cable shaped as a spiral, and all you have to do to use it is, put it through your drain pipes. 

Then, just push in and pull out to free the clog by cleaning the drain pipe. With this tool, you’ll save up a lot of time and money. Many plumbers charge up to 300$ just for a simple snake. Also, you dont need any prior training to use a snake. It’s just like a broom for your drains! 

2. Put Hot Water Through Your Bathtub Drain;

Another trick you can use is to let hot water run down your bathtub. The hot water will then pour down on the clog, but the lack of pressure will slowly loosen up the clog. If you’re lucky and the clog isn’t too severe, this trick will fix it. 

3. Put Soda And Vinegar Down The Drain; 

If the hot water wasn’t enough, you could try to put baking soda and vinegar down your bathtub drain to loosen the clog. Then you can rerun hot water to break up the clog. The mix of soda and vinegar is a handy little trick to eliminate clogs. 

4. Use Unclogging Chemicals; 

Plumbers sometimes use unclogging chemicals before they snake your drains. You can also try to use them, but it’s good to remember that these chemicals are harmful! And they can cause your pipes damage. 

How To Prevent Washing Machine Water Backing Up Into Bathtub? 

Of course, prevention is critical. You wouldn’t want dirty water like that, just backing up into your bathtub. And a few simple steps can help you prevent a lot of hassle later on. So, here is how to prevent washing machine water from backing up into your bathtub: 

1. Regular Maintenance; 

If you dont look after what goes through your drain, you’ll experience many problems. Regularly checking them and doing regular maintenance can make your life much easier! 

2. Use Drainage Filters; 

Toys and other solid stuff can go through your bathroom drainage is wide open. This will block the drain, causing it to clog up. So, use drainage filters or drain covers in all of your drains! 

3. Using A Non-Return Valve; 

If the clogging is too complicated to fix, you can try installing a non-return valve on your drainage pipes. To install a Non-return-valve first, you would have to locate the pipe the backflow is happening from. In your case, the washing machine is causing the backflow. 

Then, your plumber would install the valve in the washing machine pipe. The valve would make the water flow only in one direction. This way, the water never comes back up to find a way out. 

How To Know Your Drainage Is Clogged? 

As we’ve already discussed, your washing machine water backing up into your bathtub is a sign that your drainage is clogged. But how else could you tell your drainage is clogged? Well, here is how to know your drainage is clogged: 

1. Water Often Backs Up;  

If you notice water backing up around multiple sources in your house, it’s safe to assume the drainage has clogged up. This is also the most obvious way to detect drainage clogs. 

2. The Drainage Clean Out Drains Out Water; 

Your drainage clean-out is supposed to work as a clean pathway to clean out the blockage. But it’s not supposed to drain out any drainage. If you notice the clean-out draining out water, it’s safe to assume there’s a clog in the main drainage. 

3. Rumbling Noise While Water Is Draining; 

If there is a rumbling noise every time you’re flushing water down the drain, there might be minor clogging in your drainage. 

4. Weird Smell; 

Clogging causes sewage to constantly back up, which causes a nasty smell to surround your house. So, if you can smell the sewage, check if there’s been a clog!


Washing machine water backing up into your bathtub? Dont worry! We got the fix for you. Just follow all the steps we mentioned, and remember, if you can’t fix it, call the pros! They’ll help you out. 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to maintenance. A clogging situation is never ideal. So, maintain your drainage properly! That’s it from me; thank you for reading! Goodbye. 

Frequently Asked Questions;

Q. Why Is My Washing Machine Water Backing Up Into My Bathtub? 

Ans: There has been a clog in the drainage pipes if the washing machine backs up water in the bathtub. 

Q. What Do You Do When Water Backs In The Bathtub?

Ans: You must unclog the drainage pipes if water backs up in the bathtub. 

Q. How Do You Know If Your Main Line Is Clogged? 

Ans: You must look for the signs to know if the main line is clogged. 

Q. Can Bathtub And Washer Share The Same Drain? 

Ans: Yes, the bathtub and washer can share the same drain. 

Q. How Do You Unclog A Washing Machine Drain Pipe? 

Ans: You can use a snake to unclog your washing machine drain pipe