Why Don’t Apartments Have Lights in the Living Room? (Is it Good Thing)

You go through all that trouble to finally get the apartment you wanted, but once you look closely, you realize there are no lights in the living room!

What does that mean? Why are there no lights in your living room, but every other room does? Well, in this article you’ll find out. 

Why Don’t Apartments Have Lights In The Living Room? 

Your newly rented apartment doesn’t have lights in the living room because the government does not require them.

The NFPA 70, which is the national electrical code, requires engineers to set permanent lights in rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen. But the codes don’t require the living room to have lights. 

For homeowners, this saves money, but it offers you flexibility if you’re a tenant! Apart from the living room, you might see that some apartments’ bedrooms and dining rooms also don’t have lights fixed since the government doesn’t require it. 

How To Light Apartment Living Room That Doesn’t Have Lights?

Light is essential, during the day, you might even go by using natural lights. But, if your house doesn’t have much natural light, It would look sad and gloomy inside!

Especially during nighttime, good lighting can bring up the mood while giving your whole apartment more character! 

So, here is how to light the apartment living room that doesn’t have lights:

1. Use Hanging Lamps Or Sconces 

Get yourself plug-in sconces or hanging lamps for your living room wall! Sconces do a great job lighting up your rooms while giving them a vintage vibe. Also, getting yourself a plug-in hanging lamp can save you a lot of extra work! 

Simply set it up and plug it in; your whole apartment living room will light up beautifully. 

2. Floor Lamps 

Floor lamps are great; they give your rooms a cozy feel and distribute tons of lights at the same time. You can get a large floor lamp for the corners or two slim ones for your living room. Either way, they bring out a coffee shop or bookstore vibe from your house, which is lovely!

3. Pendant Lights 

Pendant lights are mostly seen in bars, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. They not only look very nice, but they also do a great job lighting the space they’re in! Judging by what look you’re going for in your house, you can try setting up 2-3 pendant lights in the living room! 

4. String Lights And Fairy Lights 

If you’ve been on Pinterest, you’ve definitely seen people light their rooms with string lights and fairy lights. Well, it doesn’t only look good on Pinterest; it also looks beautiful in real life! Maybe not as much during the day, but this look is perfect for the nighttime! 

You can hang them on the ceiling while putting a couple of table lamps around the room to create a cozy vibe in your living room! 

5. LED Stripe Lights 

Lastly, you can use LED stripe lights in your living room if you’re not looking for anything too fancy. LED stripe lights can be set up almost anywhere in your house. 

Why Its A Good Thing That Your Apartment Living Room Doesn’t Have Lights;

You might think your landlord is cheap for not setting up lights in your apartment. But let’s look at the bright side! Your apartment living room not having lights isn’t as bad as you think. Most apartments that come with lights in the living room don’t come with quality lights. 

Most of those lights are usually outdated or cheap in quality and style. But if your apartment doesn’t have lights in the living room, you can now set up lights that look great and are also quality. 

So, it gives you more freedom to work with! We all have our own unique way of decorating our apartments. And apart from the colors and furniture, light sources bring out a lot of color in the house.

Not having lights in the apartment allows you to customize your house like you want to. 

Why Dont Home Owners Put Lights In The Apartments Living Rooms? 

The main reason your apartment living room doesn’t come with lights is that the government does not regulate it. But why won’t your homeowners put lights in the living room anyway? Well, it’s the cost. Nobody wants unnecessary costs. 

And for homeowners, setting up lights even when nobody’s using the apartment can be costly. Unlike plug-in lights, wired lights can bring up the electricity cost even when not in use. And it can take homeowners some time to find their tenants. 

And it’s not substantial to keep lights set up during the lookout, as they keep consuming electricity. So, for homeowners, it makes much more sense for you to set up your own lights once you get the apartment for yourself! 

The Downsides Of Your Apartment Living Room Not Having Lights;

While your apartment living room not coming with lights isn’t that bad, there are some downsides. Apartments not coming with lights require you to set the lights up yourself. So, you’d have to spend a few bucks out of your pockets. 

As for the lights themselves, if your apartment isn’t as big, floor lamps can take up a lot of space. So, it’s important to choose the lights carefully. Mostly, it’s the space that gets in the way. Another thing that can be a hassle is dealing with the landlord. 

Maybe you’ve chosen a very nice-looking hanging lamp for yourself. But suddenly, your landlord tells you, you cant set up lights on the walls. This kind of restriction can be a massive turn-off. 


Your apartment living room doesn’t have lights? Don’t worry; you’re not being scammed! It’s simply not regulated by the government! The good thing for you is now you can set up your own fancy lights in the living room! 

You have all the freedom to choose the lamps you want. If not lamps, go for some string lights or LED stripes! Whatever you find fitting! Until then, goodbye! Thank you for reading. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Does the Living Room Need Light? 

Ans: It depends on you! Usually, just one small lamp would be enough to light up your living room. 

Q. How Do You Light A Living Room With No Light? 

Ans: You can use floor lamps, hanging lamps, string lights, etc., to light a living room with no light. 

Q. What Do You Do If Your Room Doesn’t Have A Light? 

Ans: You can set up your own lights or use the natural lights coming through the windows.  

Q. Is It Illegal To Have Lights In The Living Room? 

Ans: No, it’s not illegal to have lights in the living room. 

Q. Which Rooms Don’t Come With Lights In Apartments? 

Ans: Bedroom, living room, and dining room. 

Q. Is It Allowed To Set Up Your Own Lights In The Living Room? 

Ans: Yes, you can set up your own lights in your living room.